Astrology: What Is Causing This Current Rash Of Suicides?

“Elsa what is going on with these suicides??
Anthony Bourdain now too??”

I just got this email a few minutes ago. I’ve had a few people ask me about this since posting this thread in the forum: Designer – Kate Spade – Death By Suicide.

I want to address this because I think there is an astrological trigger here. Further, it’s is personal to me because I know (and love) more than one person with this trip wire in there chart. I am seriously, if not gravely concerned that one of more of them take their own life.

What I think is happening here is a one-two punch.  Saturn in Capricorn is reality, in your face.  It’s all about limits and aging and rejection and hard work and hardship.

When you combine that with transiting Jupiter in Scorpio which  has or will conjunct natal Neptune in charts of any born between 1957-1970, you come up with a perfect storm and I’ll explain.

I have Neptune in Scorpio. My generation romanticizes death. It’s the supreme escape. We imagine we drift off into bliss.

Now put these things together. You’re feeling old.  You have aches and pains, your breasts sag, whatever. You feel or rather you FEAR your best days are behind you. It’s easy to see how a person (with Neptune in Scorpio) can take this off ramp.

Now I realized I might get bitched out for this, but I don’t care. This is very serious!  Saturn and Jupiter are both slowing down to station and change directions in early July. This means their effects are amplified, soooo…

If you know someone with planets in Cardinal signs, especially between 1-10 degrees AND Neptune in Scorpio between 10-20 degrees, please check on them, particularly if you know they tend towards depression.

If you fit this criteria, you probably know exactly what I mean. You might want to contract with a friend; make a non-suicide pact because this time will pass.

Matter of fact, Jupiter is heading into Sagittarius, soon.  New story on deck!

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