What Shocks The Next Generation

if-doctors-do-it-its-okI went to the doctor last week. She’s a gal about my age who I’ve been seeing her for  close to 15 years.

There’s nothing wrong with me. My hormones are okay, my thyroid’s okay, my blood is good, my cholesterol is good, etc.  I do have some annoyances, but I told her that I felt any problems I was having was related to diet. She was a bit shocked.

I can’t handle sugar.  My son can’t handle sugar. My grandfather found out he couldn’t handle sugar in the 1930’s so you better believe I know all about this.

What she said was interesting.

“You’d be surprised how rare it is that one of my patients is aware of this. If I even try to suggest their diet may be causing their problems, they get all up in arms.” I nodded.  “I believe this will be the thing that shocks the next generation,” she added.

“What do you mean?”

“When we were kids, everyone smoked. Doctor’s smoked. They’d examine you, with a cigarette in their mouth,” she added, putting her fingers to her mouth as if she was holding a cig. “Remember that?”

“I do.”

“No one knew it was bad for you…and then we found out. Today people are shocked that people did not know smoking was bad for you. They can’t believe all these doctors smoked, right in their offices and in their exam rooms. I predict that food will be the next thing that shocks people.  They aren’t going to believe how we ate in this era.”

“You’re probably right.”

“You just can’t put anything you want into your body, and think you body is going to be able to process it.  All the fat, all the sugar, all the CAFFEINE.  People eat all this junk and they’re depressed, and they’re angry, they’re sick.  It’s ruining their life but they don’t believe you when you suggest it.”

This chat was inspiring to me.  I’m going to fix my diet, the way my grandfather taught me to. Never mind what the rest of the Starbucks generation does.

Mars in Virgo power!

Is your diet nuts?


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What Shocks The Next Generation — 41 Comments

  1. It was way she said it. We *do* dump *whatever* into our bodies with the expectation it will take care of it…which it cannot do, lol.

    • THIS! (Mars in Virgo here too, ha!) This is so me, too, Elsa. I have little love for sugar (fruit, or honey in tea, a or fresh carrots or peas) — have maybe 1/4 cup black coffee per day, or I might have two little pieces of 78% bitter chocolate (a habit I picked up in Germany). My mom’s family is like….real food! My dad’s side was more into meats, sugary treats, fats (like my husband). I can’t really eat that without feeling ill, I need purer foods or a balance, have to have greens and fruit, fish, to stay well.

      Then I read about food/diet by your blood group type. Look it up – it’s fascinating.

  2. LOL – Great doctor you have, Elsa. And timely post as always… I have a foodhistorian and foodnerd in my household, so there is a lot of talk about food in my home – and about sugar. Personally I think your doctor is right. Recently I talked to a doctor who declared that if sugar was to be put on the market today, it would not be legalized as food because of its side effects. Interesting point, I think.

  3. I feel like many in the Pluto in Virgo generation grok this organically (going paleo, gluten-free, no sugar, etc. etc.), but I am bi-coastal, between cities well-versed (at times obsessively) in the latest in health.

    For the Pluto in Leos and above that I know, the attitude seems to be – why embrace something newfangled when their parents and grandparents thrived/survived just fine?

    I do think Pluto in Libra and beyond know better – the information is so ubiquitous these days – but realize they are still young enough to remain in denial. For now. (With smoking, it was the same – I know many Pluto in Libras who have quit only in the last couple of years..)

  4. Depends on who you ask. 😉 Nordic health officials just came out with new nutritional recommendantions last week, and they’ve already been attacked by various fractions. I do try to listen my body. I know many people have problems with dairy products and cereals, but I actually feel better when I’m eating loads whole grain products, fermented dairy products, fruits and vegetables. I’m not a vegetarian, but have issues with red meat. Just don’t seem to be able to digest it all that well.

    And oh, I can handle some sugar. Especially a good pastry. 🙂 However, I suspect processed food in The US has even more of it than food here – and it was just reported they add sugar even to meatballs. We have some Hersey chocolates my Husband’s co-worker has brought from The States at home now. I tasted some, and they were much sweeter than similar mass market products here.

  5. No. But thank you for posting this. Out of all my partner’s health issues, his doctor told him to cut down on caffeine. The doctor had more of an issue with the caffeine at this point, than the smoking.

    My Dad is Pluto in Cancer; my Mother is Pluto in Leo. They have always pushed for basic dietary consumption and low calorie consumption. They’re both elderly, disease free and most importantly medication free (rare for people after a certain age, it seems).

  6. A couple of nights ago I went to a friend’s house. Her mother is Spanish and cooked 4 course meal (plus tapas!). We ate over a couple of hours, I limited quantities of everything and still felt stuffed. I absolutely HATE feeling too full. I was the last to finish. I had pain in my gut all night long. Literally, a stabbing pain in my colon, lol.
    I felt off all day yesterday. This wasn’t processed food. It wasn’t complicated food. It was just too much food. I can’t believe how much food some people eat. My body cannot take it.

  7. I sure wish I would have known your grandfather. he was so ahead of his time. My own mother would have liked him as well. My mom had eccentric friends she admired who were so smart about health, nutrition and astrology. she had met this little old lady at astrology classes she took in the city and they became friends although there was about a 30 year difference. this little old lady was so knowledgable ,even I, at age 12 or so could sit and listen to her for hours. She would talk about eating healthy greens and no sugar , she also did massage and showed me how to walk on moms back ( I was small) . The older generation did know about healthy eating, it’s just that when people got so busy with both parents working, convenience foods came about. we never had chips, soda or junk food in our house growing up. a treat was jello or pudding. It seems now, when you go to grocery store ,it’s hard to find healthy food .

  8. I came to this same conclusion about three years ago. I completely changed my diet and began getting regular physical exercise, lost 80 pounds. Previously diagnosed withtype II diabetes since making changes I have no diabetic symptoms at all. I do not eat sugar or grains my body just can’t handle them. I 100% agree with what you and your doctor said in your post!

  9. My grandmother had a huge garden and we always got fresh vegetables from her. She also canned her own fruit and vegetables. I sadly remember when junk food became a staple in our diets 🙁 Being a Virgo I’ve always been consumed with my diet……I don’t eat dairy, wheat, caffeine etc…and still have dietary issues…our lifestyles in general are very unhealthy and it’s wonderful that your doctor is in sync with that….unfortunately, most just hand out the pills to counteract our bad choices….and yes, most people don’t want to hear about it!

  10. yes! when i turned 30, my metabolism and ability to digest certain foods totally went crazy! for over a year i had to try cutting certain things out, drinking more water, taking probiotics, taking fiber/digestive enzymes… you name it! finally i’ve found a combination of things that works… diet is so important. i think i took the idea of having to cut certain foods out really hard because im such a foodie, im italian! no gluten?! no cheese?! WTF?! i didn’t want to hear that i might be lactose intolerant, or gluten intolerant. i never had a problem with it before, surely there must be some other mystery to the puzzle! im able to eat a little of everything now as long as i dont go crazy everyday… and i have to take probiotics and digestive enzymes daily. stress affects my digestion too, and this is something i’ve come to understand better as i’ve had less stress in my life. im also a cancer sun, and i guess we’re supposed to be known for having digestive issues, or as my family always said, agita! haha… life could be worse, i guess… but a life without pastry, pasta and cheese… forgetaboutit.

  11. Probably, but I REALLY hate cooking with all my heart and the last thing I want to do is nitpick the crap out of my diet and spend a lot of time cooking loving, wholesome meals. I want in and out of the damn kitchen as soon as possible.

  12. Sugar is one of the worst things ever. It’s in everything. It’s like every food has to have a touch if sweetness, even if it’s savory. Gross!

    I remember people laughing at me as a kid when I wouldn’t want ice cream or candy. I’d say, no thanks, I feel like I’ve had too much sugar lately. My body felt that way.

    I’ve cut out most sugar (except in coffee and a little dark chocolate) and starches and feel so unbloated. I keep losing weight (yay).

    That guy Gary Taubes who wrote about carbs is writing a book about sugar and corn syrup. He thinks any firm of sugar is the worst thing in our diets.

  13. Saturn’s almost 3 year transit through my giant 6th house (with Pluto and N.Node) taught me all about this, to the chagrin of all my Taurus.
    I do, as well, believe that “proper” nutrition will be reformed in the near future, or at least I hope it will.

  14. What a great topic for Mars entering Virgo. I think it’s true that food can heal or hurt you. I do feel better when I cut out dairy, grains, sugar and caffeine. Close to the paleo diet. This weekend I was craving chicken soup and made it from scratch. It really hit the spot . It must be the change in weather!

  15. Great post! I feel very strongly about this, which is why I’m going back to school to become a nutritionist. My diet is pretty decent, but I do drink too much coffee. My hope is that people will become much more aware of the effects of empty and excessive calories on their quality of life. It may take a mass crisis to bring that about, though.

  16. Also Pluto in Vigo generation and felt this organically from a young age. And my grandparents’ generation fed the family from the garden so whole food was still a living memory for all; although collectively the mentality was’we’re in charge of the earth and everthing on it’; not yet at a point of realising the harm the use of chemicals of all kinds would cause. That we can’t just ‘decide’ what organic structures like our bodies and the earth will bear, or not without consequences. I think the people of the late 1800’s-1920’s (like Jethro Kloss who wrote Back to Eden) who understood we are what we eat will have their time soon. It seems to slowly be becoming collective awareness.

    • “It seems to slowly be becoming collective awareness.”

      According to my doctor, it is not. I said my grandfather was ahead of his time. She said that I am ahead of mine. She can’t get anyone to hear a thing.

      I mean come on. Starbucks on every corner? Caffeine dumped into everything? Think about this from a historical perspective.

      I grew up drinking a soda a couple times a year. My sister told me she has not had a soda since we were on a picnic as kids…more than 40 years ago.

      Compare that to kids who grow up on the stuff.

      • My mother (Pluto in Leo) thinks the rise in gluten intolerance, celiac etc is because of mono crops and no variety in wheat. She doesn’t use the internet or anything like that. She was considered a total crackpot when we were growing up, talking about food quality.

        Some people are definitely ahead of their time.

      • Disclaimer: I don’t live in the States so that’s my perspective. We do have junk food and the associated problems here but not Starbucks on every corner. Perhaps the US has its own scales of issues. It’s a long time since I visited but even the portions of food seemed triple to what a person could possibly eat, to me.

        I do feel things are changing in this area. Not changed, no, and I expect they will continue to worsen before the tide really swings. I think that’s how change works and that it’s uneven. I see a lot of options now and public voices on this issue that didn’t exist 20 years ago. But maybe that’s just where I live. Your Dr also is ahead of her time and many of her colleagues.

  17. I’ve always believed that, but my medical training didn’t support it, frankly, and still doesn’t. The education on vitamins consisted of 2 hours (out of 4 years) during basic biochemistry. Lame as could be. LAME! The nutritionists in hospitals are primarily focused on helping people with diabetic or cardiac, or post op menus. In my opinion, that is the bare minimum. Nutritional education should be more sophisticated. No offense to anyone here.

    Ergo the career change, among other reasons. I’ve got a virgo stellium in the 10th house. I don’t always practice what I preach, but I do believe we are what we eat. You’d be amazed how many physicians are cut off from this notion, or understanding it in any detail. What a waste. My cynical side says its because no one has the money to properly research nutrition. No pill=no money=no data. Maybe that’s changing, hopefully.

  18. Exactly MoonNeptune. The last round with the gastrointestinal specialist, Leoman asked her if it could be diet related. “Absolutely not.”

    Absolutely not, eh.


    Even his GP thought she was a joke. Leoman has had doctors like that, before. I’ve met several of them. It’s like–are you REALLY a doctor, or do you just play one on TV?!

    • I don’t eat cereal for breakfast 🙂 I actually had a bad argument with someone about breakfast cereal about 12 years ago. He started it. He was preaching about how good his cereal was and Jupiter in Gemini–I couldn’t help telling him no bueno. He demanded I get proof, so stupidly I found him some literature and he tossed it aside with a sneer and said ‘unlike you I don’t believe everything I read.’ Okay Mr Kellogg.

      The thing is, food is personal. Moon=food. I don’t want to preach about food. Best I can do is live by example, like my parents did. They are old and healthy and disease free. I mean, they are obviously doing something right.

  19. Chrispito said: The last round with the gastrointestinal specialist, Leoman asked her if it could be diet related. “Absolutely not.”

    Uh, yeah. My mother had to have complete reconstructive abdominal surgery about 2 years ago. Not to be morbid, but I am surely convinced that the lack of nutritional support after this, hastened her end. I really wanted her to start juicing and getting intensive nutritional support from the GI surgeon (mostly because she wouldn’t listen coming from me) and oncologist. She wasn’t able to reabsorb liquids from her colon, which lead to dehydration, kidney failure, inability to tolerate meds and frankly death.

    I worked hard to get her to drink Gatorade to prevent dehydration. This is also referred to “replacement salts” and is commonly accepted as a treatment for severe dehydration and diarrhea.


    The MDs and nutritionist never addressed her dehydration . Instead, she had to go the the hospital for IV fluids, 3x a week.

    The GI doctor moved away and there way no follow up.
    Can you tell that I’m pissed?

  20. My diet probably nuts! I am trying to be more intuitive with food I do know that red meat and good dairy (the kind where fat levels haven’t been decimated) make me really, really happy.
    I also think that my lack of physical activity is probably dangerous. My parents walked about 4 hours a day (not including play time), my back is usually hurting and I am in terrible shape. I have been mulling over Pilates and HIIT for a couple of months but haven’t gotten consistent yet.

  21. Functional Medicine. There are seminars and continuing education on it. I know one pediatrician (neighbor) and one psychiatrist who are getting educated on Functional Medicine. I had a discussion with the psychiatrist about this. She said that she gets the “special cases” where drugs don’t treat the emotional/psych issues that are happening. She often finds it is a very basic chemical problem re: diet

    You can find docs who practice this who will help you and often it is the low-grade malaise low-grade, cronic issue that should have been a warning sign but no-one in the medical establishment nor the general public will pin it on diet. Or the disease that the “normal” drugs don’t even begin to treat. Well, diet and it will solve the issue actually relatively fast.

    The labs etc. to diagnose are mostly* bloodwork but fairly extensive compared to what is normally looked at. It was a fascinating conversation and I learned a lot in just one short evening.

  22. For the Starbucks generation, which I think includes me, I see two camps forming. One is very diet-conscious, and others are addicted to pop and energy drinks and food from restaurants.

    I learned the real lesson how important diet was when I was 19 (in 2001) when I developed a digestive illness. And yes, I was told by my GI doctor that I could eat steaks and ice cream and cake and whatever I wanted and it would have no effect on the illness. I’m sorry, but huh?! Such bullshit. How the hell can a digestive illness not be made better or worse by the quality of what you fucking digest? I didn’t listen, obviously, started going to a naturopath, changed what I ate, and three years later, I was in remission–which shocked the hell out of my allopathic doctors who discounted diet.

    My ideas about food have only gotten more stringent. Since I’ve gotten over my illness, I have begun to backslide a little, and I think it has caught up with me. I discovered the benefits of home-cultured vegetables and coconut oil in 2003, and have also recently discovered just how crappy grains and beans make me feel, and I’m working to eliminate them from my diet.

  23. Fat is essential and very good for you if it’s the right kind of fat. Caffeine is pretty much associated with the rise of the modern world, for better or worse!

  24. I agree completely, people should pay attention to what they eat/drink.
    It’s like trying to run your car on cheap fuel and expecting it to run like a high performance machine. It might run high performance for awhile,but sooner or later the poor treatment will corrode your body from the inside out.

  25. I’m of the Pluto/Leo generation as are many of my close family and friends. Some of them mock me for drinking organic herbal teas and eating lots of greens. When I was in my teens and 20’s I was thin and healthy. But eating fast food, drinking coffee, pop, beer, (rarely water) and smoking caught up with me by the time I hit 30. I then started going to health stores for vitamins and began to learn how to improve my diet. I’m always gonna love pizza and chocolate but nowadays it is a treat. The best thing I did was to quit smoking.

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