What Happens When Uranus and Pluto Combine?

the endUranus and Pluto are two of the heavy-hitters in astrology. They each represent powerful energies, and they both move slowly enough that a transit can be felt for years at a time. Currently, Pluto is conjunct my Midheaven and Uranus is conjunct my Ascendant. These are the “angles” of a chart, and when the angles are hit, everything is affected.For instance, if a planet is conjunct the Ascendant, then it is also opposite the Descendant, or relationship point, and square the 4th house of family and the 10th house of career. If a planet is conjunct the Midheaven, it is also opposite the nadir, or home point. When planets are on an angle, you are looking at changes in self, family, relationships, and career. All the biggies.

Recently, I made a post requesting prayers in the forum. I gave a few details, but I thought I would share a bit more here since I think this is a great example of what happens when two major forces combine.

My mother has always struggled with mental health. Periodically throughout her life, she has had terrible manic episodes that have led her to detach from everyone around her and essentially attempt to disappear off into the night. These episodes usually resolve quickly and the family generally comes together to heal. However, it is always understood that this is the price of admission with her, and that another episode will always come. We all anticipate this and work to contain the damage as much as possible as the cycle repeats.

But this time, with the influence of Uranus, which brings sudden change, and Pluto, which brings finality and the death of all things no longer tenable, it appears the cycle has been broken. This time, instead of disappearing, my mother drew up marital dissolution papers, which my father agreed to sign. In the past he has always done his best to keep the family together, but this time a stress-related health scare served as a wakeup call, and he decided to let her go.

WHAM. Within the span of a week, 37 years of marriage went up in smoke.

On top of that, my mother has cut off everyone in her life, including me. This is a moment I have dreaded my entire life, and as a child who had not yet learned good boundaries, I worked tirelessly to prevent it. But now the worst has happened, it is strangely…fine. It is exceptionally painful and there is a lot of work ahead as we navigate a new normal. And of course, given that Pluto is involved, these details are only the tip of the iceberg, but we’ll make it through regardless.

As Pluto turns direct, the dissolution papers will be finalized. A 37-year cycle of pain, fear, love, and confusion will finally end. The story is over. It’s time for a new one to begin.

For that, I have Uranus and Pluto to thank.

Have you ever had Uranus and Pluto transits at the same time? What happened?

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What Happens When Uranus and Pluto Combine? — 24 Comments

  1. Hi Midara,
    Your post made me check my 1995 transits; knew Pluto was conjunct my MH & sun but wasn’t sure about the rest.
    Not a professional astrologer; I have learned over time via reading books & Internet, so it’s always easier for me to see the past more clearly via transits than the future. Back then I knew nothing about Chiron or other asteroids.
    In September 1995, Pluto was on my sun / MH, as was the asteroid Nessus, Uranus was on ASC, and Chiron was conjunct my north node. Lovely.
    I had gotten engaged in February & had started wedding planning over the summer when my now ex husband told me in Sept he wasn’t sure he wanted to get married and wanted to move so he didn’t have a three hour total commute to work and back.
    I consulted a relationship astrologer, who in the nicest way tried to tell me to let him go but said the matter would be resolved by 1998. When we finally got married in 1998 (after a major cross country move and job changes for me), I thought “I had won.” Ha ha. Life always has the last laugh.
    I knew nothing about Chiron until my Chiron return at 50 when Pluto was then sitting on my 12th house Saturn. Chiron is pain deluxe. (I never noticed before today it was on my NN in Sept 1995.)
    Can tell you’re younger, maybe mid-thirties, so my take away: expect you may move and/or possibly change careers. Check where Chiron is now in your transits. It’s a very painful time but try not to hold on to past to your own detriment. Understand it’s the death of a dream, which is as hard as any physical death.
    Sometime since 2010, I ran across ‘My Christian Psychic’ blog while Googling some transit for info. Don’t agree w/ all, but her posts on asteroids in synastry are bone chillingly accurate. Even Astrodienst has added Nessus and Pholus to their transits under Extended Chart selection using their Astro w/ asteroid option. You may want to check where Nessus is in your natal chart; it may be your 4th house. Also see where your mother’s Chiron and Nessus contact your chart in synastry.
    I’m sorry you’re going through this! At least you have astrology to help make sense if it. Good luck??

  2. As a mother who had to raise my son on my own
    with a pittance for support, I just cannot
    imagine how you must feel. I am so sorry.

    I was abandoned by my father, and his complete
    lack of interest in me as a person is something
    I struggle with every single day and I am 57.

    Again, I am so sorry for you loss. You
    deserve and need to be loved.

  3. I have a friend of over 10 years who
    had a chronically angry mother who
    never nurtured him. I noticed that
    he loves to be touched and caressed.
    He is a Cancer sun, and such a tender
    friend after all these years. He
    calls me and comes over and he lays
    down on his stomach or back. I run
    my fingers and hands all over his
    face, hair, back and I just try to
    soothe him like I would do for a
    child. He eats it up and always
    wants more of it. In return, his
    tender Cancer heart brings me all
    sorts of help, assistance and surprises.

    I wish we as a culture could teach
    and encourage the responsibility
    of parents to nurture their family.

  4. Thank you for sharing this, and I am sorry for what you’ve had to deal with. I currently have Pluto trine my Ascendant, and Uranus squared my Midheaven earlier this year (it’s a couple degrees off now but moving back in that direction). I have a situation that is not comparable, but close enough to where your situation hits home and helps put things in perspective. A few weeks ago, I lost two long-time friends. One of them had been a friend for 15 years, another for 11 years (the latter of those two did not formally give closure, but her behavior and lack of communication speaks loudly enough). I think it needed to happen but it has been difficult to process, the gravity of this and how it pretty much happened all at once. I think there was building tension but it reached a breaking point, and these two people, who met through me and got along well, consolidated whatever negative hidden feelings they might have been holding towards me, and they took the first excuse they could get to gang up on me and get rid of me. Unfortunately this is not the first time in my life something like this has happened, so I was better prepared this time at least. But they essentially decided to throw out all the years of friendship and everything I ever did for them, all other aspects of my character, based on one moment where I got a little too upset when provoked, and told one of them that she was being a bitch to me. I apologized and tried to reconcile but the apology wasn’t considered sufficient. If the foundation crumbled so easily, it must not have been built to last. I can say that the events that occurred with them over the last couple of months really did drain a lot of energy from me, as most of their problems fell into my lap due to my willingness to help, so at least I can have my life back now. I don’t want to be taken advantage of ever again.

  5. Thank you for sharing this, Midara, but oh: so painful. I hope you find some peace.

    I’ve had the simultaneous contact with my chart axes, too, only with Uranus on DSC, Pluto on IC. This may as well have been a lifetime ago. Those years transformed me in ways that were deeply foundational, and helped me express my individuality and creativity via new people I was meeting at that time. The time during which they applied tended to be excruciating, but as the planets moved more into the 4th and 7th houses, the space that had been forcibly cleared felt like fresh and invigorating air. Trauma and healing, cheek to jowl. I changed careers and met the love of my life.

    But the story is not over; it was perhaps more a very compelling plot development. Nothing stays the same, especially under the gods of transformation. The time period marked by those transits is one that has marked me for life in all sorts of ways, and yours will, too.

  6. As a Taurus, Uranus transitting sign is bringing a lot of uncomfortable change. Its quality, as I am experiencing it, is to bring liberation and freedom through fresh contact with old trauma. The truth sets you free, as you will. From reading your story, I felt your mother has been holding you and your family hostage for years and it is time to be free. Scorpio 7th house says a lot about early patterns of relating through those closest. I hope that with time, this painful liberation allows you to transform the relationship to yourself, and perhaps the possibility of forging a different more honest relationship with your Mum. She needs to take responsibility for her healing, perhaps she has taken the first brave step.

  7. Thank-you for sharing Midara. I currently have Pluto conjunct my DESC (along with Saturn and Jupiter for much of the year) and Uranus conjunct my MC. Some big changes happening in slow motion. It is perceptable and palpabale, yet difficult to see the whole picture yet. To be fully revealed in time no doubt… probably once they are all direct again.

  8. Uranus on my IC opp natal Pluto MH was a nightmare. Major change. Made it through. Made changes. I am good where I am at now. And there is no going back.

    • I wish that silver lining existed.

      Right now she is severely dysregulated, not sleeping, forgetting to eat, having trouble caring for her dog, swinging wildly between cloying and abusive behavior, etc. And this is on top of preexisting concerns about potential cognitive decline.

      Of course, my information at this point is second-hand, but it does not appear that this is a good situation for anyone involved.

  9. You endured a tough childhood Midara. I am sure you found some solace by investigating the astrology during the extra challenging times. All the best to you, your father, and your extended family.

    When Tr Pluto was conjunct my MC it was also trining my natal Moon. That time period was the beginning of the end of my marriage. Of course, all four angles would soon be impacted.

  10. Midara,
    i am so sorry this happened to your family. I will pray for you and all your family,especially your Dad who no doubt is still reeling from the shock of an unexpected divorce along with health issues- its a lot to handle.If Mom as bipolar,they cut people out unexpectedly and sometimes try to make up later. Hard to make up if a divorce is final, though.
    My own divorce has just been final and I have major health issues, its a scary thing indeed. Divorce became a reality since Pluto entered my exs 7H – divorce began in court the day after conjunction of Sat/PL and final news when Saturn just stationed direct in his natal 7H.It took roughly 2 years…
    How did she get it through so quickly do-it=yourself divorce?
    Well, things are ongoing thats for sure…will pray for your family

    • Yup, she got the papers online, and she and my father came to a quick agreement on how to split the assets. The documents still have to be processed in the courts, but they’ve already been submitted and everything is in motion.

      Uranus – everything is lightning fast.

  11. (((((Midara)))))))
    Thank you for sharing your personal story.
    So much insight in there for me.
    Praying for you and your family.

  12. @Midara, my heart goes out to you and your family, including your mother. It sounds like peace for everyone is a ways off but praying it will come sooner than later. (((Midara)))

    I have had Pluto conj my Moon all my life, and lost many jobs due to it being conj my 9th/MH. When Uranus entered my 6th, I was pulled off a job I had finally landed and kept for 28 years and was given a choice of two other positions in the company, which I chose the one I am still in. It happened out of the blue, quickly, though not without a bit of heartache as I worked with a great group of women (Moon related!) and we were like a sisterhood. I am now in a department of which I am the only female and elder and in a position which is normally taken up by men. So, it was an interesting transition. On a sad note, out of the blue, one of my previous female co-workers, became ill and had to go on permanent disability, so I lost a good friend at work, who had lunch with me everyday. The absence of is palpable though now we are all SIP, so alone anyway!

  13. I kind of dred when Uranus goes into my 7th house opp my Saturn ? in the 1st. At the degree it would be exact opp it won’t be supported anywhere, but May square Pluto with a 13 degree orb which is pretty wide. But my Sun is Pluto ruled in my 12th. Not exactly the answer to the question you posed but made me want to start to trace these transits.

    Thank you Midara!

  14. Mystery solved. There was this mystery that happened years ago. I was in my first career and buzzin along loving it and then I woke up one morning and it was gone. My heart was no longer in it. I tried to continue doing it, but like I said my heart wasn’t it. I could not understand how that could happen literally over night. I looked at the ol ephemeris last night and transiting uranus was trining my pluto mh at that time. Mystery solved. About my heart having to be in whatever I am doing or I can’t do it. That could be uranus in leo as leo rules the heart. And my sun (heart) is in the 10th as well. There is no putting one over on or forcing this wild heart o mine to do something it does not want to do. I have been accused of being stubborn for not doing what someone dictates me to do. I don’t really feel stubborn, I just can’t do it if I can’t do it.

  15. Midara, I’m so sorry to hear what’s happened to you and your family. Such a hard time for you all…

    Sending you loving and nurturing vibes – hang in there.

    I don’t think I’ve had a Uranus and Pluto transit at the same time…will check it out.

  16. Midara,
    Wishing you and your family moments of grace and ease while you all navigate these circumstances. I know you are fully equipped and capable but it doesn’t make it any less painful. You are in my prayers. Be well.???

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