What Sign Has A Suspicious Nature?

scorpio cell phoneMy husband and I have been watching Sons of Anarchy. I don’t like the show that much, but I’m watching it with him and we’re deep into it. Season four.

“Why can’t they figure out he’s lying?” I said, in regard to the character, “Juice”. “He’s an obvious liar.”

“Well, P, they love the guy. Most people aren’t suspicious like us.”

“What? We’re suspicious? I’m suspicious?”

“Yeah, we’re suspicious. I’m suspicious and you’ve overly suspicious.”

I asked him for an example. He gave me one that was reasonably valid.

Are you suspicious? It’s supposed to be a Scorpio trait.

How does your suspicious nature show up in your chart?you see this in your chart?


What Sign Has A Suspicious Nature? — 48 Comments

  1. I’m generally a suspicious person but I have no planets in Scorpio. However, I do have Pluto in the 8th house … which I think gives me a heightened talent for bullshit-detecting.

  2. Scorpio rising means you have that feeler out for a vibe coming off someone, and can observe at close quarters without being seen to be doing so. Neptune and Pisces also feel the waters of what someone is giving out, topped off with a lot of Mars that adds greatly to the bullshit detector talent, and pierces the layers of what someone puts up as a front.

    My husband is very Virgoan with Mars rising. He isnt over-suspicious, he accuses me of it a lot. But he does have that Mars keen sense of snapping a judgement about someone’s motives. He’s also an incredible mimic (attention to detail). So it’s one area we click on deeply. We may not always agree about someone but generally we come up with a match on whether we like them, or have reservations, even though we come to it by different routes.

  3. Hahahaha! Your husband is wise. I am always suspicious of everything. Scorpio has to be the top of the list for being suspicious, but Virgos are no pushovers either when it comes to being suspicious.

    How about Taurus? They are pretty cautious people as well. Cancers are high on that list, too.


    Are my picks for the top signs that are cautious and suspicious. 🙂

    • I was making small talk with a counter person during a purchase a long time ago. I asked her what her sign was and she gave me this alerted, defensive look before answering “Taurus”. If you’ve ever spooked a cow you know what I mean. It’s as if she was happily grazing in her field when this weird bug came up and upset her. To me they are more wary than suspicious, wary being cautious and suspicious being curious. I wish Taurus’s loved me as much as I love them, ha ha.

    • Cancer sun and yes I am suspicious. Have Neptune in Scorpio so that might lead my suspicious nature where there is nothing to worry about. Which is often the case. But I almost always know if someone is lying. My good cancer heart does not always want to see this. But when I get bad vibes with a person, it is for a reason

  4. I’m Scorpio rising and an 8th house Sun; my chart is dominated by Scorpio/Leo/Sag energy.
    I’m suspicious too. A lot of times when I shouldn’t be. It can be hard for me to turn it off and on.

  5. Pluto, Uranus on my Asc., Moon Mars conj. in first house..Jupiter in 8th, Neptune in 3rd. Im not suspicious at all, I just know..and i will still take a chance on someone even knowing there not trust worthy, dame the evolution of altruism..i’m never surprised, I watch it unfold..usually to there own demise..Iv learned to detach the feelings from the actions of others BS

  6. Scorpio on high alert most of 24/7. Stellium in Scorp squares Mars-Saturn and Pluto = expert in suspicious. Jeez. My Uranus 6th House sextile is my one escape hatch. I don’t give it the credit its due.

  7. With Moon, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, I’d say yeah definitely, I’m suspicious. My first impressions are usually correct. I used to work with hundreds of people on-site when I did tech support and it was tremendously handy to be able to read people.

  8. Scorpio by far over any other sign. I have it on my IC and Pluto in 3rd. Scorpios make great private detectives and it’s hard to lie to them. In the downside is that they sometimes see negatives when they aren’t there.

  9. I’ll also add that that my brother is a Scorpio, my best friend, and another good friend I’ve Kent over the Internet. My brother is the sweetest person, but don’t ever lie to him cuz he’ll know. And he won’t even tell you he knows. Sa,e with my best friend who’s married to an Aries now. She figures out stuff he does (he cheated on her) but she doesn’t act on it unfortunately. The friend I’ve know for a year through the Internet from London is one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. He always had the most insightful things to say to me. He was very Plutonic mixed with Jupiterian and would figure stuff out before I even had the means to try to do so. One thing he said to me was,”Amber, they don’t define you.” And he he meant that I shouldn’t let people get thr best of me. Scorpios are awesome people.

    • “but don’t ever lie to him cuz he’ll know. And he won’t even tell you he knows.” This is a great stealth tactic because “the enemy” (whoever Scorpio is dealing with at the moment) never knows how thin the ice might or might not be. Classic!

  10. Overly suspicious here…8th stellium of Sun/Moon/Merc. Pluto/Scorpio Saturn H3. Pluto sesquare Merc. I am way too suspicious. Natural detective.

  11. I’m a Scorpio and I don’t think of myself as suspicious I think I’m more weary. I trust my spidy senses after all why do we have them if we were not meant to trust them. Gut instinct if my gut tells me no then I avoid it at all cost. A person might be able to lie to me but once I figure they are lying to me they are done I will never believe that person again nor will I trust them again. X-husbands can testify to that.

  12. I am suspicious and have been that way since l was a small child. I used to point things out about my mom’s friends being manipulative and lying when l was 4 or 5. It would always prove to be true in very little time. I don’t think she knew what to make of this.
    Scorpio ascendant, Neptune conjunct
    Venus/Mars conjunct and theNorth node in the eighth house

  13. Yeah..I’d be willing to but that a lot of scorpionic people were born within the last 15 or so years. My daughter’s generation is highly Plutonic (she’s 14 now.) A highly powerful generation.

  14. I am not suspicious I am astute and discerning. Suspicion implies that you think some one may be less than forthcoming. I can always tell when someone lying I am especially keen on deception through omission. Just because I know someone is lying does not mean I will call them out on it, it really depends on what they are lying about. This was a big challenge early in my relationship with my husband his sun in in Aquarius but he has a Scorpio Ascendant and a stellium in Pisces. When he leaves out information I just look at him silently waiting for him to continue, the intensity gets to him and he spills the rest. There is a lot of non verbal communication between us and he can tell when I am on to him. Eventually he learned that it was safe to tell me the truth and I learned that it is okay for him to have stuff he chooses not to share with me. I respect his privacy as long as he does not disrespect me or our partnership or family. His Pisces sister on the other hand has a very loose relationship with the truth and when she is attached to a lie she is telling she avoids me completely, but only because knowing I can see through makes her feel vulnerable. I have a stelliums in Virgo and Libra the Virgo (especially my Virgo moon) is critical and feels the deceptive energy, my Libra Sun wants harmony in relationship and the conjuction of Jupiter expands the desire for harmony this is why it is safe to tell me the truth it is more important to me to preserve the relationship than to get too angry about being lied to, I also have Saturn in the 5th house which adds a no nonsense element to the exchange.

  15. I wouldn’t say I’m suspicious. I think being suspicious is having a question in your mind about someone’s motivations. i don’t tend to question what I see. Because I actually see a lot. I feel like a suspicious person wonders a lot about what the other is presenting to them. I rarely wonder at others. Stellium in scorpio.

  16. People who, generally have been hurt in the past, tend to be more suspicious of other people. Besides Scorpios though, I find Capricorns to be very suspicious. They can take months to open up to you.

  17. Im a gemini and I’m not suspicious. I’m probably pretty gullible. I know I have bought some whoppers. But I have a great memory and if people are not impeccable about the lies they tell, I figure it out soon enough. And after that, a person has more or less lost their chance to get too close to me. So it’s not too bad. On a certain level I almost feel like if I can’t tell someone is lying, it’s all the same to me what the truth actually is. It’s just incongruence that I find disheartening.

  18. we hadn’t watched sons of anarchy, but i get what you mean about certain “characters”; we did watch a similar series where there is usually a main character in the show that completely manipulates everyone and Always switches up his personality and the only constant thing about him is that he’s evil no matter how you slice it. It was a series “Heroes” and the character was “Sylar” and even our friends just stopped watching the show towards the 3rd season. it was getting too ridiculous.

    • “manipulates everyone and Always switches up his personality and the only constant thing about him is that he’s evil no matter how you slice it”

      They must have based the series on my ex-husband!

  19. definitely 8th house has a suspicious nature, so i agree Scorpio related themes, but i would agree if the 8th houser had more earth to ground them.

  20. Yes, I am. I never, never , never believe in the words of new people, whom I just met! I can believe people only if I known them a long time, but even this is not enough. Especially the new people in my life, who make compliments to me – I always think: “What will he/she wants from me”. I always think that people say things in order to get something, but in their minds they think something different. If I explained it well.

    I am Pisces Sun/NN trine Pluto in Scorpio. Also Venus/Jupiter opposition Pluto.

  21. An empty 8th house here but enough Scorpio to prefer reading between the lines where people let their guard down. It’s amazing how people telegraph their hidden intentions.

  22. Cautious, but not suspicious. Like, I check under my car and in the back seat before I get in, but I never expect anyone to be there.

    Jupiter in Cap in the 8th is my only real Scorpio touch. Pluto in Virgo in the 4th. as long as nobody is fucking with my home, I’m happy.

  23. I have a stelliun including moon, Mercury in Scorpio. I am able to pick up on lies being told to me. Mercury in Scorpio means I want to understand things deeply. With Moon in Scorpio, I can forgive with some conscious effort. I actually have memories of previous lives…they came up in a visceral way and I chose to investigate further.

  24. Yes, unfortunately, I am suspicious. (I don’t see this as a virtue.)
    How can I not be, with Mercury and Moon in Scorpio? I think I am a good reader of body language – I find this highly entertaining (Libra sun, Virgo rising with a Mars-Venus conjunction?).

  25. I’m pretty suspicious of people but I try to give them the benefit of the doubt first. Thats my Mars in Scorpio and maybe even my Moon/Pluto intuition acting up. But I have a lot of Aqua.. I’m more ready to “like” people more than most, I think.

    My BF is reeeeally suspicious. It almost ended our relationship as he would constantly accuse me of cheating or being interested in other people. He has Scorp Rising, Scorp Moon, Scorp Venus.

  26. People lie in different ways. Some know they are lying, others not. Chart ruler Mercury opposes Pluto in the 3rd and aspects Saturn in Scorpio. Sensitive 8th house Venus & 4th house virgo Moon pick up the energy – every nuance. Grand water trine too. I have a lot of Aquarius so the truth is important & I’m bold. But if it seems wise, I’ll just watch & wait (mars in taurus)……….

  27. Not trusting. I think scorpio is Discerning. Cancer, which is my sun tends not to trust easily. It is trine a pluto in scorpio so I may not know they difference.

    I swing between being overly trusting and suspicious. But have learned to trust my intuition more.

    The most astute person I know was my Capricorn aunt. Capricorns/Saturn would rate second on my list with this trait. Then cancers and virgo.

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