The Saturn Return – Part 7: Graduating College Or Maybe Not…

The second Saturn square offers another reality check and opportunity to get yourself together…

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The Saturn Return – Part 7: Graduating College Or Maybe Not… — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Elsa. I know you said you were getting to this, but I am about to enter my Second Saturn Return at the end of the month. I am curious how this differs from First return, and what did Henry experience? I am sure that, as you said previously, that it is all very individual, but what are the themes for the 2nd return? thank you!

  2. Mari, I can refer you here:

    And will have to think about Henry because he had his 2nd Saturn return before I was born!

    Top of my head, I do know he started jogging when he was 56 years old (20 years before it occurred to anyone else) and in one of his letter mentions jogging 7 miles from his house to my families house (before I was born).

    At the very least it sounds like there was a re-commitment to his health. Henry broke his leg twice doing stunts on motorcycles and limped because of it so for him to jog at the age — it’s something. He was climbing mountains like a bat out hell as well, he did his whole life into his 80’s when he died.

  3. Thank you, Elsa, I had actually found that post earlier tonite. And interesting re Henry (jeez I think he was my soulmate). I have always been health/excercise driven, but stangely, while Saturn was in Virgo, I slacked off (although I did stop smoking, praise the lord). Now I feel am awakening to focus on my health again.

    I have been googling this and from what I gather, issues will come up that haven’t been resolved from the 1st Return, (wrong career(I’m screwed), mate etc)? But that it’s essentially more about transitioning into being an Elder, providing you finally get your s__t together this time around 🙂

  4. Mari, in general the first SR you adjust to being an adult and at the 2nd, you adjust to being an older adult… but of your own design.

  5. Oh wow… 21 is the age I will never forget. Aside from being one of the top designers in my school (I was sent to China to compete) I developed a public image through blogging. I’ve pissed a lot of people off, particularly with my editorial-style articles then.

    Thanks again, Elsa!

  6. Wow, you are goooood! I went to university the 1st time at 22. Now I’m back to finish off my degree properly- I’ll be 28 on october 27th.
    Can you tell me how to get good marks?

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