What Is Venus Square Pluto Like?

cleopatra femme fataleDo you have Venus square Pluto?  There’s a lot of interesting content on this topic.

Here’s a sample:

See, I’m not kidding!

Matter of fact, here are 100 posts tagged Venus-Pluto. Check them out. You won’t be bored!



What Is Venus Square Pluto Like? — 9 Comments

  1. Hi!
    Very interesting.
    Britney Spears who released an album called “Femme Fatale” in 2011 has the square between Venus (Capricorn) and Pluto (Libra).

  2. Could also be that a person who previously got “corpsed” by an old flame to live loveless and dead gets “un-corpsed” by a new flame.

  3. Is this only about romantic love? Because my brother and I engaged in Sibling World War III this week. Pluto is also conjunct my moon.

      • No. It’s in the sixth. My third is ruled by Libra under the equal house system (which I use), and it’s empty. My fourth house is in Scorpio, though, and when I read up on that, it made me say “hmm.” I also wonder if this is one of the issues my transit Pluto conjunct natal Moon (with a side of Saturn) is bringing to a head. We’ve always had a difficult relationship, and our composite chart is full of squares and oppositions. His sun is in my 12th, and mine’s in his, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. oh my family definitely activates my venus pluto. we just ping each other’s cardinals like crazy, for good or ill…

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