What Have You Learned With Saturn In Scorpio?

scorpio necklace 2My apologies to people with planets in the very late degrees of the Fixed signs.  Some of you showed up in the comments here – Leaving Depression Behind.

It’s true, you’re still in this. But as I mentioned in that post, Sagittarius looks ahead. Even if you’re up to your neck, it won’t hurt to realize there’s a future ahead.

I thought it might be good if people mentioned what they’ve learned with Saturn in Scorpio. I was thinking about a concise list.  Scorpio doesn’t blather!

If you want to elaborate, that’s fine.  But here’s mine:

I learned to conserve energy and to commit deeply.

Your turn.



What Have You Learned With Saturn In Scorpio? — 72 Comments

    • Venus saturn this year did push me to own my darkness in romantic relationships and be more responsible in my deeds and communications with my love relationships.

      I agree with your sharing WindowLicker

  1. I am not entirely sure, I am still figuring that out. I have had a lot of struggles and at times it seemed like everything was coming from a thousand different angles, so I am still trying to reflect. I do feel changed though.

  2. Like Terri Zee, I’ve learned timing is divine(Saturn has been opposing my Saturn-Mars natal conjunct); and stick with it no matter what! (Scorpio Sun-Mercury natally)http://invisibledisabilities.org/encourage/stick-to-it-no-matter-what/

  3. I have venus in aquarius at 22 degrees which has received three squares this year.

    Lessons: have the same tolerance and understanding towards my boyfriend and his flaws as I have towards my friends. Key!!

    I have mercury in aquarius at 29 degrees and MC in leo at 29 degrees.

    Feeling the lessons are linked to my thinking process, to how I take things for granted (ideas, opportunities in life) which can make me naive and too comfortable, and to finishing my masters in child psychotherapy via two panel exams where the soundness of my views will be tested.

    There will be a new square next year when saturn retrogrades on 29 scorpio so changes will solidify a bit then.

    Already feeling saturn mercury energy even when it’s five degrees away. I find lessons learned with saturn solidify after exact aspect has taken place yet anxiety appears like three/two degrees before aspect is exact.

    Good luck to all late fixed signs or planets people

  4. I have confronted my shadow. It’s allowed me more emotional availability and deeper intamacy. I connect it to Frozen ‘ let it go’ that perfect girl has gone. I’ve attracted lots of toxic people in my life but I’m now refusing to allow it by taking ownership of my own inner feelings and rage at my treatment. I allow myself to say back off sunshine instead of being permanently nice and forgiving. The balance is a working progress. I am important and I do matter .

  5. My 4th and 5th house was pummeled.
    I rid of unnecessary ties to people.
    I strengthened family ties.
    Also, doing what makes one feel alive, going for your passions and not money, was also a major lesson.

  6. I’ve received some hard blows but mostly learned that it’s in my best interest to align with the greater good. It’s very ‘duh’ but oh well if I needed any confirmation I did learn the hard way.

  7. Saturn was cruising through my 2nd house and squared off with my 5th house stellium in Aquarius along the way. I think my key lessons for this transit were establishing my true personal values, and realizing that this is really the key to my happiness. I’m really into art and creativity and I hadn’t been giving myself enough time to spend on those things. It was really bringing me down. Also, learning to establish some good financial habits. And start to make money by selling my artwork.

  8. i learned to say no, and speak up when there was an embarrassing misunderstanding. i learned to manage a business efficiently, who to trust, who not to trust (with money).

  9. This is a tough one because I am still in it. Saturn is exact on my moon Neptune square Venus. Now. My mother passed away in 2013 and I cut off ties with most of my family, as there is nothing there for me except snakes and leeches. I feel more alone than ever. Grief has no short cut.

    I started a business and the future is uncertain, in spite of enthusiasm and commitment. I could say, “think it through” but the creative process doesn’t work that way. I will say that I am very careful about making more than I can sell. But, it’s a tough line, because there has to be something to sell…I would say:
    I think very carefully about where the funds are going.

    My house/appt is being sold. I don’t know if I will have to move or what rent I will have to pay. I have learned not to freak out, just wait until I am actually faced with a real decision and act accordingly. Not act out of fear, but getting ready. I don’t want to create more problems for myself by “heading it off.” Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    My health has suffered. I have learned to conserve my energy and take ample breaks, get rest, water, exercise, down time. Stop pushing my self into an early grave.

    Just enjoy the blessings and what is here. I just think of Brittany’s brain scan and think: there for the grace of God go I.

  10. My feelings towards certain people are more intense than I realized. I am thinking about certain friends that I have had for a very long time.

  11. I’ve learned not to trust everyone. Before the transit, I was pretty happy go lucky. I didn’t care who you are or were; if you treated me with respect, I would do the same to you. As time went by, I saw people who had ulterior motives. Some of the guys who I hung out with didn’t care if you succeed of failed, they were there just drinkyour wallet away. The women were just the same. So I learned not to trust everyone. Even though people consider me misanthropic, I just simply see the crap that coming from them.

  12. I created an alternate world for myself, via internet. I felt the need to split off from myself and go under into another world to protect my deeper self. Cryptic, I know, but it is solace. 3H for me.

  13. Trust yourself and your instincts but not anyone else until proven trustworthy. And beware of your logical mind, make it share space with your guts.

  14. About two years ago, values became my primary focus: personal values, gifts, resources, spiritual values, how I treated myself, things that caused my self-undoing, relationships with others – especially intimate relationships, how I treated others, what people expect of me and what I felt I was obligated to give to them. I realized that just as I have no right to mistreat others, they have no right to mistreat me. I learned that unconditional love can occur from a distance. I learned the meaning of “Let Go and Let God” and the meaning of spiritual fruits. Additionally, I learned that you can’t run away from your past or your fears and sometimes what you valued most is not worth it’s weight. Love is real. There is true goodness in this world. Some people are just plain crazy. It’s amazing how bad people can treat each other. Saturn rules my second house and is in my 12th house.

  15. Saturn is transiting my 11th house right now. It is 3 degrees away from moving into a direct opposition of my Taurus moon (5th house). Saturn is trine moon in my natal chart. The only square it makes is to my midheaven in natal chart.

    I haven’t been depressed this time around (this is my second saturn transit of scorpio) rather I have been very serious about my goals in life and what I needed to do to accomplish my dreams. The first time around Saturn felt like punishment and I felt it was a difficult time. This time I’ve used the energy instead of it using me. Because I am older this transit of scorpio has brought a time where I have had friends begin to die. My mother’s health is starting to wane and I am concerned about her.

  16. Grim Reaper Scorpio Saturn paid a rather long visit to my natal 2nd house Saturn/Moon. He cut off everything and everyone that I didn’t need in my life. He cut off everything that was not beneficial or significant in my life journey. He and the rest of the universe was not going to allow me to sell myself, my values and my happiness short for things like short-term casual sex (my Scorpio Moon would fight to the death for this), draining friendships and a miserable job I dedicated 10 years to. He cut everything away and left me with people and things that are of eternal value through thick and thin. I’ve spent almost a year mourning my multiple losses and begging on my hands and knees to have them back but I’ve come to a point where I feel blessed to be alive and have the opportunity to learn such life-changing lessons. I still have a long way to go in picking up my shattered pieces but I can’t wait to start life with a new slate in Saturn in Sagittarius!!

    • I echo this tremendously. The same occurred for in all aspects: friends, jobs, love, expression. I felt caged. Yet all the while the answer was in front of me. A flush was needed.

  17. Thank you for asking this…

    Saturn conjunct Moon in the 4th house.

    Getting to the roots of masculinity and femininity… understanding these figures within and trying to discover their external projections. Exploring deeply how they influence my relationships with my biological parents, my husband and my own journey as a mother. Discovering my role as a mother and a disciplinarian. …and because I moved across the world from where I was raised, the idea of home. Where is my home? Taking roots … and then deeply commiting.

  18. I’m learning to let go of some unrealistic romantic notions I’ve held for a long time (I have Venus in the late degrees Scorpio). I went back and reread Elsa’s post on stepping away from the corpse – I have to keep reminding myself to do that right now.

  19. I’ve learned that in order to transform I have to have a structure in place.

    Still struggling to accept and consistently implement this lesson, but I’m getting better at it, and at least I’ve learned it.

    Saturn still has to square my Venus before it leaves Scorpio so that should be fun.

  20. The rose coloured specs came off regarding an authority figure and I’m now trying to still like this person and work with him. This has been tough since this works requires trust and commitment and I feel tricked, manipulated and misled. – my neptune is at 27 scorpio so hoping some clarity will emerge when Saturn passes over it shortly.

  21. I learnt that death is not the end. Which I kind of knew anyway. The rest am still processing and wont know it for a while, probably due to Neptunian fog. Feeling pretty depressed, gothic and worn out. Hope am hitting the sea bed before coming up.

  22. Saturn in Scorpio (My 4th House) taught me:
    – That I must find a suitable living environment and what that environment is. I’m changing continents in 5 days.
    – That depression is a place of contemplation ONLY when that time/state is spent with a pen and paper.
    – Not to waste time in individuals and social contact that are not conductive to my goals and inclinations.
    – That my prosperity and emotional well being is deeply tied to my career/performance.

    Pretty good after getting my ass kicked for a while there!

  23. To, no joke, let absolutely every single part of my life go – as in goodbye- as in die- even if I didn’t want it to do so. Right now, I still have a pulse, but am, metaphorically, a pile of ashes. I’ve learned acceptance (in an iron hand sort of way) and am curious about the new life the universe has in store for me. But, really? am in a two-year shell shock. Being a Cancer, I think that’s very profound. Am looking out from hiding deep, deep inside my shell. Is my Armageddon really over? Time will tell.

    • Yes, Gio. I totally feel you! You nailed the proverbial ‘coffin’ on the head. With Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus squaring Aries, Saturn in Scorpio didn’t buffer nor help out with these nasty Cardinal square transits on us Cancerians. I personally believe that this ‘death’ transit is unfortunately the beginning of a very long transit with Pluto in Capricorn. I’ve also found how much I detest and do not like Capricorns, Saturn, and the hypocritical status quo. I don’t know how us sensitive water signs are gonna make it through.

      • Eva,

        Sorry to take so long to answer your question about how much a Cancerian can take with such an explosive astral sky. I really believe, and I’ve studied astrology for 40 years, that this was the worst it will ever get for a Cancer. Think of America, also a Cancer on July 4th and Pluto is just getting to an exact opposition to the country’s natal Sun. Not good. Hence, the recent election. Capricorn is synonymous with Republicans. Particularly cold types who care more about material things than emotions like us. So use what’s happening to the country and compare it to what’s happening to you. I’m July 2 – that’s a 10 degree Cancer Sun – when Pluto opposed me to the exact degree almost everything was metaphorically and literally killed. Astrologers and mystics like to call this a purification process. That’s the goal of the soul – it sucks right? But think of the poor people who lost their lives and the manner with which it was done. Be grateful for having two hands, two feet, I hope you catch my drift. But it’s the small things that we have that others might not have that can truly be wonderful right now. As a Cancer I love my home. But am being bothered by neighbors that I don’t know – that’s Pluto. As it moves from decan to decan like from 1 to 10 degrees, 11 to 20 and so on, so will the pressure of Pluto. Every sign has 3 decans and if you’re in decan 2 – which is July 2 to the 10 or 11th, you’ve been hit the hardest. A lot of loss (Pluto) in a very explosive way (Uranus). Not easy in the least. You and I may not have enlisted to fight in Iraq, but we are fighting our own personal war that is no less lethal than the physical one. So, rest assured, this too shall pass. Once Pluto moves at least 2 degrees off of the opposition to your natal Sun and Saturn enters Sadge, you can and will be able to exhale. Same with the square from Uranus. Remember, the idea here from the planets point of view is to end things – literally have them die off forever – I’d really have to see your chart to see what houses these planets are transiting to be precise. But if you’re on this blog Elsa has been amazing at explaining what that means. Luckily, Pluto is moving forward and away from my Sun and I can barely see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, I lost it all. Partner, home, money, car – you name it – it was a material robbery. But I’m still here. Albeit more cynical than before, but I was so altruistic that people took advantage of me – so that’s the positive. And pehaps the things I identified with, my trappings, were things that would have buried me otherwise and blocked my destiny. Think of it too as a prize fight. You end up losing, but what do you gain? More strength. More clarity. And, once Pluto moves off of your Sun, as well as Uranus, then see what doors or opportunities present for your life. I can tell you Pluto at 11 degrees is still burying me alive. It’s not as bad as when it was at 10 degrees. But am starting to see the glimpse of new possibilities. Do I like them? No they’re different. I hate change. But who doesn’t? Cancer rules adolescense. Perhaps you and I needed to grow up. That always hurts at the beginning. Think back on your life. But in the end aren’t you glad you only answer to you and not some bully in authority? Pluto and Uranus, are bullies. And they are moving on. Take care of the metaphorical bruises. Nurse them with Neptune in Pisces. And watch how 2016 will be a much, much better year for the two of us. Blessings! I do hope you get this email and it’s not too late.

  24. To see through the illusion, whether that’s the one other people create or the one I project. There was a point this summer which was profound and profane at the same time, I got to see what was behind someone’s mask and it wasn’t pretty, but I’d colluded with the illusion too. Saturn in Scorpio to me is summed up in the phase: fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  25. I learned to value and love myself, not to trust everything everyone says, and listen to that inner voice. And..not to stick in a relationship long after it’s obviously over.

  26. I read this at work this morning. I knew I had to think about it deeply. It actually was all I could think of today. The simple question stunned me. I froze in my thoughts. I’m not so sure if anything good has come out of this timeframe. Have I learned anything at all? That realization made me sad.
    More than looking at it coming, I felt it coming. From the 11th house to 12th house even way back in 2011… people were dropping from my life. For one reason or another.
    I saw my network dwindle down to just me, and the world. I do not feel held down, yet I feel weighted down. People were not so kind at this time. No one seemed to extend themselves to me. Even to talk to my closest friends.. They did not care what I was going through and it became a burden for one particular close friend to even be on the phone. I knew this was not how it ever was. Nothing I’ve gone through was the same as it ever was. So why now?

    Could it be that I’ve been this really horrible person all of this time and these were my lessons? I can’t say I have, yet it seems the closest allies turned their backs and the most feared thoughts turned into realities.
    I lost an ex who was my best friend and father to my children. That was a huge loss. Nothing can trump that yet the people who were closest to me at that time also dropped out. As if by magic, now you see them now you don’t. What a place to be inside of yourself. The only outlet is work and you are asked to produce and you know you have to, so that money comes in on payday.
    Summary for me, this was no random occurrence. This was very much a precise planned out universal theme. When I dive into a pool of no water, I am prepared for the fall, my choice. This had no preparation, no good reasons why and basically I was on solid ground one moment and the next tossed out to sea, swim or die!
    I don’t feel accomplished, I don’t feel good for floating my way through it. I feel numb and uncertain. I keep focusing on the why’s… like why now? I’ve already been humbled in my life. I’ve already been empowered on being on my own and making it happen. Why did things have to be so drastic? So terrible. And no turning back to these things. They are gone, gone for good.
    I sometimes talk to people I do not know well… and ask them what they think about this or that. They all come up with the same basic answers. Sometimes you just have to go in a different direction.

    I was fond of my life although it wasn’t wonderful, It was my creation and it was peaceful.
    My Sun in the 10th house is trine to Saturn very tightly. I’ve always done the right thing. I’ve always been responsible. I’m very sore right now how things turned out during this transit with Scorpio. I feel agitated and somewhat resentful… To read the many stories on this blog and during the Saturn in 12th class kept me going. It helped me learn I am not alone, this does happen more often than I was aware. It gave me something to hold onto when I had nothing. Then the thought came to me…. maybe the transit gave me strength. To be alone and rely on only myself and my thoughts. Knowing that you can be all and everything and the outsiders are just that. Even the most intimate of outsiders, remain what we perceive them to be in our minds. Deep thinking today and sorry for the blather!

  27. Hello to all,
    I am a Sagittarius and have lots of planets in air signs. I have learned to depend on someone else!
    Very helpful comments and a great website 🙂

  28. What I learned? NOTHING.

    Seriously, I learned nothing. And I have no idea how is it even possible. It’s in my 11th, and I have Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Pluto, all in scorpio. Yes I had a few downs (like everyone has everytime in their lives), all of them conected to friends and group activities somehow, but nothing to drama queen about, nothing that would change permanently my visions and beliefs.

    And I guess the scariest thing of all this is: In early 2012 I moved to the big city, to university. I’ll be graduating this december (calendar runs differently down the ecuador line). The saturn timing went perfectly with the university time.
    So what I’m saying is:
    + this pack of planets
    + badass scorpio
    + badass saturn
    + moon opossing it all in 5th house.
    + a life-changing period (or at least thats what most people say abt universities.
    =And I hold the exact same beliefs, I’m quite the same person. Didnt suffer any trauma, life changing experience. I’ll be back to my mom’s home, just like the teenager I was when I left.

    So the only thing that saturn “taught” me is: this planet is a drama queen bitch. No reason to fear it.

    A dog that barks loudly doesnt bite.

  29. saturn transiting my scorpio 8th house :I learned about the concept of kharma – since it brought some pretty heavy family stuff that began 29 ears ago, and ended the cycle happily this year. all love that was denied since 29 years ago- came back. It was a really tough clean up but I learned to be a satisfied-saturn-customer 🙂

  30. I learned to not avoid red flags in relationships, to not be afraid to face my worst fears when talking to the one I love EVEN if it means the worst (a heartbreak) will take place as a result. In my next relationship I vow to never lie to myself and address all issues right away 🙁

  31. It’s been all about emotional coping for me.

    Own your own baggage.
    Fix what you can, cut your losses and move on where you need to.
    Things can get worse; I can deal.
    Don’t make shit worse by picking at it.

    It’s been an interesting couple years.

  32. Trust your instincts, especially about love and family. And you can’t help people that don’t want to be helped, you just have to walk away.

  33. I learned that other people’s shit stinks just as much as mine, maybe even more. I’ve learned to not let myself lower myself before someone just because they appear perfect.

    I also learned not to cast my pearls before swine, like people said in the above comments.

  34. Wow. So much wisdom in the comments! It reads like Cliff Notes from the school of hard knocks. Unfortunately, there was no shortcut for any of us.

  35. Letting go of people/groups I identify with to establish my inner authority. Pros and cons to this. Natal saturn in eleventh almost twelfth house opposite my LOF in the fifth. It causes self imposed loneliness but I also have sun conjunct IC. I’m starting to see saturn as a loving/correcting father and pushy jerk at the same time. I have a wide orb conjunction of pluto and saturn in the eleventh. I think it just takes me a long time to transform. Which makes sense that saturn is gonna take forever to be done going over my 28 degree scorpio ascendant. Saturn transits aren’t for sissies!!

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