What If There Is an Solar Or Lunar Eclipse On Your Birthday?

Total eclipseHi Elsa,

What happens when a Solar Eclipse (or Lunar Eclipse) happens on your birthday?

In 2020, I am supposed to have a Solar Eclipse right on my birthday. For some reason I feel like that is a remarkable thing and something I should take notice of and prepare for.

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Hi, Looking.

Eclipses pack a punch. It is significant if there is an eclipse on your birthday.  Or on the day you were born for that matter.

If it’s a solar eclipse, the Sun and Moon are conjunct. When both Lights fall in one house in a chart (natal or solar return), there is going to be tremendous focus in that area of life.  It’s super-concentrated. How you live (Sun) and how you feel (Moon) are one in the same.

If it’s a lunar eclipse, the Sun and Moon are opposed. This creates tension, for good or ill. When there is an opposition, there’s a strong tendency to act one side and project the other.  If you have a lunar eclipse in your solar return chart (or your natal), you can expect to be dealing with “the other”, constantly.

Even this basic explanation shows you that the year will be distinguished and probably dominated by the energy of the eclipse in the return chart. It’s worth the time and trouble to look at the houses that will be impacted so you can try to come to some understanding about what you’ll be dealing with.

Get the lay of the land, right? Like visiting a college before you actually enroll!

Check out your Solar Return Report.

What do you know about eclipses that occur on a person’s birthday?

Have a question about astrology or life? Ask here! Please mention your location. It adds a layer of interest.

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What If There Is an Solar Or Lunar Eclipse On Your Birthday? — 34 Comments

  1. Wow! What a neat article going to have to look at the day I was born my Sun and Moon are opposed in my natal chart can’t remember if I noticed that there was an eclipse or not I do know that the Moon was full.

  2. Coincidentally I think I have this coming up for me in a few years…I have an 8th house Sun, so…this is going to be researched 🙂

  3. Wow, Maureen, I am born on March 20th too and I will have this solar eclipse… it’ll fall in my 3rd house. But have no clue as to what this really means… I hope it’s good. I’ve always felt amazing on my birthday anyway 🙂

    • How did this play out for you? I ended up going thru a tramatic separation that took a half of a yr from my husband. By the full moon in pisces i was admitted to the hospital because i had a severe mental breakdown. Afterwards my life has slowly picked up again. I have become a totally different person than i was (still with some faults that bring me back to the old me temporarily), but i have lost everything right now to my husband including my children. I have done major internal growth studying astrology and praying. Saturn is transiting thru my 12th house right now and will enter my 1st house come Dec which marks my 1st saturn return. I have a Capricorn stellium in my 1st house square my NN (24*) sun (27*) and moon (aries 0*) in my 3rd house in Pisces. I feel this process was a vital factor in my growth but im nervous to see what the next few months brings in. The solar eclipse actively destroyed my previous life to bring liberation and growth.

  4. I didn’t pay attention to astrology at the time I was getting married. And yes it was total Lunar Eclipse. In my marriage chart, Sun is at Capricorn (5th house) and Moon is at Cancer (11th house).

    Does it mean whole marriage life will go by tension? I was thinking last night, when the tension will be ended and today seeing this post. I’ll have to make “tension” my 5th house pleasure 🙂

  5. Just to add,
    2013 Eclipse on my Natal Scorpio Moon, lost my mom.
    2014 Eclipse on my Natal Taurus Saturn at 12th house, lost my dad.
    2015 Eclipse will be on hubby’s Natal Saturn Venus conjunction. No clue what will be happened. Not sure I’m his Venus or not, but in this case (for the first time) feeling good not to be his Venus ha ha ha …

    I don’t like Eclipse at all. I have some more data how the Eclipse is effecting my life. Its all bad bad and bad for me!!!

  6. In 2007 I had a solar eclipse conjunct my IC in my solar chart. Ten days after my birthday my mom died (she was 77), so yeah big impact on my family and emotional life. (Transiting Saturn was also exact conjunct my natal Venus.)

  7. Our middle son was born on a solar eclipse in the early 90’s. He has a massive scorpio stellium ( 6 planets) all in the 3rd house. His north node is in 3rd but at the beginning of Sag. He’s still young but with his sun and moon conjunct his presence sizzles and pops. He’s grown into his looks and is strikingly handsome. He can’t walk into a room unnoticed and if he opens his mouth to speak people listen. I’m curious to see how this plays out for him. One would think with all of that Scorpio he would be dark and possibly intimidate others but that’s not what has happened. People are attracted to him like a magnet. He’s also the luckiest son of a gun I’ve ever seen.

  8. Interesting….in 2012 there was a lunar eclipse on November 28th….2 days after my 60th birthday. I will have to go back and read journals from that time and see what was happening in my life then.

  9. There was a lunar eclipse on my birthday this last Oct so fat nothing significant has happened. I guess we will see how it pans out but from my birthday to now eh nothing really.

  10. The only one for me was a lunar eclipse, January 20, 1981, Aquarius 0 opposite Leo 0. I wish I could remember anything significant right now on that date for me, but if you remember, it was the day that the American hostages were released from Tehran, thus ending the Iranian Hostage Crisis. I do remember that.

  11. I and my daughter share the same birthday, April 4th 2015 (tomorrow ) curious on what.and /or if there is a significance for myself and my toddler lol

  12. I have a 12th house Sun at 17 Pisces, and 11th house Moon 7 Pisces, with Aries rising at 24, Merc 4 ARies, Ven 14 Aries. I’ve been hit with eclipses since last year, in March and April, then in the Fall. There is a Solar Eclipse on my birthday in 2016. When I do a chart for the eclipse date and time, my Sun/Moon in 5th house. I’m hoping this will end the past two years of feeling trapped and lonely, marked with emotional exasperation and upset that have really tested my limits. Any help in understanding would be so very appreciated.

    • I have solar eclipse on my birthday too, with both Sun and the Moon in 4th house of the revolution chart. Worried because of what happened to sona and her parents in 2013 and 2014, especially since the revolution chart ASC is the same as my natal chart ASC, and I will have both saturn and mars on my 1st house. I really hope nothing bad happens, but having the same ASC, malefics on the 1st, and eclipse on my birthday.. these clues are too much to just forget about..

  13. I have a lunar eclipse coming on my birthday 23 March 2016, yes in a few daysdays !
    So ill have to deal with the ‘other’ ?
    An explanation will be very helpful and thanks in advance :).

  14. Oh Boy…today there is a lunar eclipse in Aquarius. My sun is Aquarius..in fact seven houses are there in my birth chart. Libra rising…Elsa…I feel like my body is vibrating from the inside out…just a steady hum in my body and ears. My feelings are all over the place and my body is having harder time than ever healing itself….will this pass? SOON?? lol Please? Im trying to lean in, let go…and easy while alone..but add another person, and Im not sure I trust myself right now…does that make any sense?? lol Sigh.

  15. I don’t really know what will be ahead for me on my birthday kinda scared and kinda excited I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens…

  16. ooooo, this will be fun. The last time I experienced one of these on my birthday was a pivotal point in my life where I had a ‘Great Dream’ about slimey man-eating salamanders emerging from a swamp. I turned round a massively co dependent relationship that year and set out on a journey of self discovery. Epic. That was ten years ago and now we have another lunar eclipse exactly between my birthday and the birthday of my new man. Our suns are 6 degrees apart and we’ll be on a crazy adventure through Morocco at the time of the eclipse. Already extreme reactions are happening all around me although I personally feel quite stable (aquarius)…..almost have a ‘pivatol’ feeling as though, if I exited the room right now, folk around me would fall apart.

  17. The 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse is on my birthday. I have 18 degrees 36 Leo in the 2nd house and the Eclipse is 18 degrees 42 Leo. Yikes! I also have uranus and pluto in Leo. I am leaving a job to embark on a new career and relocating to Colorado in August 2018. I have been longing for this change for a long time. I also have Jupiter in the fourth. The universe and my spirit guides have been helping me implement these changes. They send me signs all the time that it’s my time to shine and live the life I’ve dreamed of so here I go. 🙂

  18. Hello,I experienced lunar eclipse yesterday’s night 27th July which is the day I was born ,so what effect it has in my zodaic sign Leo ? Thanks

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