The Saturn Return… Part 4: A Classic Case

The story of the story of a memorable client (Sagittarius) at her Saturn return. I forgot to say in here, this gal quit drinking…

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The Saturn Return… Part 4: A Classic Case — 8 Comments

  1. This is the funniest story because something similar happened on a family trip to Dallas. My mom is a Sadge sun, moon and rising and she HATES to fly. Absolutely hate it. It so happened on this particular flight we ended up sitting on the tarmac for an hour and a half while Northwest shuffled “paperwork” around. My mom was LIVID. When the pilot came on to announce that we were going to be delayed for an additional 20 minutes she shouted “Oh, FUCK YOU!” much to my deep embarrassment and continued yelling profanities and vitriol every which way until we took off. She then proceeded to literally cure the guy sitting next to me for suggesting I had moved his iPod. She said “The next year of your life is going to be the worst EVER buddy!”

    I’m Pices/Virgo/Virgo, I can’t handle that shit! But during this story I was like “Yeahhhh, I’ve been there done that.” Don’t think my mom has quite grown up yet.

  2. omg…Elsa, THANK YOU. i’m a sagittarius sun with saturn in virgo, and yep, i’m 28 and going thru it. i am trying to screw up the courage (and find the means) to prep for the LSAT…hang corporate law, i want to do human rights work…but yeah, the desire for a soulful career is hanging around my neck like an albatross.

  3. Everyone’s kinda f**cked up during their teenage years, and kinda a brat during childhood, so I don’t judge anybody under 25. And even in their 20’s, people are partying alot, so maybe I’ll up it to 30.

    But yeah, I agree, don’t count them out at such a young age! Too many people do this and lose people they could’ve been great friends with.

  4. Ha! My housemate is a sadge. She’s always flying off to different places. She’s a bit drunky too. But her SR has been and gone, soooo, not going to quit drinking. She was bitching about her boss being crap (she’s a vet nurse)and I said ‘Why don’t you become a vet?’ And she said she was too lazy to do 5yrs of study, so I pointed out the time was going to pass anyway, so why not have something at the end than nothing and she said ‘Don’t get philosiful with me!’. Lol. Almost as funny as her ‘I have a good work ethnic.’ and ‘Haven’t you heard of subtlism?.’
    I must say that I haven’t met any intellectual saggies, but I have met many who travel, drink and play the fool.
    Can you tell I’m frustrated with my housemate? I think I’ll stop now.

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