What Kind Of Person Is Disagreeable To You?

A man I know spent time with two different people. He’s a Pisces. He said that neither were his kind of person. However he’d rather spend time with one over the other.

He said this was because while he may not have had much in common with one of the people, he did not feel judged by them. He had more in common with the other person, but he did feel judged. Based on this, he would not like to be around the second person, if he had a choice.

I thought this was interesting. This man does not like judgemental people.  This is a deal-breaker for him. I can’t say I blame him.

What’s killer, is most people are extremely judgemental these days. No one taught them, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

What kind of person is disagreeable to you? Can you add the astrology?



What Kind Of Person Is Disagreeable To You? — 35 Comments

  1. I was just thinking about this before I came here. What’s disagreeable to me is hard to even articulate. I accept so many different types of people and I forgive easily. But when it comes down to it, what I find disagreeable as in utterly disgusting is extreme selfishness in a human being. I think selfishness is so gross, I can hardly articulate it, the reasons why. This may have to do with my 8th house Sun/Moon and all of my personal planets in the right side of my chart.

  2. Like you, I have a hard time with extreme selfishness in people. I don’t understand it and have a hard time liking or respecting people who act with that intent.

    I wonder if people who have a lot of “others” focus would feel this? This might be based on concentration in Libra and Pisces (whether by house or sign) or by the line up planets in chart quadrants. Has anyone noticed any patterns or trends with that?

  3. Condescending and dismissive people are disagreeable to me. When someone really just likes hearing themselves talk. I don’t care how intelligent they are or even if they’re right. I do not enjoy their presence. When they are just unaware that there is another human being with another perspective that you are actually conversing with. I don’t need to be agreed with but I do like being heard to feel that it’s a worthwhile conversation.
    I think it has to do with honor for me. Or my need to be acknowledged. I’m not sure. My sun conjunct mid heaven comes to mind.

  4. I agree with your other readers. People with a preponderance of planets in their 1st quadrant (me, Me, MMMEEE!!!) and/or 4th quadrant (college professors, droning church pastors, and the like with an “open mic” addiction) drive me nuts. Give-and-take dialogue, please!

  5. I don’t like being around people who don’t think, or don’t think deeply, and only seem to operate on auto pilot. I don’t like being around couch potatoes who only consume and never create or contribute much of anything. Mouth breathers. Taking up space.

  6. I’m a Pisces and for most of my life I had numerous Virgo friends and quite a lot co-workers. I once counted 23 Virgos in my life. I discovered that they just can’t seem to stop criticizing me (or, for that matter, anyone else). I now have to avoid Virgos like the plague because I can’t tolerate the constant criticism. Nothing I do is satisfactory to them. They find fault in everything and just pick pick pick away at things. They can’t help it, I know, but I can’t seem to be big about it anymore, now that I’m an old bag and have very little tolerance for people’s crap. There are definitely a few other traits that I don’t like in people (e.g., lying, selfishness, and coldness), however, the most demoralizing for me is when someone needles away at my sense of self. I just won’t allow it.

  7. I’m pretty accepting of most people but the type that tends to irk me are the ones who project all over others while remaining willfully ignorant to their own shortcomings. That and emotionally needy people. Omg. So exhausting ?

    • Same. But I also add superficiality to the list. When I hear someone putting someone else down over what they’re wearing or their hair, etc… I think that this person has no principles. And when I look at the people they surround themselves with, it’s clear they don’t mind hipocrisy, meanness, selfishness, or blandness as long as the fashion choices they make are appropriate.

  8. it’s weird because I can’t stand too much judgemental in my own family, nor outside of it, who aren’t family or otherwise. but I don’t like certain things in people, which I think can be also judgemental of me. my family doesn’t judge me thank goodness, and I have no judgement on them. i don’t like when people put others down,or when you have to put people down, like gaslighting. i don’t think anyone likes that to be honest. it tears away at your self esteem.

  9. I don’t like being around people who ask a lot personal questions and want to be all in my business even though they haven’t known me for long. I think it’s my Scorpio moon. And people constantly creating drama and discord. That’s my Sun in Aquarius.

  10. Judgement comes with my personality. I am an INTJ afterall. It stems, I believe, from a need for structure and order though it also means that some will have to be or feel “judged.” My Sag side gone unbalanced can get dogmatic or rigid. I don’t know. I’m loosening my grip on certain issues due to my sagittarian need for perspective and my pisces need to have compassion. I hate feeling that I may come across as judgmental to someone I care about, but, equally you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Does the other person know that the pisces feels judged when around them? To me, I’d like to know if I’m hurting you rather than you just disappear on me.

    • I’m not sure the situations are that similar.

      I think the person judging the Pisces cares one whit how he feels about being judged. The man judging his makes it clear he feels contempt for how the guy lives. He drinks, doesn’t go to church and such.

      Some people consider something like that to be none of their business. But some are like this other man, and they make it clear they have a distinctly negative feelings about you. So he’s being judged openly, in a negative way. He has no desire and no intention to try to adhere to this man’s ideal or try to meet his standard.

  11. Selfishness, def.

    A short while ago I had to cut off contact w my sis, I couldn’t put up with her self centered selfish ways anymore after helping and helping and helping and… helping some more. I have gone sick of only hearing ungratefulness.

    She has massive issues with jelousy regarding me as the bigger sister and three planets in Aries 4th house, locked up with Saturn and Mars in the 2nd. She thinks her “safety” as being “1st place” in my mother’s eyes and thus her emotional security is challenged every single time we’re together… and thus she holds contempt for me even when she tries to make it seem she loves me.

    This ME-me-me!!! thing with her … I will not put up with it. So I cut it out of my life, 7x Scorpio-way….

  12. If we could use the amount of judgement going around these days to fix all that is wrong with the world, we would make heaven on earth. But we can’t use it for that and judgement just stays judgement, something that alienates, offends and humiliates people. It’s horrible.
    Judgement and manipulation are ‘qualities’ that are extremely disagreeable IMO. I would say righteousness too but I think it goes hand in hand with judgement.

  13. Everybody has something hidden in their shadow but some have more than others.

    It’s really just a matter of how much they’re projecting.

    I’m pretty tolerant of people because of my jupiter-neptune in 7th-8th but since saturn arrived in there I’ve been drawing more and more boundaries and not picking up the projections.

  14. I don’t like arrogant people. I guess it’s the Leo in me – probably doesn’t like to be considered a lowly individual.
    But I also hate judgemental people. It goes well together, those who judge others are somehow (sometimes discreetly) arrogant, putting themselves in a superior position, although they might say that it’s not the case at all.
    Some even say they are like this for your own good, just in case you don’t feel enough like a shithead, already, and need their confirmation!
    I think this is an unofficial rant…

  15. P.S.
    I think Capricorn is good at this, but can’t generalize.
    They have very high standards, which is a good thing, but why try to ram this down peoples’ throats?
    Let them be irreprochable by themselves, and leave the slobs alone.

  16. I have a hard time hiding disgust for hypocrites. Types who think you don’t deserve what they have, and like to see/profit from others worse off than them.
    I suppose hypocrisy is an offshoot of selfishness.

  17. I am interested in the concept that we project our ‘shadow’ (unacknowledged parts) onto others. So maybe the Pisces is really self critical and this person is mirroring that.

    So if , for example, I am triggered by some ones judgements, I look at my own self judgement and clear it, they no longer can bother me.

    Its also interesting to see the antipathy created by oppositions (Pisces/Virgo)

    • I don’t think he was triggered. It was an observation. A compare / contrast thing.
      You’d have to know the guy, maybe. He’s atypical, to say the least.

  18. I don’t like coldness, being treated coldly. And I have a lot of air!

    It’s an absolute deal breaker to me, unless you don’t know me. I’ll admit, some people are taught to be unemotional, stoic. But it’s a trigger point for me. I really wish I could get over myself with this situation, I wish I was superhuman with this!

    It stems from family and self esteem issues.

  19. I appreciate when people are honest and straight with me, but I don’t appreciate it when they are unkind about it. You can be straight while also being kind. You don’t have to mow people’s feelings down. Also, don’t lie to me. I’ll pick up on it quicker than you can shake a stick

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