What Is A Conjunction In Astrology?

conjunction.jpgWhen two planets are near each other as pictured they are considered “conjunct”.

Last week I had a client who knew some astrology. She was asking about her Venus in Pisces. Her Venus was in Pisces but Mars was also in Pisces and the planets were tightly conjunct. When planets are close together in a chart, they don’t operate independently. It’s akin to being conjoined twins. Wherever one goes the other is there. This is the case every minute of every day.

As an example, I have Mars conjunct Mercury. Mercury rules the mind and Mars refers to raw male energy. Mercury is already fast. Mars ramps it up. I cannot separate these functions.

If you tell me to think (Mercury) slow, I will be pissed (Mars).  My writing is masculine, it’s assertive and full of sex. I am not capable of cowardly thinking or writing like a girl.

On the flip side when a person is angry they come at you with their Mars.  With Mercury is attached to Mars so I am going to attack you with my Mercury-ruled mind or my mouth. I am going to say things or write things. I may smash your vehicle, like I did my husband’s motorcycle when we were teenagers.

If I am going to fight (Mars),  then Mercury will be included in some form. There just no way to separate these functions due to the conjunction in my chart.

If you have a conjunction in your chart you have a situation like this as well. The energy of the planets involved in the conjunction are married to each other for good or ill and they do not function independently at all.

Can more than two planets be conjunct?

Of course! The planets were where they were when you were born and it they were right on top each other when you were born, so be it. I will discuss the orbs next. Meantime…

Do you have a tight (by degree) conjunction in your chart? Tell us about it!



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  1. How big of orbs do you use? Do you use different sized orbs depending on what planet is involved?

    Sun/MC/S Node are conj 1 deg.
    Mars conj Asc
    Merc conj Neptune – boy I’d like to trade your Merc conj Saturn for a couple days bew LOL.

  2. Maybe for a couple of days, Jilly! 😉 But long term, you might find that you remain unknown. I “hide my light under a bushel.”

  3. Elsa, I have Mercury conjunct Mars (like you) but also Mercury conjunct Saturn. Does Saturn’s restrictions negate Mars impact on Mercury?

  4. Sun Conjunct Mercury 7°37
    Mercury Conjunct Mars 2°48
    Jupiter Conjunct Saturn 0°34

    Is the orb what shows how close something is? If so, that would mean that my jupiter/saturn conjunction is the tightest right?

  5. bew it does not negate it… you just have to blend all three. That combo is like a racing engine with the brake on.

    Jilly, that will be the next blog.

  6. none of the major bodies are conjunct.

    have venus/eris
    and the sun/south node
    (in different parts of aries)

    and loose conjunctions with the midheaven (jupiter) and the nadir (neptune)

    but that’s it. no heavyweights pairing up. i hardly even have anything in the same sign or house (with the exception of the eighth/aries.)

  7. oh, and saturn/pallas.
    i have to resort to astroids and the like to find my conjunctions 🙂

    i guess maybe that implies a certain potential for balance? maybe 😉

  8. In the 5th house: Mars and N.Node in Leo conj. with Jupiter in Virgo

    Asc. conj. Sun in Aries

    DC. conj. Pluto in Libra

    Since Mars was the example used for this conjunction… does this mean that when I get pissed, I tend to blow the situation up larger than it is (Jupiter is expansion, right)? I guess I must be pretty explosive as I have a uranus squaring this Mars/Jupiter!

  9. Moon conjunct Neptune. Both in Scorpio. I could go on and on about how this manifests, for good and for ill, but lately I’ve been seeing in snippets how some of my visions, dreams, or flashes of insight tend to manifest for real years later.. hard to grasp and hard to explain this without sounding scary to others. Sometimes this conjunct scares ME! I feel like I have to be really responsible with this energy. Geez. I have one hell of a chart…

  10. Mercury conj. Pluto in Libra (1 degree apart) – I think about death, sex, my words are alternately hurtful or healing, I’ve been known to be obsessive and prying, but I feel like I have really good access to deep insights.

    Sun (Libra) conj. Uranus (Scorpio), so applying. I have said before, I’m kind of thankful if being out-of-sign mitigates this one at all, because the flashes of autonomy are disruptive at times. I feel this one.

    Mars conj. Asc in Cancer (1 degree apart) I’m still puzzling this one out. The Asc is supposed to be where you really identify with the quality, but I don’t feel so Mars-y. Maybe because it’s Cancer, all sideways-like.

  11. this is interesting, because i never went to look specifically for conjunctions. thanks, e!

    i’ve got a few…
    merc conj. uranus 23d (weird ideas out of nowhere)
    merc conj. pluto 58d
    uranus conj. pluto 35d
    mars conj neptune 26d (can’t stay mad!)

  12. Jessica – I also have Mars in a water sign (Pisces in my case) and like you, am a Cancer Ascendant. I’ve seen Elsa describe Mars in Pisces as like shooting arrows under water (which fits for me.) Thus, I’d think you’d be right to anticipate that Cancer has some impact on how you experience your Mars, too.

  13. Sun conj Mercury – I talk/write a loooooooooooooooot!! lol (oh, and I really like the sound of my own voice, too…no surprise these are in Aries, huh?)

    Venus conj Mars, which is also conj Saturn – The first part: I’m very passionate about everything; the 2nd part: I don’t always get what I want 😉 lol

    Moon conj Pluto – I can be deep when I want to be; I like heavy-duty emotions; I’m attracted to people who are deep…or can provide me with “emotionally reaming” experiences (heh)

  14. 5th House tight Venus/Saturn, Mercury/Saturn conjunctions; Sun/Mercury a little looser, Venus/Mercury a lot looser. So restricted communication, though very honest. Really, it’s hard to pick apart which aspects of this stellium are firing at given moments. It’s fair to say that for me self-expression, love, and security all work together.

  15. “Conjunction junction what’s your function?”
    Sorry I just dated myself! LOL

    Sun conjunct Mercury


    Saturn conjunct Chiron

  16. I have Moon-Neptune, which makes me a chronic daydreamer. And I usually have some kind of music playing around me. And the Moon-Neptune is conjunct my descendant. I also have Venus-Jupiter in the same degree in the 7th house. I guess this makes me really like people? 🙂 Not sure… And I have Saturn-Vertex (not sure if that counts). I also have Moon-Mercury but they’re 5 degrees apart.

    The most noticeable ones for me are Moon-Neptune-Descendant and Venus-Jupiter.

  17. Let’s see here:
    Capricorn – 5th House
    Neptune Jupiter and Venus strung together in a funny little threesome.
    Neptune Jupiter 2 degrees
    Neptune Venus 9 degress
    Jupiter Venus 7 degrees

    Then in Scorpio – 3rd House
    Pluto Mars 9 degrees
    Mars Saturn 4 degrees

  18. Uranus conj Saturn in the 12th house, Uranus = 29°42′ Sag and Saturn = 0°26′ Cap

    Mercury conj Venus in 6th house Gemini, Mercury = 26°24′ and Venus = 27°17′

  19. lol new, flapping lips.

    I have Uranus conjunct Jupiter (1 degree apart) in the 5th house in Cancer. Uranus/Jupiter conj. has been referred to as the “thank god aspect” in a lot of the books I have read and I think it is very true for me. It means that when I am in some kind of gigantic icky mondo mess (whether or not of my own creation), right at the very very Very last minute, something jumps in there and saves me in a flash. And in a real major way. This aspect really is the saving grace of my chart (according to me, lol)

    NN is conjunct the MC and the point of fortune, all very close together in Sag.

    Dec. is conjunct vertex 1 deg

    Mercury and the sun are conjunct in the second house about 6 degrees apart, but still close enough for mercury to be combust by the sun. I have all kinds of issues with speaking (merc)

  20. Moon conjunct Jupiter (0°18) in Aries in 7th house – I feel lucky in love. Throw in a conjunction (6°16) to Chiron and a wide (9°36) and out-of-sign conjunction to Mars, and the situation gets a bit confused. When my emotions are involved, I tend to get combative (Mars) to cover up my wounds (Chiron).
    Pluto conjunct Ascendant (4 degrees) – I am EXTREMELY private. My worst fear used to be inviting someone over, because I was afraid they’d never leave. And then what would I do?

  21. me three. that was funny! no planet conjunctions- the heavies mostly sit at the angles… mars ic, saturn dc, pluto or uran mc (depends on house system??) and venus ac. so conjunct planets would be like kinetic energy vs. angles conj. planets are like static + kinetic taking alot of initial force to get them moving? as by the planets conjunct not tied to angles are just dancing?

  22. mercury conjunct pluto in scorpio(1 degree)/12H:
    I have a lot of difficulties verbally expressing my thoughts. I get tongue-tied when i’m under the spotlight. And i prefer to have intimate conversations between 2-3 ppl, rather than talking in a big group about nothing much. My mercury feels like a nocturnal animal. I also like to look for hidden messages behind what people say (even when there isn’t any).

    saturn conjunct asc(6 degrees):
    I never think i’m good enough, one little thing can bring me down.

    moon conjunct uranus/1H:
    My mind is restless. I always have thought roller coasters in my head.

    moon conjunct neptune/1H:
    I live in my head a lot.

  23. Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini/9th by about 2 degrees. Can be summed up with lot of writing, a bit of over-thinking because what the hell is true?

    Mars (in 12th) conjunct Ascendant in Libra by a degree. I’m tougher than I look. Impatient and easily disgusted. Would rather hang out with guys. Hate being compared to anyone else because I’m a motherfucking individual. Music galore.

    Moon conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio/1st by a degree. I’ll be in my spaceship watching Ghost Hunters, thanks.

  24. Came in late to this but I have mentioned this before. I have Venus direct conjunction Uranus in Leo. I also have sun leo but not conjunct these two planets. I think my life should be a little more interesting with this aspect, but well, it is not. Sigh.

  25. I have Mars-Venus-Pluto all within six degrees of each other. Mars and Venus are one degree apart.
    My Sun-Merc-Saturn are within eight degrees, although Saturn is out-of-sign and sometimes house depending on what system you use.

    I’m not bothering with the angles here, even though they do count, just because I don’t want to list it all. *lol*

  26. Lis, I’m curious about that Jupiter/DSC contact. Would you say you get relationships easily or that your relationships tend to expose you to new things?
    That would be the cookbook explanation, yo. 😉

  27. I have Sun conj. Mercury in Leo in the 10th. I’m an overthinker for sure. What to say next? How will I present this? What is the best thing to say to get my message accross, without offending/hurting anybody’s feelings? I think a lot about the future and my place in this world. And with these two conjunct in Leo, I am crazy animated when I talk.

    My husband has Sun and Venus right on top of eachother in Aquarius in 7th. He’s very idealitic and passive. But I have Venus sq. Neptune, so we live in lala land together lol =)

  28. Aww…I just noticed, my daughter has sun and venus right on top of eachother in the 7th house just like her daddy. Pretty cool.

  29. Oh! and thank you so much Elsa!! You’re amazing and I <3 you to pieces. Or you’re hollogram at least! haha…see, I’m learning a lot here.

  30. sun conj. merc. conj. venus in Cancer.

    I guess my mind and my attractiveness and my money issues AND my man issues are all tied to a bigass Ego. And it’s all so weepy lol.

  31. mars conjunct mercury in leo,
    And saturn conjunct venus, in gemini for me,

    I’m dating someone who has mars, uranus and pluto conjunct in the 7th… oh help! He also has sun conjunct mercury and jupiter in gemini, that’s the best part! And saturn conjunct his pisces asc.

    My children’s charts are conjunction rich and stellenium city:

    my youngest has my mars/merc, but in her fathers sun sign of virgo, and moon/jupiter in virgo as well, She also has venus/asc. and that lovely glow

    my middle child has 5 planets in the 7th house, (including her sun.)Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury are conjunct in Gemini… her sun is a little scooted down so she is a taurus (aww…cute)

    My oldest has moon/pluto/venus conjunct in Sagg, (as the mother I take a couple deep breaths over this) and his sun and merc are conjunct in Capricorn.

    God that was fun! Thanks Elsa!

  32. Ooooooohhh… I am just putting together the pieces of my conjunctions, and I finally understand the bloody Neptune transit conjunct my sun that I’ve been stuck in for years. I can’t wait for the orbs dicussion.

  33. Pluto conjunct Jupiter in virgo-2 degrees
    8th house-(this doesn’t sound good)

    Sun conjunct Saturn in Taurus-a little farther 7
    degrees, oh and in the third house.

  34. I have a stellium in Scorpio, of Sun (3deg), Mercury(5deg) and Pluto(9deg), 8th house. I talk alot but perhaps write better than i talk. People often talk of the Scorpions as revengeful, and well if i’m to take revenge, its to be in my Plutonic words. =P

    Another stellium in 10th of Neptune, Uranus and Moon. Saturn widely conjuncts MC (9deg) and Uranus too. All in 10th. Its seems kinda complicated and i dont really understand the effects of this conjunction.. but Well my chart looks pretty simple >__<
    (with only Jupiter as singleton in the bottom half..)

  35. Apparently my sun and Venus conjunct mars. My sun is in Pisces, my Venus is in Pisces and my mars is in Aries, all tightly clumped together in the 9th house.

    Don’t know what this means, other than that….whatever I do, I do with 100% intensity, maybe?

  36. Luci, that sounds like it could be a very very spiritual combination in the 9th house. does that fit? Are you one to travel a lot, or yearn to travel?

  37. Sun pluto uranus conjunction in Virgo in the 10th. Also Neptune in Scorp conjunct ascendant in Scorp. Not your ordinary everyday shiny happy over here.

  38. sun conjunt moon in 6th pisces
    saturn in cap conjunct jupiter in aqu. in 4th

    wondering about saturn/jupiter…does this mean luck lightens duty or does duty damper luck… and the fact that they sit right there on the 4th 5th house cusp in cap and aquar….so this is it, joined at the hip …be serious, get a life…i guess it’s the balancing act….(your cap. henry on his hands brings a smile now)

    & thx 4 all these beginner blogs!!

  39. Lindsey – saturn/jupiter is a big deal. It is a teacher/preacher aspect and there is a whole book (transcript) by Arroyo and Liz Greene from a conference during the conjunction.

    Saturn and Jupiter are a natural pair and people who have this conjunction invariably have something to say.

  40. Hey, I have jupiter and saturn conjunct 1 orb (did I say that right?) I didn’t think it meant anything..lol. Interesting, I’d like to learn more about it.

  41. loons thanks for pointing out the SNéIC conjunction (sorry I canèt work this keyboard out). I have a zillion times, ugh.
    mars and venus are 3 degrees apart. for me having a sexual connection with my SO is a requisite for happiness as being a part of a couple (otherwise Ièd just be your friend!)

    Uranus conjunct Midheaven, um 3 degrees apart I think. Definitely a wild card in a lot of ways, though my earth keeps me from being too crazy.

    Mercury 5 degrees conjunct Chiron in Taurus. No surprise the best compliment in my life was from a stranger who told me that they could really feel like I was listening and cared about what they thought. People talk to me about what is important to them and Ièm happy about it because I genuinely love people. I am very interested in people cultivating self-love.

  42. Mars conjunct Ascendant/leo, uranus conjunct pluto, jupiter conjunct chiron, mars conjunct north node. hmm, uranus has to operate with pluto in virgo – what does that mean? and Jupiter has to operate with chiron, no idea.

  43. uranus conj neptune conj ASC-cappy ; mars conj jupiter-leo,venus-cancer conj mars leo, pluto-scorpio conj MC.. how do conjunction out of sign do work..like mine venus -cancer and mars-leo?

  44. First House, Virgo: Asc, Pluto, Uranus. I’m a force to be reckoned with, or so it seems. I put out a lot of energy just being in a room, and if I’m pissed, people get the hell out of my way. Underneath that energy, though…sometimes I’m just a frightened little girl, playacting at being tough.

    Twelfth House, Leo: Mercury and Venus. I can talk to *anybody* about *anything*. (Unless, of course, that First House is activated and I’m enraged!) It makes me a great waitress/bartender, and it makes me one of those people who can see both sides of an issue.

  45. Moon mercury in cancer in the 12th. My brain doesn’t function when my emotions are out of whack. All the logical analysis in the world is useless if I’ve just had my heart broken (which luckily hasn’t happened in a good long while now ;p)

  46. I’m a super lucky girl! I have venus and saturn on top of each other, both at 12 Cancer in the 5th. So lucky!

    To say that I’m known for taking matters of love and fun too seriously is an understatement.


  47. my sun & venus are conjunct in aqaurius, very tightly (1 degree difference). I think this intensifies the liking of slightly offbeat individuals, but also notches up the “I’ll be your friend if you don’t tie me down”

    Apparently from googling, it also seems to be considered an artistic indicator. Which is accurate in my case.

    then I have a moon/saturn conjunction (not as tight). I’ve read that effects self conciousness & self confidence (as in low) and this is sometimes true but I think this not as bad as it could be since both planets are in leo, which is probably the most self-confident sign there is.

  48. I have Venus, Saturn and Pluto all next to each other in Virgo (I’m a Virgo). I think Venus is 17′, Saturn 16′, Sun 14′ and Pluto 8′ in Virgo. I also have my True Node at 8′ in Virgo (not sure what that means either).

    I’m not quite sure what this means.

    I’m just beginning with this stuff and saw this conjunct thing and thought it might be a good place to learn some more.

  49. I have an Eight house stellium consisting of Venus, Mars, Sun & Mercury in early Capricorn, plus a nearly exact Moon Pluto conjunction in my Fourth in Virgo(trines the stellium). So, if I’m going to fight WATCH OUT!!! I’m my own street gang! LOL

  50. Thanks Elsa….
    The reason I ask is because my sun and mercury are at 28 degrees Sag. and my venus is at 8 degrees Capricorn. That seems to be an orb of 10.
    I noticed that after pluto conjucted my sun and mercury ughhh! I became jealous. I used to pride my self on not being jealous…that is what is funny…..since my natal venus is squared by pluto i wonder if some of the conjuction to sun and mercury energy from pluto was affecting my venus.
    Also when I read the aspect for sun conjuct venus and mercury conjuct venus they seem to fit…..including can be downright lazy and the talking way too much at times.

  51. Hello everybody!
    I have Venus, Pluto and Mercury conjunct in Scorpio in the 11th.
    Uranus conjunct ascendant in Sag.
    Moon in Cancer conjunct BML. =)

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