What If There Is an Solar Or Lunar Eclipse On Your Birthday?

Total eclipseHi Elsa,

What happens when a Solar Eclipse (or Lunar Eclipse) happens on your birthday?

In 2020, I am supposed to have a Solar Eclipse right on my birthday. For some reason I feel like that is a remarkable thing and something I should take notice of and prepare for.

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Hi, Looking.

Eclipses pack a punch. It is significant if there is an eclipse on your birthday.  Or on the day you were born for that matter.

If it’s a solar eclipse, the Sun and Moon are conjunct. When both Lights fall in one house in a chart (natal or solar return), there is going to be tremendous focus in that area of life.  It’s super-concentrated. How you live (Sun) and how you feel (Moon) are one in the same.

If it’s a lunar eclipse, the Sun and Moon are opposed. This creates tension, for good or ill. When there is an opposition, there’s a strong tendency to act one side and project the other.  If you have a lunar eclipse in your solar return chart (or your natal), you can expect to be dealing with “the other”, constantly.

Even this basic explanation shows you that the year will be distinguished and probably dominated by the energy of the eclipse in the return chart. It’s worth the time and trouble to look at the houses that will be impacted so you can try to come to some understanding about what you’ll be dealing with.

Get the lay of the land, right? Like visiting a college before you actually enroll!

Check out your Solar Return Report.

What do you know about eclipses that occur on a person’s birthday?

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