What Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius Means for Each Sign

Merc retroMercury retrograde is in full swing, and just about everyone is feeling it. The tech issues and setbacks are arriving as scheduled, but just about nothing else is! But in addition to these universal frustrations, Mercury retrograde gives us an opportunity to review our lives and ensure we’re still on the right track before charging ahead. And with Mercury in Aquarius, the review is going to be around beliefs and rules.  How do you believe things should be, and how does that contrast with how things actually are? Here’s a little guide to help you get started:

Aries Rising: Rethink your place in groups and in the world. Do you like the role you play? Do the people in your life reflect where you want to go and who you want to be? How can you bring these things more in line with your greater purpose?

Taurus Rising: Confirm you’re climbing the right mountain. What does success actually mean to you, and is that what you’re aiming for? Further, are the actions you’re taking now likely to help you create your version of success?

Gemini Rising: Think about the big questions. All the minutiae you’ve collected over the course of your life has to mean something, right? How does the knowledge you possess fit into the bigger picture? How can you fill the gaps in your understanding of the world?

Cancer Rising: Revisit your relationship with your own psyche. You’ve been through so much in the last few years. Have you fully integrated those lessons? Have you grappled with your wounds? Do you even believe it’s worth investigating? If not, what are you afraid of?

Leo Rising: Review your relationships. Are you giving as much as you’re taking? Why or why not? What does this say about your estimation of yourself and about how you think relationships should be structured?

Virgo Rising: Reevaluate how much energy you’re spending on meeting other people’s needs vs. meeting your own. Do you need to scale back? Are you remembering to put on your own oxygen mask first?

Libra Rising: When is the last time you stopped trying to manage a crisis or project and just let loose? When did you last make time for pure, unproductive play? When’s the last time you made something beautiful just for the sake of creating? If it’s been a while, why? Do you believe you have a right to enjoy yourself with no strings attached?

Scorpio Rising: Reconsider your ideas regarding home and family. What do those concepts mean to you? Is it time to update your definitions? Have you set down roots where you really want to be? Can you bloom where you’re planted?

Sagittarius Rising: Have you set up your life so that the little things – the short trips, the mundane conversations, the everyday cast of characters – create as much meaning in your life as the big things? How can you make sure that every moment matters?

Capricorn Rising: You’ve changed so much lately. Have your values caught up to the changes? What about your self-esteem? Have you learned to look at yourself differently? Are your resources being used in a way that supports your new life?

Aquarius Rising: This is a very weird moment in time. Are you the person to meet it? Do the ideas and beliefs that structure your identity hold up to the test of time? Can you package those beliefs in a way that other people can digest?

Pisces Rising:  Is your intuition just not hitting right? Feeling either overwhelmed or totally disconnected? Revisit your understanding of your connection to the Spirit. Is it possible that information is coming in differently or from different sources? What could this change teach you?

Mercury retrograde periods can certainly be frustrating, but if we’re willing to look beneath the surface, there is so much to be gained. Taking a little time to review the area of life that Mercury is retrograding through can turn a retrograde period from a month of setbacks to a month of real introspection and value.

What are you reviewing during this Mercury retrograde? What is your rising sign?



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What Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius Means for Each Sign — 5 Comments

  1. Good questions to ask. I’m percolating these questions for both my natal and progressed rising signs. This ‘double vision’ approach is helping me alot to feel and sense my life position. I’ll be considering what comes of this. Thanks!

  2. Spot on! Exactly what is on my mind. Scorpio rising (Aquarius moon in the 4th house)… Currently considering some brilliant ideas for business and property in another country while living the digital nomad lifestyle. Missing my son and hoping he will join me here soon since this is one of the few places on earth that is open and not full of paranoia about covid.

  3. Everyone of these hit for me and others around me. We lost a family member last Thursday and life has changed and we may be moving. Her son has a Scorpio Rising with Saturn on his AC. He doesn’t want things to change, but his life is about to change a lot. We may all be moving out of state soon.

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