What Happened When Jupiter Was In Gemini (Mid 2000 – Mid 2001)?

Jupiter GodIf you want insight into how Jupiter in Gemini will affect you, look back 12 years at what happened last time. This will give you a general flavor of the transit but there is a lot more that you can glean.

Seeds are planted during Jupiter transits. Twelve years later you can see how those seeds developed, if they developed. Jupiter rules journeys and this is another way to look at this. What journey did you begin in the latter part of 2000 through mid 2001?

Twelve years ago, I started writing (Gemini) and more specifically, storytelling (Jupiter) during this transit. I started on a message board (how Gemini) at the end of 2000. I started publishing (Jupiter) to a blog in 2001. The transit took place in my 5th house (creativity) so this was textbook for the transit.

We took some of those stories and made them into a book, when Saturn came along. I wonder if at the end of this 12 year cycle, those stories get published.

What happened in your life, the last time Jupiter was in Gemini?


What Happened When Jupiter Was In Gemini (Mid 2000 – Mid 2001)? — 55 Comments

  1. oh gosh, that was the beginning of my adult life! i can definitely see the link between 12 years ago and now.

  2. I moved several states south and started a whole new phase in my life. Jupiter in early degrees of Gemini will trine my 9th house Mercury. I am hoping for a big move again. Preferably under favorable economic circumstances.

  3. I was leaving grad school (Jupiter was in my 9th when it was in Taurus) and starting in my current field. I got my first job in my field when Jupiter was in Gemini.

    I also moved twice within my city during this period. We are moving this summer into temporary apartment while we restore a house. Jupiter conjunct Mercury transit. And trines husband’s Mercury/Venus.

  4. I have Jupiter in Gemini in my 6th. Square Merc, Mars, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn & my Mc. Nothing of much significance happened last time. But I think that’s because my Jupiter is a bit stuffed =/

  5. Just finished my AA degree. Decided to go into Dental Hygiene, not sure if it was what i wanted to do. Really wanted to do Physical Therapy Assisting. Now, 12 years later…i’m in no physical shape to do physical therapy…and am “rethinking” dental hygiene. It’s a *sit down* job, which i think would give me a more *secure* job. Still debating….

  6. I stepped out of my shell and became more confident. The same thing is happening now but on a bigger/life changing level. Just clarifying the direction.

  7. Looking back, i had so many transits going on all at once. Saturn approaching its return, pluto squaring my sun/venus. Jupiter opposing neptune, and approaching conjunction with saturn. Uranus already having gone over nn. By the time of my saturn return, i withdrew from the program. Ugh. Astrology sure is interesting. The only thing i looked at *back then* was where the moon was…..

    …..and now…still deciding….and feeling the pressure, and yet, i’m optomistic. 🙂 This is gonna be one hell of a year. 🙂

  8. 12 years ago, I walked away from a very superficial life and began a more authentic one. I married my husband in Dec. 2000. My 7th House is the first half of Gemini and 8th house the other half.

    As I look back, this was a major life shift for me and was very public and challenging. Everybody thought I was crazy. My mantra at the time was, ‘Time will tell.’ I knew I wasn’t crazy and was doing what was right for ME, and now 12 years later, many of the ‘doubters’ have been convinced that it was.

  9. I got married and moved from the South to San Francisco. Boy do I love that city. I remember it being very whimisical and very beautiful. Jupiter was transiting my 12th house.

  10. The 2 people I was closest to died, both were unexpected, even though they were 89 and 70 years old…Gemini 2 degrees on my 8th house cusp…Pluto was transiting my 2nd house at the time. I don’t recall where Uranus was at the time…anyone?

  11. I am a Virgo with Libra rising. I graduated with my BA in December 2000 and started planning to move to the west coast in early 2001 which was a major life move for me.

    The 2012 Jupiter in Venus transits finds me 7 weeks pregnant and not sure where I will be living when I deliver this baby because of my husband’s job situation.

    The 2000/2001 transit was more fun for me because I was in my early 20s and was just starting out in an exciting city. I was filled with blind optimism and hope about my future.

    This time around, I have no idea how this pregnancy is going to work out for me. My husband will be moving to another country to start his new job and I will probably stay here by myself to give birth and wait until I can join him. I have no idea where I’ll be living or how we’re going to afford two residences plus health insurance after he leaves.

    I spent much of 2001 waiting for my big move. I will be spending the rest of 2012 waiting for my baby to arrive.

  12. My business failed due to embezzelment. I down sized and started rethinking the real meaning of life. I am just cleaning up the final straw because of a series of “lessons” that have happened over the past 12 years. Any comment on what I can expect would be welcomed. Hoping it is positive.

  13. I’m Taurus rising, but it’s a late degree – so Jupiter in Gemini is mostly in my first house.

    I had just graduated high school, and moved to a new city for University. I went from being a very uptight, rule-following honor student to a total party-animal-slacker. It started as me just testing my boundaries (cut my hair, dyed it black, got my eyebrow pierced – all in the first month), but it was an easy spill down the rabbit hole. I enthusiastically explored my sexuality, religion, etc – and learned A LOT about the world – just not much in my classrooms. Neptune and Uranus were retrograde in my 9th house.

    I think I passed 3 or 4 out of 10 classes that year, and then spent the summer being a bum. My time as a bum was short lived, though – by the end of the summer (2001) I pulled up my socks, moved home, got a real job, re-joined the “real” world.

    I have no idea how that time in my life could compare to my current place – It seems like a lifetime ago! I suppose I am feeling really curious about spirituality and the hidden rhythms of life, but it sure feels like a different journey than the one I took 12 years ago!

  14. Started dating my current BF, My entire life changed! we then moved to the south 2 yrs later to work on music together…. 😉 late Aqua rising… jupiter transit 4th….. still have trouble interpreting the 4th house sometimes….hmmmm….

  15. My time was split between school in NJ and work in NY. I was dating the Egyptian Scorpio. We split at the end of the Jupiter in Gemini cycle. Summer was in full swing in 2001. NY was feeling itself. Then 9/11 happened.

  16. Out of curiosity I checked back 48 yrs (yeah, there are SOME advantages to growing older . . .) and discovered during those times Jupiter was in Gemini my income improved. 7th House + some 8th. Usually thru decent short term jobs.

  17. Interested perspective: Jupiter plants seeds. I was training to be yoga teacher and began teaching. I injured my lower back (root chakra) and spent the next 5 yrs recovering. Was gifted with a free trip to Hiroshima to deliver 1,000 paper cranes folded by many hands over the year (2000-2001). I traveled with the injury, thanks to my benefactor friend I met wonderful and kind people in Japan, experienced the Sadako Sasaki Peace Celebration. I saw the effects of the automic bomb. Life includes pain. Others can help. Not every path is mine. Peace is collective. Pass it on.

    Thanks for the insight on Jupiter’s transits. Uranus is in Gemini natally for me, in the 6th house and conjs my North Node … evolutionary seeds planted.

  18. mokihana a seed is tiny and grows huge. JUPITER. 🙂

    People don’t understand Jupiter very well. They think “luck” and then stop thinking, which is very UN-Jupitarian.

  19. Ooh, this takes me back, I had to think. This was the time that I was involved in a business with the “dear friends” who ended up taking me for a huge amount of money. I lost everything I had financially, except my house. Hoping this transit doesn’t mean losing that too.

  20. Yes, Elsa. All around me I see 100 foot trees, and live with them. Understanding Jupiter is like understanding yeast. This post inspired good writings today, again. ((Elsa))

  21. This transits my natal MC/10th h… I was fighting for my life, in recovery for co-dependency. My marriage ended by the end of 2001, and my entire life unraveled in the years that followed. Breakdowns followed by breakthroughs. I don’t even recognise my life now, when I compare it to my life the last time Jupiter/Gemini happened; and that’s not entirely a bad thing. I hope it brings better things, this time around.

  22. My husband had is 40th birthday and we went to Washington D.C. which was very exciting for us. Sadly, we were not getting along as a couple…I think the seeds that were planted grew into our divorce nine years later. Gemini is on both our DC’s. We maybe re-planting to restore our relationship. So in a strange way it has come full circle.

  23. Started dating my husband summer 2000 while Jupiter was in my 7th; and my eldest was conceived late spring 2001 when Jupiter had already made its way to my 8th house. I still have both my daughter and husband 🙂

    T. Saturn was conjunct T. Jupiter at that time too. I wonder if that adds to the sticking-ness of things??

    @Dawn, good luck! I have seen TWO good friends reconcile with their ex-husbands. Alot of growing up happened during their separations. I’m very happy for all parties involved. My friends, their hubbies, and the kids. 🙂

  24. In late 2000, finally began planning for a ‘trip of a lifetime’ to Italy, solo. I loooove the studying and research for these types of trips. (2 yrs earlier, in 1998, I’d finally become debt-free after a long slog of cleaning up credit card debt and used that discipline to save for the trip.) Put together an amazing itinerary and went forward w/the trip, despite the fact that my departure date was three weeks after 9/11. People thought I was craaazy to go ahead with it. Though I’ve maintained my debt-free status (yay!) and traveled far and wide since then, it’s still the best trip I’ve ever taken.

  25. @smiling girl – uranus was going back and forth through Aquarius in 2000-2001.

    Those were my jupiter return years. A Gemini parent was diagnosed with a terminal illness and died soon after. Jupiter would have been exactly square Saturn at that point, I think. Big changes in the family, Jupiter’s in the fourth. I graduated from university as an adult student a few weeks later. In 2001 after it opposed my sun, I got a very grown-up job which changed the direction of my life.

  26. Oh, and a beloved Gemini baby was born to the other half of my family in those years, when Jupiter transited my north node. This is all very spookily specific.

  27. I started work on my first job back in Jan 2000 and stayed on till july 2001. Jupiter was going through my 6th house trine Pluto on the MC.
    I’m about to start a new job too. And it’s the beginning of a new cycle, but additionnally I’m also going to continue studying.

  28. More or less accidentally, I took up teaching chess(and related things) to little kids in the schools. I am an expert chess tournament player and attorney. Anyway, I am still doing it and find it very enjoyable. Capricorn with Gemini rising.

  29. In late June of 2000, I quit my job cause I had just left home and my job just wasn’t paying enough. So I had some trouble with this (Saturn was in my 6th house with Jupiter), but landed one in July with the help of a friend. This July will mark 12 years on the job.

    Again, I am now in a place where I’m looking at a higher-paying job or a second one–because, once again I’m having a hard time making ends meet. (Thank you, rising prices).

  30. -helped someone break a Guinness world record for cycling (I was support crew)

    -moved countries 4 times

    -came up with the mantra ‘I am never getting out without my dignity ever again’ (that was one soul-destroying break up)

    -learned how to make the perfect basmati–absorption method of course

    6th House Jupiter action…being in Gemini, my experiences were diverse and sometimes unexpected

    As for now, I feel like I am ‘on the verge’, much like I felt back then, except this time is a positive manifestation of this energy.

  31. This took me a moment to center, because there’s actually very little continuity between the last Jupiter in Gemini passage and this one in my life. Different relationship, different work, different town(s9, largely different social circle.

    But then it dawned to me: Back in 2000-2001, I was planning my MA Thesis for the first time. Didn’t quite center it, and ended up not writing the thesis and obviously, not finishing the degree. Now, Jupiter is in my 9th, equal houses. Higher education. I’m not going to leave this to when I’m 48.

  32. Mid 2000 – mid 2001, I was travelling like crazy internationally for work, and also this is when I gathered my courage and first attended an international astrology conference. 12 years on, I just went to my 3rd UAC. Incredible!

  33. I graduated my schooling and took a soul sucking but very stable job, and then quit a little over a year later for something way more exicting but that was, too public facing and way too many poltics internal to the postion.. but that was late 2001. That spring of 2000 would be when I first met my husband… long before he was to become a boyfriend or partner. But yeah, back then. ROFL. This is my 1st house.

  34. That was a pivotal time in my life. I had moved back to Miami from Europe; I’d recently started and was growing my own business; and I was living in a house with 13 Irish guys.

    I remember calling my Mom and telling her that I was supremely, sublimely happy at that moment in time.

    Only bad side is I fell for the *wrong* guy and was living with him by the end of this transit. Good starter, poor finisher.

  35. Late in the yr 2000, I started my MA degree… and now, I am seriously contemplating a Doctorate – filling out the paperwork, as a matter-of-fact…

  36. Talk about textbook cases.
    June 2000 Saturn and Jupiter met in Taurus in my 10th and this combined with other influences (Uranus in my 7th – resigned my job of 23 years quite unplanned)put massive breaks (read: complete stop) on my career and income for a long time.
    When Jupiter was in Gemini,I went back to school and got a degree.Studying kept me on the straigth and narrow for 3,5 years.
    Hopefully things start turning for the better now.

  37. I wish I could remember. The last thing I remember is laughing at my (now) ex husband over his y2k freakout and then being REALLY glad that he stockpiled stuff because we had an ice storm where everything was knocked out for 2 weeks. Other than that..nothing (neptune in Sag, maybe?)

  38. Let’s see…last time, I walked out on my job. I’d had all I could take. Luckily, I was able to get another job the very next day. Don’t see that happening this time around-don’t think I’d be so lucky in this economy!! Hope I don’t get fired or something. 🙁 This transits my 10th.

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