What Happens When Jupiter & Saturn Enter Aquarius While Pluto Stays In Capricorn?

Honore Daumier The Laundress (The Burden)Jupiter and Saturn have entered Aquarius. I need to pull this post up for a client. We are all going to find ourselves in a new story in 2021.  I’ve been saying this for a year but here it is in a nutshell:

  • Consolidate your losses
  • Don’t drag your (awful) past into your future

Pluto will remain in Capricorn and continue to affect people with planets and angles in the late degrees of Cardinal signs. I’m one of them so let me address this now.

We have been dealing with the Saturn Pluto conjunction since early 2019. This was before Jupiter got involved. It’s been a heavy burden. So just imagine that. You’re weighed down, hindered or bound.

When Jupiter and Saturn leave Capricorn, your burden will be reduced!  I’m a perfect example of this.

The surgery on my spine liberated me from profoundly oppressive, limiting pain  That physical pain is gone.  I still have some very serious issues to deal that are hidden from almost everyone. They are very, very bad. However, my back is no longer collapsed, sitting on a host of nerves. Further, I will probably never be in this situation again. This is significant.

This is the time when I set aside my painful past and plan to live as a person who can move around freely. I may want to tell someone in my new story about my old story, but if so, it will be a choice.

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Can you see a burden in your life, set to lift in 2021?


What Happens When Jupiter & Saturn Enter Aquarius While Pluto Stays In Capricorn? — 20 Comments

  1. Not yet. My rudimentary understanding of astrology frustrates me, but I can honestly say life has been difficult. 2017 began with a health issue that popped up suddenly requiring surgery. I had 3 surgeries that year…and I am blessed with health! I manage stress by swimming laps and was out of the water for nearly 1-1/2 years, so very frustrating. Shoulders and ankles have all gotten jacked up during this time, but I am glad my exercise of choice is good rehab. Still, Pluto will continue transiting my natal moon 9th H and Uranus continues to transit my packed 12th, including Sun/Asc toward the end. I feel like I’m dodging thunderbolts and the occasional flying cow hurtling though space unexpectedly. Looking forward to Aquarius as my NN is there and maybe I can breathe a little easier.

    Among the things that bring me joy is your successful surgery, Elsa. Chronic daily pain is a bitch, life in shades of grey. Happy Thanksgiving~

  2. @Elsa What exactly do you mean by “consolidate your losses?” I’ve had some losses in the last couple of years that I appreciate only because of the loss.

    • Yes! Financially I am soon to be debt free completely. I honestly didn’t think this day would come, and never this soon! Starting my 30’s with a clean slate in 2021 and suddenly I have all the opportunities in the world to keep on building the life I want ?

  3. Thank you Elsa, cancer ascendant here and yes I can see my burden lifting in 2021. Thank you as always for your advice, it resonates. I need to do exactly those things: consolidate my losses and let go of an awful past. I am ready (took over 13 years!)

  4. Elsa, I’m so glad your surgery was successful! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
    I think the burden that will lift is that we’ll have access to a vaccine and eventually can end this semi-isolation. Plus, hopefully, we won’t wake up worried sick about the crazy news.

  5. Elsa, congratulations on your surgery; I wish you the best; Trines to you and yours ! I similarly just surgically ended a ten year relationship that couldn’t get beyond toxicity. Being a Gemini, I look forward to the upcoming Jupiter and Saturn trines to my Sun/Mars conjunction with the transiting planets long to be in my 5th house. You might recall I wrote you about the beneficial aspects of the Capricorn clump to those with latter Earth planets…which you did in an excellent article (supported tree image). Having my Moon, Mercury, and Saturn in that regard I prospered despite all the economic chaos ! My only concern is having a 25 degree Venus in Cancer being opposed by that Pluto from the 5th to my 11th house Venus for months as I look forward to dating again. At least Saturn is leaving that opposition !

  6. Oh yeah! I am retiring. I think the dirt I am going to have to blow off though is being treated like a child for the last few years. Difficult, especially when I have had to take so much responsibility. It’s a problem with company’s who think of themselves as a family. I will be poor, but I will be okay.

    The day saturn went into aq in March is the day we first went into lockdown here. I am not sure that whole situation will improve much for quite awhile if at all. I am okay with that. And it will be good to have job out of my home at last.

    I really did not think much about saturn and pluto opp my venus until I read Mike’s post. I am not a dater, but relationships in general I can see that. Some things happened quite a few years ago and I had not realized that I had shut down some of myself. Was really surprised when those moments when I made those decisions re-surfaced and released. So cut and dry. Never woulda thunk it. So I am excited to see what the future brings.

  7. I’m not sure – for myself with Saturn in Aquarius – albeit at the far end – eventually and if not at the beginning as I count any contact with a planet worth noting that includes what astrologers call the minor aspects and therefore not worth worrying about, to be worrying. So they will pass forming aspects with the major opposition in my chart ie quincunxing and semi-whatevering!! Not to mention that the contact between Jupiter/Saturn is a fallen-angel aspect – so make a point of not being tempted to initiate anything at this time as it will be too good to be true.

  8. I am unsure if it will be about burdens lifting per se, although an elemental shift from earth to air certainly promises a lighter and more dynamic energy. I think, for me, it is that I am starting to see how I have accepted and adapted to life’s realities (burdens?) in regards to the material realm and greater ease comes from this acceptance. I think the next chapter may show how these adaptations can be made use of in a wider way and with more conscious benefit. My concern for Aquarius energy in the collective is themes about identity and how trauma shapes our identity, whether our identity is our own, etc. I can see conflictual divisions deepening between those who are becoming self-realised and those with a lack of self who are defending truths that are not their own. This can be quite dangerous when it comes to holding power and working out where people or ‘truth’ is coming from.

    • ‘defending truths that are not their own’ interesting. I was thinking that was a product of loyalty. Or automated thinking, hitting a tribal icon and the program comes up. Group think. You got me thinking about self realization now. Or the absence of it. I have always felt that knowing who one is is taboo for some reason.

  9. Yes!
    And it will be profound as well.
    It will still require intense therapy, but I’m moving on because it has changed my life for the better already.

    My big loss is the relationship with my mom. But I realized that I simply don’t need her weird – and, to be honest, quite toxic and dismissive behaviour anymore in my life. I am sometimes angry about her behaviour, and sometimes I mourn. But it is what it is. It just… Is.

    I am going for healing and it wil be a burden lifting little by little in 2021 (Aquarius on the Asc.)
    I will probably have to start all over in my career but it will have be that way. I try to accept it.

    2020 has been a year full of blockages and Pluto will square himself and Saturn in Libra until 2024, but having Saturn doing the same this year, I expect things that are no longer serving me, to die. Relationships will probably take a powerful hit.

    I’m a 4 X Scorpio. I don’t even know what to say… So I will rest until that day,gathering strength.

  10. Yes. After many years I m feeling a lot lighter than how I felt since 2017.

    I have a natal mars at 22 degree and moon at 28 degree Capricorn.

    The first time pluto went retrograde after passing my natal mars, I lost my mother. Now in the coming years its going to conjunct my moon.

    Emotionally I have gone through so much over the past few years but honest I have gone numb. Just don’t feel stuff at those levels anymore. Or maybe I have let go of control over any aspects of my life. Dealing with one issue at a time, going with the flow kind of.

    But good thing is that saturn and jupiter moving to aquarius will drastically help since I have a Gemini sun and saturn in Sagittarius (both opp in natal aspect). My only concern i guess now is that I have a pluto in Scorpio but then I guess its going to be a generational impact.

  11. @Elsa,
    If one has Fixed, or Mutable signs on the angles of their chart, do these transits then effect the chart a bit before or after these dates? Or do the transits just effect them less or differently? I ask because I went through a very hard time in 2016 (mid year about) and it just kind of has been snowballing with breaks here and there. I have fixed signs on my angles. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel but not sure if it’s an exit or a freight train coming.

  12. I’ll be leaving health problems and not settling in a job behind. 2020 was chaotic for me, with 3, possibly 4 jobs and a move. I love change, but all of this happening in such a short window knocked me off my feet. With Jupiter and Saturn off my Libra Moon, I’m looking forward to some tranquility in 2021.

  13. Unfortunately I’m seeing a ton of _new_ burdens and disappeared opportunities. Far as I’m concerned, 2021 is gonna make 2020 look like 1995!

  14. Quite the opposite for me. It was more or less ok on a personal level during the capricorn conjunction but since jupiter and saturn left and got into aquarius there have been major things hitting up, in a span of a couple of days. I was forgetting that jupiter in aquarius will expand and disturb (my natal) saturn in aquarius. But weirdly it’s others being affected and that affects me. The impersonal gets personal. Not looking forward to this.

  15. Yes and no, just like you were saying in some ways, some burdens have become lessened as saturn and jupiter passed my 25 degree natal saturn and especially as they entered Aquarius it’s like i could see some light at the one of the tunnel

    But now pluto is coming back towards the natal saturn and T saturn is squaring my sun and moon. So I’m having some of the same things come up. Unexpected obstacles, setbacks, frustration the past week … Maybe not as catastrophic as they felt in the first half of the year but I still feel like I’m being backed into the corner again.

    Uranus and neptune are still conjunct my sun/moon/venus, making it all the more difficult to plan anything or even settle on a direction or solution to anything. I supposed it all comes down to faith in the end.

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