The Saturn Return… Part 5: Culmination Of A Natural Process Of Maturation

Understanding the basis of the Saturn return can go a long way towards easing fear… the first Saturn square.

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The Saturn Return… Part 5: Culmination Of A Natural Process Of Maturation — 5 Comments

  1. my saturn is in the 8th house and I saw my first penis in the first grade. Roy showed us under the coloring table. I also had my first crush (Frederick) and my first real best friend (Heather). Heather and I used to eat gravy train dog food (relishing the secrecy and taboo of it all) sitting on the stairs to her basement after school (her mother didn’t believe in after school snacks). we had a great teacher who made smiley faces on our papers with her red pen. but she was definitely a real saturn figure. you had to earn those smiley faces but she loved you anyway. she even loved Roy.

  2. What was it like for Vidroid at 8?

    Haha, satori! I saw my first penis in preschool. I forgot but first grade was a tough time for me too, I had to go to a bicultural Hebrew school that my parents could not afford, the teachers were not very nice to me either or didn’t like me too much at least, complaining that I didn’t follow directions. All kinds of trouble. And I had my first crush too, he was a blond, after him they all had brown hair! Also, around that time a girl and I used to steal playdough and eat it.

  3. When I was eight, I remember thinking once, “I’m going to be ten in two years and then it won’t be long until I’m thirteen and that’s scary. I don’t want to be a teenager.”
    Yeah, kind of a weird kid 😉

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