What To Expect From Jupiter Retrograde 2020 – Excavate The Truth!

horse in holeJupiter turns retrograde in Capricorn today. A reader asked me to address this. I will!

Jupiter entered Capricorn in December last year. The planet ran all the way to 27 degrees before turning retrograde. This is pretty unusual and freakishly interesting, mainly due to all the other things going on in the sky (and in the world).

I see Jupiter as a story unfolding, and more specifically as a story progressing since the planet is concerned with what’s out ahead, on the horizon. Capricorn rules “government” among other things. So we have this big government story. Worldwide (Jupiter) lock-down (Capricorn). What we’re lacking here is the truth!

I want to advance, probably more than most. I’m a hopped-up person. But I don’t want to walk on false ground. Capricorn, okay? I want to be sure-footed. So I don’t mind the retrograde motion here.

Jupiter is headed back to participate in a profound meeting with Saturn and Pluto. We as a collective (Pluto) are going to get the real (Saturn) true story (Jupiter).

There is a lot of talk about a “shadow” (Pluto) government and big business (Saturn). I’ve written about this for fifteen years! This stellium in Capricorn will be sustained for most of the second half of 2020. We’re going to learn. All of us!

It may help to view this as higher education… and if it hurts, that will be part of the cost of that education.

We’re going to get to the bottom of this. Excavate the truth, possibly suffer, and then heal.

I don’t think people like this movie or even the concept of it, but that stellium is meaningful and Jupiter’s presence is necessary.

The horse in the picture represents Jupiter and the truth that must be rescued and released. I mean, do you really want to leave a horse in this situation? I don’t.

Are you ready to excavate the truth? Are you afraid of the truth?



What To Expect From Jupiter Retrograde 2020 – Excavate The Truth! — 24 Comments

  1. Depends.

    I’m ready to learn but only if it prevents more deaths and suffering.

    Scorpio peace out ✌🏻

  2. Jupiter is transiting my 9th. Will retrograde into my 8th. Ready for these shadows to be exposed to the light. Bring on the truth, by all means!

  3. Good timing! Been waiting for a transit like this so we can finally uncover whatever the hell is hiding under all this mess

  4. Hell yes.
    But some already know the truth.
    We, as a “civilized” world, voluntarily renounced our personal power. That is a major part of this human story.

    Details only point fingers to those who helped perpetuate the ugliness before us.

  5. I just got done telling someone the truth. Ouch! It was painful. That is the hardest way to escape a trap. And yes, I set myself up for it, but then had to retract, pull out, get out of it. It was just an idea and then after considering it, I opted out. I guess I did not have to tell her I changed my mind and why. She most likely would have forgotten all about the idea. And I guess that’s why I opted out, she would have left me hanging high and dry if we had carried through with the idea. I hope that not too much damage has been done.

  6. Okay, here’s my concern:

    I fear that I and other health care workers have been WRONG about this whole thing. That we have been playing the fool. Remember, it was the recommendations of healthcare officials that shut down the economy.

    What if the lockdowns, quarantines and shelter-in-place orders were a BIG MISTAKE!!!

    What if….those of us in healthcare, instead of heloing the public, actually made things worse in our misguided intentions instead?

    I fear a huge retaliation against health care workers when all this is over, since we started this mess. 🙁

    • You are a very good soul! The Public already largely knows this monster was spawned by you-know-WHO and Who and Who et al. They know Health Care workers are NOT at fault! Look at the Twitter pages of the Villians in this to see the ONSLAUGHT Headed their duplicitous way. It’s the GATES of Hell for them, not you!
      ps. The “vaccine” POTUS is now hinting at coming via the Military (!) is more than likely Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc, as it IS a vaccine, and a GOOD one! (You already know this, i’m sure) Thank you so much for helping save lives. Sleep well. God wins!

    • I think we may indeed learn that we’ve all been played for fools, but no reasonable person would ever blame the healthcare workers who have put their own safety second for the good of all.

  7. I hope some truth will come to light that brings us to the next stage in a positive way, but it may “get worse before it gets better.”

  8. Yes, better to have the truth even if it hurts (as Opalina said).
    Without correct information on all the problems, we’ll continue going up the wrong roads for the wrong reasons, which can be pretty dangerous.
    But, I wonder, does total truth ever really get revealed? I doubt it.

  9. The truth,being personal here,mine does hurt,my story has, and unfortunately others got into my story,did I solely write or create story,not really,life had a hand
    I am not the only one in my story,yes it has this potential to make me say,to myself,wow really? Gagging, but no it doesn’t surprise me.Now how do I heal,well to start I excavate ( dig that junk out,not meaning horse)I find the most important part of myself and security and I start my day with my little plan that little list
    As I have no more time to waste.again thanx for getting me to look up at what’s giving me these deep in the hole feelings,I mean look at how many active fire guys are also working their list of to dos ,so time to look at the good parts

  10. I consider myself a student of truth and ALWAYS want to get to Truth. Not all are like that. What positions,aspects of Jupiter,etc are the indicators in a chart of honoring Truth?

    • Jupiter conjunct Pluto such as mine.(Leo 10th /11th house) It’s a Psychic Laser Beam boring into your soul. The equipment must be handled delicately!

      • Can you explain further what you mean by this? I too have a tight jupiter Pluto conjunction but in the 8th.

  11. …and on a personal note, Jupiter is currently aspecting mercury/Saturn and today is joined by the Sun, so I have acted upon the idea of cleaning out my hard drive of distos that just waste my time and only use and keep those that dont take much maintenance and therefor I can get on and do some other things as I will have the time.

    I am looking forward to the conjunction with Pluto as it also aspect my venus/Jupiter – a lottery win – we can dream!!!

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