What Libra Learned From Uranus In Aries

Tarzan action figureAs Uranus leaves Aries, I realized I’ve come a long way towards independence when it comes to technology.  I’ve learned to manage the back-end of my site for the most part. I have help when I’m desperate but I do most things myself these days.

This is not because I am great at it or even that I like it. It’s just a skill I needed to acquire.

The most important thing I have learned is how communicate with technical people. I can’t just say, “Something is wrong!”  I used to think that was right and okay to do.  Well, it doesn’t work.  A person trying to fix something needs details and screenshots. This was never more true than it is today.

How many browsers for Android do you think there are in 2018? Countless? And compatibility is everything. It doesn’t matter how good your widget is if it breaks my store or slows the site.

I’m thinking of this because these last days with Uranus in Aries, I am working with a gal on a plugin she’s developed or is working on.  She’s helping me to get it functioning on my site while I’m helping her to see where her product is failing when compared to more expensive options.  She’s a tech whiz but I’m the proprietor of a long standing online business. I’m the customer she has to sway and there is no doubt she is upping her game of my feedback.

I have good feeling about this and it’s not what you might guess. I feel CONFIDENT.  I used to send requests into cyberspace on an wing and a prayer.  I am now able to work with a technical person, feeling sure that we will be able to clear the blocks together.

I also like that once we’re done, I’ll run with her ideas and she’ll run with mine.

Bottom line, my codependent planets in Libra (which include Mercury) have been liberated by Uranus in Aries. Two independent people working together for independent goals.

What have you learned with Uranus in Aries?



What Libra Learned From Uranus In Aries — 24 Comments

  1. I have learned (am in the last stages of) not being codependent. Also I have learned to respect boundaries.

    I am confident that by May 15th I can never be codependent again. I used to think breaking codependency would destroy our marriage.

    Well, it did. Completely wrecked it. But we’re both faithful for life so now it’s time to rebuild!

  2. With a Libra ascendant and a Libra moon and Libra north node conjunct Jupiter in Libra- I have learned to fight, be shunned for my beliefs and continue loving. I have had to learn to be alone a lot and now – for now it is my preferred mode.

    • This sounds exactly like me and what I have been through. Peoole THINK they know what you are and stabd for, and judge you because of it, when they don’t really know you or the truth. I shrug and continue…. Really. Their loss if they think that way about me, I couldn’t care less. So yeah, that makes you pretty uncaring about what peoole believe is true about you, they will never listen to your truth anyway.

      I have Libra moon in 9th house and Uranus transits my Pluto-Saturn conjunction until 2019….phew. It has been a crazy transit!

  3. As a Libra, I gained confidence and became a very strong person through my Jupiter in Aries husband. He was born with Uranus in the last degree of Libra and just had his Uranus opposition. He spent decades longing for freedom from his disabilities and fighting HARD to lead as normal a life as possible. The health issues just piled up over time. He was finally liberated from his struggles 10 days ago through death. 🙁

    I am now learning to be alone again, but as a stronger person. Saturn is passing through my 1st house (again, that Aries theme). I have to take charge of my life now. His struggles began to consume us both, especially after he got heart failure. As Uranus leaves Aries, I am walking into the future with eyes wide open.

  4. I’ve learned to be more of a judgmental a$$, because everyone else seems to project their poo onto me! I’ve also learned to be more selfish. Thanks society for teaching me how to not trust.

    -Libra rising-

  5. With a Libra ascendant, I have seen many people appear out of the blue in my life, and then dissapear the same way.. I have also encountered many unexpected attacks from others – close ones mostly… Yeah… one-on-one relationships have suffered a lot with Uranus in Aries for me…

    All I can say, like many other people here, I have learnt to be more independent because of all that’s happened, and I somehow feel better because of that…

  6. I learned dick all. I’m a fucking idiot. But I guess here I am abroad.. not listening to anyone. May this continue.

  7. Uranus in Aries has been a huge surprise to me. I have Mercury, Mars and Venus in Aries in my 4th house. I never expected that the biggest lesson would be learning to be still!

    I quit my job, sold the house and moved cross-country – and that was just the opening salvo – when Uranus hit the 4th house cusp. For the next 7 years it has been all about what is underneath all that Aries impulsivity. Learning from reactivity the hard way. I have learned how that electrical energy feels in my mind, body and heart. It has felt like 7 years with my finger stuck in the electrical socket.

    But really the core learning has been about getting to that place underneath or before the impulse ignites. That is freedom! And that’s where the stillness is. NOT at all what I expected, but what a giant insight. Now I pass that electric baton to my double Taurus husband. This will be interesting!

  8. Aries rules my 7th house. My Libra-rising/Juno has learned how to NOT be co-dependent in anything. It liberated my identity. It liberated my old views on marriage/relationships. I divorced, I broke up with new/unusual people over and over. I’m not half of a person without a relationship. I can be 100% whole, happy and free just by myself.

  9. Uranus in my sixth house of Aries opposed N Uranus in the twelfth house of Libra. It became all about healing myself from illness and freedom from work.

  10. Uranus was conjucting my MC (in Aries ) and opposing my Pluto in 4rth. During those years, I completely got economically independent from my family and I got a job in a company that is active in Technology area 🙂 Also Uranus were squaring my Ascendant , I had many friends that came and go , but other than that no big drama 🙂

  11. I have Libra rising with Mars/Neptune conjunct in late degrees of the 1st house. Uranus in Aries ended almost all of my acquaintance type relationships in the beginning of the transit when it opposed my Ascendant (I lost my job). When it got closer to the conjunction of Mars/Neptune, many of my friends retired and moved away, suddenly. They never talked about it (Neptune).

    We still stay in touch, but maybe once every few months. Its not the same, but I’ve adjusted to the new normal (Mars).

    I think it was time for this transit in my life. It was hard emotionally, like a lot of things in life, but in the end it was the right thing for me.

  12. Uranus in Aries 2H… holy crap! I have figured out to quit selling my self out at work, and get that SUCKER tattoo lasered off of my forehead. I’ve learned to quit giving 120% to everyone but me. I have learned that I am valuable and should speak up when I’ve been wronged. I have learned to sniff out an energy vampire a mile away – crucial life skill. I have learned to LISTEN TO THAT INTERNAL NUDGE because it has been right each and every time. I believe that I need to work in a job where I am solo. This transit has crossed over my natal Saturn and North Node… tough lessons, but I think I got it now. Uranus will still be in my 2H until 12 degrees Taurus but I am hoping work life will become more stable after it’s retrograde. This transit has been a b*tch!

  13. I stopped working for bullying bosses, trying to fit in with a normal life, came out as a dyslexic and on my way back to being the artist I am meant to be.

  14. Uranus in my first house has taught me independent thinking, doing it NOW!, and how to use leadership skills to get what I want. I trust my intuitive sense more and am drawn to unusual people more than before! Now in my 2nd, it will shake up my values and money. Yikes!

  15. Uranus transit through the sixth house. Learned to throw a rope to others who were drowning instead of jumping right in.

  16. To be honest, I will miss Uranus being in Aries. My natal chart is Fire dominant, so Uranus formed many positive aspects with my natal placements. Also, a lot of positive (and often sudden) changes have happened to me since 2011.

  17. Could someone guide me here I am Pisces 14 rising Uranus currently in my 2H, in taurus it will remain in 2H initially, so will there be difference in interpreting this transit.( Same house different signs)

  18. Hi there , will not Uranus still be in your second house as per placidus, your second house must include some Taurus also(like me? Pisces rising)

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