What Motivates You?

Mars heroIt’s odd, what will motivate a person. I am trying to wrap up a number of projects behind the scenes. I am pushing myself to plod along.  I am forcing myself to stay focused and actually produce a finished product because I feel deeply compelled to change (Uranus) my internal structure (Capricorn) in a way that is significant (Pluto).

I intended to withdraw my energy from this blog and the boards in order to focus on these tasks. It’s sort the Saturn model – finish the work, before you play, but then something weird happened. I found out one of the regulars on the site had been blocked by the communist party in the country where she lives.

It took me a hour or so to process this. I put myself in her shoes and I was deeply disturbed. I had an impulse (Mars conjunct Mercury) to send her some of the posts from the blog. I thought they might cheer her.  I then realized the posts probably would cheer her, so I asked if someone might volunteer to send her the posts off the blog. Orcus volunteered to do this for both of us. With this conduit established, I have posted to the blog every day since.

I want this gal to have something unfiltered to read.  I give this to the Mars Mercury conjunction in my 9th house, in Libra no less. Let’s just says I value free speech around the world.  But this is also an example of Saturn in Scorpio and my 8th house in action. I am (silently) using her energy to fuel my own, so if you have liked the posts on this blog over the last week or so, you can know they were brought to you by these other women, as much as by my independent effort.

This illustrates to me, what I really care about. I care about doing what is good and right to the very best of my ability. I don’t think this is always obvious.

What motivates you?


What Motivates You? — 18 Comments

  1. Wow!

    I don’t always understand what motivates me, actually.

    I usually feel as though I’m being pulled ahead, rather than pushed from behind.

  2. How would you like to be cut off from this blog, if this blog is what you like? The idea of something like this happening to me, makes me cringe.

    She is cut off from all blogs and her gmail as well. I imagine what she is able to access takes on more significance, so I want the content she gets from here to be good and as potent and satisfying (and as varied and entertaining) as I can produce. I mean, you’re cut off from most food, right? Let’s make the meal you do get as good as possible.
    Not that the content here is great. Just that it is as great as I can do right now and this woman is the seed of my motivation.

    Orcus as well. If there is someone willing to smuggle for ya, you have to keep up the supply! 🙂

  3. Being a person of honor. It’s the most important motivator for me. I may be rough around the edges at times, but I want to do the right thing and be a decent human being.

  4. Yes, very kind–thank you, and Orcus!

    I remember years ago, reading a piece by a journalist traveling in North Korea. He was in his hotel room with another journalist. All they could do was sit around. No books, no TV, no newspapers or magazines or radio.

    He says to the Swede: ‘Man, this place is so incredibly boring.’ The next day, his handler gives him a deck of cards.

    The idea scares me. I had a very controlled childhood in most ways and it took me to a very dark place by the time I was a teenager.

  5. Creative expression motivates me. I relate to this post from the tips of my toe-nails, metaphorically and in the bones.

    Access to nourishment is too often a thing taken for granted; when access is barred the ancient brain kicked in. Harriet Tubman found a way, and here … another form of the Underground Rail. ‘I see the light on.’Moses lives!

  6. wow. i have been happy to see your posts popping up more often, but would never have guessed why.

    my best motivators are the needs of the people i love. someday i ought to pay attention to my own needs, too. i’m trying to figure it out… (mars in pisces in the seventh.)

  7. I lived in Soviet Russia for a stretch, so I know about smuggling. 😀

    Sincerely happy to do it. Got Jupiter and Uranus in Libra to partner with Elsa’s Mars and Merc. Freedom and rebellion! 🙂

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