What To Expect From Saturn Retrograde: May 23, 2021

Saturn book plateSaturn will turn retrograde at 13 degrees Aquarius on May 23rd, 2021. The planet will  retrograde back to 6 degrees, turning direct on  October 12th, 2021.

If you have planets in Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), you may probably feel particularly or increasingly constricted. In reality, this period will provide you a chance to review what you have learned.

Saturn rules boundaries.  Perhaps you blocked or rejected someone or something in error.  Or perhaps you allowed yourself to be blocked, most likely due to fear. This is the time you’ll go back and make it right.

Saturn transits are not complicated. Most of what you encounter can be resolved with these two tenants: do the right thing and/or face your fear.  That’s it.  If you have a problem see which applies, then do it, get it done!  Saturn accomplishes things!

Please note, Saturn has been engaged with Uranus all year. These planets will continue to clash through the end of 2022 to varying degrees.  But when Saturn retrogrades, Uranus will be direct.

This separation will allow Saturn to express itself with less interference. This seems fortunate because the recent on-off unpredictability of life has been stressful.

Saturn is at home in Aquarius. If you hone in on this energy, your judgment should be quite good.  Maybe you can see how gaining space from Uranus’ energy field might help you do this. This is why I don’t think this retrograde period is something to dread.

As for the collective, I am pretty sure we catapulted or rebelled or broke the rules when they should have been maintained. I can think of a number of areas where this might be the case. This period should see some of this stuff sorted. If so, this would be great.  We benefit when our life is tied to reality!

Do you have planets at the hot degrees?  Can you see the value of going back over something in your life at this time?


What To Expect From Saturn Retrograde: May 23, 2021 — 29 Comments

  1. There’s just been a drastic change in my employment situation (abrupt loss of 2 out of 5 of my ‘workdays’) which means a drastic change in my income (drop of 40%). As I was already at the bottom of the income scale, this is problematic.

    However, this post is chockful of insights for me on how to navigate this latest challenge. (Thanks Elsa!)

    Saturn going retrograde is perfect: discipline, discipline, discipline! (Blockages will indeed need to be remedied.)

    And the separation of Saturn from Uranus is also timely: not a time for me to be rash or impetuous.

    I ~am~ facing my fear! (With great calm actually.) And I ~am~ doing all the right things, one at a time. (With quiet confidence.)

  2. I have my Sun/Moon midpoint at 13 degrees Aquarius and right now I am definitely feeling constricted – it’s like there is no space for me. I hope I can sort out what I need to sort out because I see transiting Saturn will hit this point a couple more times.

  3. Ohh this is good! It will roll over my ascendente at 11° and square and oppose my sun, moon, mercury and mars throughout the retro. I am experiencing a kundalini awakening and I have been leaning into these Saturn energies while breaking away from a toxic foo and abusive husband. Boundaries has been the Saturnian workshop I have been in for the last 6 months and I am just feeling like I am starting to get there.

    • Will be backing into square with natal uranus and conjunction with natal chiron. I don’t know that I can get no uranian relief as I am doing the uranus square uranus transit and cutting out stuff right and left. And saturn yodding my natal moon sextile jupiter again, well will see how that goes. I don’t want to do that again even though it did force me to reclaim my spiritual connection to the world around me, with some help from natal asteroids.

    • I did not mean to tag my comment to your comment. I started reading you before I posted. Oops. But I kind of like saturn’s help with the kundalini awakening. I had a very powerful teacher back then when I practiced kundalini yoga and keeping my feet on the ground was a challenge. Let go too much all at once and was not ready then. A blast from the past. Thanks

  4. It will my 7th house. And yes, much happening there already. Do right, face fear are precisely what I’m facing these days with my husband and his mental health. I’ve never had to place another’s needs before mine. The themes are present even today, so ahead of May 23rd. Thank you Elsa for the kindness you send us day after day. It is a great comfort.

  5. Mmm…it will retrograde back in my 5th house to within a degree(5 degrees).for me my Return is all about letting go and accepting me entering the next stage of my life. So Im dealing with letting go and “the loss” of my child who is about to be an adult(his 1st Saturn Return is at 0 degrees Pisces for him so I know its coming) and retrieving a deep and wonderful friendship with someone I deeply love which has evolving into a friendship.

  6. This is in my 5th house. I don’t have children, so I looked back on what I was doing the entire time Saturn has been in Aquarius. I have only a natal Pluto in Scorpio at 7 degrees (2nd House). I was balancing my creative projects and work. I rushed some of my creative projects and overburdened myself. I totally rejected my last project in 2020 and feel like it was a failure.

    • I just went back and looked at the dates for myself. This retrograde period is not corresponding to my last project in 2020. This will cover the period of time for my 2021 project and pushing through my lack of self-esteem in putting it out there AFTER the rejection/failure of the 2020 project. Hope this detail helps someone out there looking for an example.

  7. Saturn heading back over my Sun at 10 and towards but not meeting natal Saturn at 3. It’s been calm enough, but could so much Saturn be behind why i’m having fees and wages I’m owed withheld by Institutions for MONTHS!?

  8. Can I see some benefits to going back over something ?, hell yeah!
    The wish is , some one else
    Wanting to go back over some thing.
    Time will tell, This ant is going to keep busy with eyes wide open , I
    Flipped my cards over ,the resolve
    Is in the other cards hope they are flipped soon .

  9. Saturn squares my 13 degree Scorpio moon pretty much for the entire year. My sister, who was born in 62 during the Aquarius stellium, has 4 Aquarius planets (Saturn, Mercury, Mars & Sun) as a big clusterfuck right on her Nadir. Saturn crossed the Nadir, hitting her natal Saturn (yes, her 2nd Saturn return) and began the journey across her Mercury, then Mars, where it will station. Her husband returned from a 2 week fishing trip Friday night, and she joyously greeted him, they went to dinner, came home, made love and as he was moving to his pillow afterwards, sat up and keeled over the bed, dead before he hit the floor. My sister has been completely disabled for over 30 years (bipolar diagnosis). I am watching her literally become unglued… her husband is what anchored her to the earth plane, literally. After Saturn, Pluto will cross her nadir. I am sitting here, wishing I didn’t know astrology. Wishing what is happening were not happening. Wishing there was SOME WAY to stop another person’s gut-wrenching anguish.

    • OMG Diane! Oh your poor sister! I am sure you will be her anchor. Someone to cling to. Pluto too…Damn.

    • I feel Pluto’s reach is long, and Pluto in or through the 4th is often loss. The other houses may help her, but Pluto makes you start again after he’s stripped you and forced you to stand up when you would rather be dead. I know. Bloody awful for her and you. Very, very sorry for her loss. At least he went feeling very happy and loved. Lucky man.

  10. So, I am looking at 2 natal charts. Both have several planets in retrograde:
    One has Uranus, Neptune, Pluto along with Node (which is labeled “d”; is that direct?)
    The other has Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto along with Node (also labeled “d”)
    I’m guessing that Uranus, Neptune, Pluto along with Node cluster is generational with a cycle of ~24 years (?).
    If so, what is the relationship/influence to the contemporary Saturn retrograde here and this cluster? Also, what is the relationship/influence to the Natal cluster + Saturn to the contemporary Saturn retrograde?

  11. I have saturn in cap RX nataly..what does this mean for people born with this? I actually have merc RX,neptune RX and saturn RX natally. Thankyou for all that you do,I love your work! Peace

    • The big planets rx, don’t have the power the forwards planets do. Progress your chart and see if any of them go forwards in the future. If they do and pass the birth position, that’s when they mean business I have personally found.

  12. A teacher said Saturn retrograde as an Ascendant ruler indicated difficulty in asserting oneself. Perhaps the highest expression might be editing oneself when necessary as in the life of a front desk clerk at a hotel who may perceive things about the guests checking in but understands it is not his business to comment or give too much energy to it.

  13. The retrograde hits my 6th house just shy of my (14.56 Aq) DC. It starts at my (13.30 Aq) Mercury. It ends squaring my (6.42 Sc) Part of Fortune. It will sextile my (10.45 Ar) Venus during the retrograde. [Those are the main aspects anyway.]
    I lost my job in Oct 2019 and haven’t figured out what exactly I want to do (I want to help the poor/economically disadvantaged, but no clue how/what job to even look for (I don’t want a PCA type job is about all I know)) and Covid hasn’t helped any. I am also waiting for my health care to start (June 1st – right in time for mercury retro) so I can get a couple things checked and maybe get new glasses (still waiting on my insurance cards).

  14. Natal Chiron at 13° Aquarius in my 7th opposite natal Uranus Rx 11° in Leo. Hmm. This should be interesting! Come on , Saturn, show me what ya got!

  15. I feel like I’m tiger hunting, walking into the jungle, singing out, “Here kitty, kitty, kitty!” Saturn in Aquarius has just been exactly opposite to my natal Pluto in Leo, which means it is also about to re-visit that degree point! Yikes! At the same time, Uranus is creating that T-square! Could I get a break here? Probably not.
    I’ll let you know . . . if I survive!

  16. The big planets rx, don’t have the power the forwards planets do. Progress your chart and see if any of them go forwards in the future. If they do and pass the birth position, that’s when they mean business I have personally found.

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