What Happened To You, When Saturn Was In Sagittarius In The 1980’s?

riding highSaturn will enter Sagittarius, Christmas Eve, 2014. It’s a bit premature to think about this, but Sagittarius is focused on the future, so lets think about it anyway. I don’t know anyone who wants to extend Saturn’s stay in Scorpio, that’s for sure.

The last time that Saturn was in Sagittarius was in the 80’s. Approximately, November, 1985 through February 13, 1988.  If you were alive at that time, thinking back to what was going go will give you some insight into what to expect this time.

Personally, I got a real (Saturn) opportunity (Sagittarius) back then. I worked tremendously hard  for my freedom…and I got that freedom that I wanted so badly.

I was happy, working outdoors, for the most part. I traveled every chance I got. Saturn was transiting my 11th house. I had real (Saturn) friends (11th), who were lots of fun (Sagittarius).

I remember this as the time in my life when I really hit my stride. I also bought a house in the country, where I could be free. I didn’t want to bother anyone, nor be bothered by anyone.

I am planning to do the same thing early next year!  Coincidence? I don’t think so!

What happened to you the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius?




What Happened To You, When Saturn Was In Sagittarius In The 1980’s? — 79 Comments

  1. My parents decided to gut the main floor of our house, so we lived in the basement for over a year. My brother and I got our last babysitter fired and we had free reign to wander the city by ourselves (I was 11, he was 9). We would take the bus downtown to ride the glass elevator at the fancy hotel and visit my mom at her work (the hospital). I got scabies from shaking hands with a homeless man. It was over that time that we used to take the free Burger King french fry coupons collected from Halloween and hang out at the local BK. The coupon said one coupon per day per customer, so we’d try to disguise ourselves by wearing hoods and changing our voices. As if the staff couldn’t tell…
    I spent all my time with my brother over those years. He was, and still is, my best friend. Who woulda thought a stellium in Scorpio would get along so well with a stellium in Aquarius!? I am sure it helps that Uranus is one degree next to my sun and he has a Scorpio ascendant. 🙂

  2. I have Saturn in Sag natally. I don’t know how that affects me in this transit. But, in the time frame you mention, I suddenly got a better job that paid me bundles more. I’d enjoyed aspects of the job till that time, but it was a pressure cooker and people I worked with were great but miserable. The new job — I moved, and it was a pivotal job and firm, and the high pay allowed me the freedom to travel the world (my dream) at a young age in a lovely though very affordable way, and to buy a few basic things I needed., and not feel panicked for the first time in my life (I was supporting my parents from age 16 due to their illnesses, putting myself though college while paying their mortgage, etc…. intense). After years of dreams and hopes, living with barely enough food for myself due to my family’s needs, I was able to survive with more comfort in a great city, make a few dreams come true. I also learned a lot, made friendships I have to this day, and I was able to stand up and apply what i already new so successfully that I helped my new company, got ample rewards, and I was respected. Whaaaaat? Oh…come on, Saturn in Sag, I can hardly wait. 🙂

    • It sounds as though you are getting ready to experience your second Saturn Return, VillageGirl! Were you in your late 20s between 1985 – 1988? If so, then that was your first Saturn Return. Elsa has A LOT of wonderful information on what Saturn Return means in astrology. You could probably find that content with a search on the site. Good luck! I hope it will be as empowering and prosperous as the first one! 🙂

        • Buffy2……here we go, then! I’ve read that the second Saturn return is less intense than one’s first. We’ll see. I’m going to look through Elsa’s tags and see what I can learn…

      • daisy nymph — thank you! I will have to look that up! I love this site. I am learning so much, and people here are the best. I hope this will be a positive time too…Saturn in Scorpio has not been my favorite ride (along with the other aspects pelting us) 🙂 Hope Saturn in Sag will be a prosperous and empowering transit for you as well!

  3. I’m a Gemini Sun..My oldest brother passed away a few days after Saturn entered Sag in 1985. I was a toddler then.. Saturn in Scorpio has been excruciating but I’m not looking forward to Saturn in Sag this time either. My other brother is a Pisces with a heavy duty Pisces stellium. Tough times 🙁

  4. I was between the ages of 10 and 13 during that time. I definitely remember this being a time of maturity for me, almost a coming into my own. I have my moon and Neptune in Sag.

  5. I went from community college in my area to college in a town over an hour away. I had never lived away from home before but I had no qualms about leaving home. It was financially tough, of course.

  6. I was looking awesome. Graduated law school, passed the bar, had my first child, was married, purchased my first car, and bought my first house.

  7. In 85-88, went away to college, drank & partied too much, away from my over protective dad for the 1st time, he died the next year. I left school went to work at mediocre but fun social jobs. Just took advantage of being young, dumb & ready for freedom I didn’t have a clue what to do with. Dated, but not seriously. Actually didn’t fall in love yet at all. All my relationships were so superficial. I don’t look on those years particularly fondly. I was messy but free from true responsibility. But right now a little education & freedom is exactly what I need.

  8. i started elementary school.. i was quiet, shy and got picked on a lot. There was a point one of the teachers wanted to put me in a remedial course… it wasn’t until around 1988 that i came out of my shell and made friends, started doing well in school…. sag is my 12th

  9. 00SAG00 is my DSC, so Saturn dancing on it for the bulk of ’85 really had me face that my marriage wasn’t going to work out and cemented my desire to leave it. Uranus had been in my 7th house since ’81, causing all sorts of havoc, but then what do you expect when you get married as Uranus applies to your DSC? (I eloped in late Dec ’80)

    Meanwhile…also in ’85, I was still entertaining Neptune in my 8th, who had come to have an interesting visit to my 4 planet stellium in 1983, and was still hanging around.

    I didn’t actually end the marriage until Saturn, Uranus & Neptune ganged up on my stellium in 1989. Enough was enough.

  10. I am so looking forward to it – it is like the best Christmas present ever. Saturn in Scorpio in my 4th house with my Moon has been a dark and deep passage.

    I have Saturn at 3 Sagittarius 5th house natally so this will be my 2nd Saturn return. As it happens my Jupiter is in Leo 1st house and the two returns sort of fuse together. Very promising!

    The 85-88 Saturn transit in Sag was very good in all senses. Professionally, personally,financially – the happiest and the most rewarding time of my life.

    I did what I was supposed to do (I also have my North Node in Sag, conjunct Saturn, and my Sun in Jupiter-ruled 9th house): worked in travel and tourism, lived abroad, moved from place to place, endless adventures and excitement.

    With Jupiter in Leo now I will start planning major moves to find that joy and pleasure and happiness again.

  11. I think Saturn was longer in Sag than Feb ’88. My eldest son was born Oct 88 and he has Saturn @ 28 Sag (conjunct Uranus @ 28 Sag!). Saturn was retro, Uranus was not.

    Last time Saturn in Sag conjoined Uranus in Sag, this time it will be trine Uranus in Aries. A little bit different energy this time, yes?

  12. The only difference in between 1985 and 2014 is I had lots of confidence on myself but not now.
    I’m all floating, nothing I can predict, all are frazil!!

  13. My husband was in the Air Force and November 1985 we moved from TX to Mississippi. Our youngest was just 4 months old. Our boys and I stayed with my grandparents for a couple of months in LA while we waited for base housing. Not fun. The baby kept getting sick, in MS too. Money was VERY tight. I have Mars at 5 degrees Sag. August of 1988 we moved to Naples, Italy. Those years were even tougher financially and I was so depressed for the first year or so. 🙁

  14. I was just a kid 5-7 years old during that time frame. Our family picked up for a huge move from Florida to Connecticut during that time so we could be closer to family. I hope that my little family will be making a similar move during this next Saturn in Sag… we want to be closer to family too, especially if we have another baby…

  15. I have four personal planets and an ascendant in Sagittarius. 1985-1986- ’85 met the guy who would be my first husband ’86 we eloped (Saturn aspecting natal Venus) – and separated. It didn’t last but it probably would have if he and I hadn’t been so young. In fact, he contacted me for the first time since 1986 (last month) to say he was sorry for how things turned out. I apologized as well. That chapter is finally closed. Summer of ’86 I got a decent paying job that allowed me to attend college and pay for tuition.

    ’87–work and school. (Saturn aspecting venus again in June ’87 and divorce for first marriage was finalized). It should have been a sad time but actually because I am so hard headed looking back it was an experience that I needed to undergo in order to help define exactly what I needed in a relationship.

    Jan-Feb’88–Saturn conjuncted mars, mercury, sun, and ascendant. I had a shift in my personal paradigm and didn’t see myself as a kid anymore. It’s hard to explain but I found myself. I had gone through a deep soul searching period and examined my life from the perspective of where I was and where I wanted to be. Once I did that I figured out how to get where I wanted to be and here I am now.

    Saturn can be hard but this will be my second time around with Saturn in Sag. and aspecting my personal planets. When I look back I can honestly say that even though when I was experiencing the lessons that Saturn had to teach me and it felt unpleasant—in all honesty I have to say I’m grateful that I did go through it.

    On the other hand, I find pluto to be a big bad mofo and pluto hurt a lot more than Saturn. In fact, pluto destroyed parts of me. Saturn just punched me in the forehead and said wake the *f* up and get with it gal.

  16. I was in graduate school & training – Saturn in Sag was in the 6th house & eventually squared my angular full moon. It was a time of focus but also discovery & growth. When it got to 27 it hit my descendent & I got into a long term intimate relationship. Jupiter passed into the 1st house. When both Saturn & Jupiter are angular (in mutual signs) I have serious relationships. I hope that happens again! Now I have Pluto in the 7th & have been attracting intense, controlling types.

  17. I turned 9 just before this transit, so this is, in many ways, the first Saturn transit I fully remember. It happened in my 3rd and 4th house. I remember I read a lot during this transit, and also started writing myself. I think was when I started dreaming of becoming a journalist and a writer. Another dream career would have been archelogist, although I probably didn’t have a very realistic idea of how that line of work really was, since I got the idea from watching Indiana Jones.

    Also, my Dad who’d been working in another town got a job, in teaching, at our hometown. He’d met my stepmother while working in the other town, and she’d only moved to our town when my Little Brother was born in 1989, so we’d visit them a lot. I actually became good friends with a girl living in the same building my stepmother did, which was great.

  18. I wa engaged to a man who was I considered a national treasure
    He took me to japan asked me to marry him
    And later in 1985 dumped me and married some one else
    Who he is still married to

  19. oh my… i was 36, and went around the world for 3 months by myself. It was not what i had imagined. Very tough. Did not meet people, desperately lonely. Decided i would make huge compromised to be in a relationship..
    did that and am just now recovering from the divorce!!! Bring it, I have a moon at 8 sag. Been watching and appreciating your posts for years. Thank you…

  20. That’s when my mother was dying.

    During that time period, Saturn conjuncted my Venus/Mars and squared my 7th house Moon/Uranus/Pluto.

    When it began, I was emotionally vulnerable and afraid of everything. Afraid of life.

    I learned how strong I am. I learned not to be afraid, because I can survive anything.

    It was the most incredibly painful time of my life. And it freed me.

  21. I was living in the city,temping until I got the job at 29 I am still at today, Well same firm different job now. I don’t see much of a correlation as I have Saturn in Sag natally too (and am always learning my lessons the hard way-on my own) so this will be my Saturn return in the first. Guess it’s time for me to get real again!

  22. I’ll hit my 2nd Saturn return in Sag (5th house) as well, though not until December 2016 – and he makes just one pass through! So quite a ways off yet. Alas, early Sag means he’ll be squaring my natal Mercury, Venus and Pluto. 🙁

  23. Ha ha! I was having lots and lots of fun as a groupie in Philadelphia with white spiked hair, wearing lots of black leather!

  24. I had left my first husband and the evangelical church. Then cut loose big time! At my Saturn return in 1989, I sold everything I owned and moved to San Francisco with just $300 in my pocket. It was awesome.

  25. My parents have Mars and Venus at 0 Sag and they got together in ’85 🙂 And married in ’86. They met at a Mensa party, and all they do in Mensa is learn so that’s pretty Saggy and Saturny too bc its a status thing. They still go to Mensa lectures together all the time.

  26. Crawfish boils (yum). Was given my first Bible. Dad’s job took us to Michigan (Saturn in Capricorn–worst 3 years of my life!). Parents went back to college. Can’t remember much else–it was a weird time.

  27. I am a Scorpio with the Moon in Virgo and
    Sagittarius rising. In late 1985 I was becoming extremely disillusioned with my marriage to an alcoholic-addict, although I wouldn’t admit that’s what he was at the time. I desperately wanted to move from the remote cabin in the foothills of the Cascades to Maui and had been mentioning it at every opportunity for a couple of years.

    Unbeknownst to my husband, I started plotting that I would go to Maui alone when summer came and hopefully not come back.I worked for a school district and had 3 months off and was ready to escape and have an adventure by myself. Then my husband came home one day and announced that if I wanted to move to Maui, let’s do it, and he told me to figure it out and make it happen. In less than 2 months we sold our cabin without advertising it to the first person who looked at it (4 days before getting on the plane). We quit our jobs, and landed in “paradise” in mid-July 1986. It was a dream come true at the time. My husband got sober in 1987, and life was great for a while. We got into TM and I was getting very interested in the metaphysical and Maui had plenty of ways to explore that!) Then my husband met a guy who told him about a class that would teach him truth about God and how to interpret the bible (run from people who claim to have THE truth!). Before I knew what hit me, we were involved in a fundamental religious cult, and I went along against my better judgment, because things were just getting better between us, and it would have been the end of our marriage had I refused. So, 1986 – 1988 was the worst of times, the best of times, and back to the worst of times. Definitely a time of huge life changes, decisions, commitments, new experiences, and reinventing my life.

  28. I moved out from my parents’ house in late 1985, and in with my then-boyfriend. We moved to a different city shortly thereafter, he cheated, and I was back home by mid-September 1986. 1986 was full of financial anxiety as he and I had to budget severely just to get by. After moving back home I got an excellent federal service job in April 1987, started a week before my brother’s unexpected death in a car accident. The job was contract, and lasted a year; dealt with a jerk at work who I’d carpooled with and who (because of his position as head of another department) managed to get my contract ended at the end of March 1988. He had his secretary lie to my boss. Couldn’t believe a forty-year-old man would be so petty over a carpool dispute which had nothing to do with work. While at that job, I also had a relationship with a very charismatic and fun Aquarius, and traveled quite a bit with him. The relationship ended about a month after my job did.

    It was an exciting time, all told, except for my brother’s death. Moving house, two significant relationships, and a great job where I was appreciated by my coworkers to the degree that they actually went to my boss’s boss and protested after they found out my contract had ended!

  29. I had Pluto/Virgo in the 12th house and Saturn in the 4th. I got my first real job after college, decided I didn’t want it and left, made 1LT in the Reserves but decided I didn’t want to make a career, and I let go of my best friend because we were going different ways. I didn’t like how all the changes were working out but looking back, it seems that things came together for the best.

  30. In 1985 I started my first year in my career as a registered massage therapist. This is my 29th year, one full Saturn cycle later, and I’ve decided to not be an RMT anymore. I will still massage, but I just won’t invest all the time and money into getting the ‘official’ title. So, I wonder what will happen in the next year – maybe a new beginning in a new career?

  31. I was pregnant 4 times during that period of time and only one, my second son, made it. My first son died of SIDS, second son who is a BLESSING!, third was an ectopic, fourth a miscarriage. Fifth pregnancy was not until 1990 (another Sag) and is the son who works with me everyday…another BLESSING! I always dreamed of having 6 children. I have no idea what that will mean this time around, but blessings will come and I can take it.

  32. Well I was five in 1985. My parents had just gotten divorced. I was entering first grade. I remember being really excited about learning to read. We moved from the ghetto to a nicer area in 86 or so. I really liked our new house. I do remember random things like my friend being attacked by two Rottweilers. I think that made an impression on me. This guy would let his dogs loose in the neighborhood and I saw them everyday on my way to the busstop. I think I realized that the world can be dangerous then.

    My son is about the same age I was during this time. Things will probably come full circle in that way.

  33. Sag Rising. Accomplished a lot professionally and personally. Became a horse owner for the first time (a lifelong dream that accidentally became reality). Separated and started divorce proceedings against an abusive spouse. Divorce seemed to take forever but finalized when Saturn went into Capricorn.

  34. finished art school. got a loft. moved on my own. took some trips. had unfulfilling romances. 26-29 years of age. Saturn transiting 2d/3rd houses opposite venus.

  35. The direction of my life changed completely with a reforming at home, which started early in the first semester of 1985 and finished at the same time of my divorce at the end of 1985. Life went on with my two kids who were almost 5 and almost 6 and I, and a home which didn’t resemble one little bit what it was during the marriage. A brand new life, though filled with responsibilities. But much lighter, and better.

    • Thank you, Elsa.
      I must say that the divorce freed me, and that I have Scorpio at 21 degrees of House 4 and also some Sagittarius there, though House 5 has its cusp in Sagittarius.
      If in 1985 there was a divorce, there can well be a marriage as from December 2014. 🙂

  36. I have Sun in Sadge in the 3rd house. That was a great time for me, actually. I had been floundering in my professional life working temp jobs for several years but through one of those jobs, I got to learn computers. It was a natural fit for me and I started to go to college at night to study computers. During that time, I got my first computer job and it was my profession for the next 25 years. It was a fortunate transit for me, but, a tough learning process.

    This time mirrors 1985 – 1988 for me. Since I lost my job a couple of years ago, I’ve had no luck finding another computer job and got tired of looking. I decided to start my own business – an online store. Of course, it’s an ambitious undertaking, but I’m hoping Saturn will help me out like it did last time.

  37. Much of what I read above does not sound like saturn in sagg. Just a coincidence that other things were going on astrologically as saturn was in sagg. Wrong attribution??

    But for myself TSHF. And it would as saturn T-squared a big opposition. And Saturn is the bad boy with no exceptions.

    • Interesting …. My moving to go to college was pretty much it for me, as I posted above. Perhaps the most Saturnian thing, the most drastic thing, would be that I made a permanent break from home. So I’m thankful that there was nothing earth-shattering about the transit through my 4H in Sagittarius. Nothing at all compared to my Saturn return! ACKKK!

      • Saturn return – that’s just it, my point precisely. Its only the aspects that matter, not that a planet is going through a sign. Its only when there is an aspect that things happen.

  38. I was around 11 going through puberty and being rebellious as usual. Sag. is my 9th house. I am an Aries/Aries so when these strong planets transit it affects me directly. I was in my own little world (natal neptune in Sag.) I had to rebel against my parents beliefs and stopped going to church. I also had minor surgeries and missed school a lot. this will be a very interesting year. Uranus in aries (1st house)/Jupiter in Leo(5th house)/Saturn in Sag(9th house)/Pluto in Cap(10th house)/Neptune Pisces (12th House)… Saturn in Libra was tough for me and I had many romantic disappointments; however saturn in scorpio has been very gentle and even when i think I am broke, money shows up. I have been able to pay bills etc. Also Sag. is my north node and I have natal saturn in gemini which will be opposing Transiting saturn…. Scary or interesting…

  39. hi i earnt a lot of money very busy own business/
    went to Australia at end of period
    so restrictions through work no enough time to play 5th house

  40. Oh hell. I was a repressed loner teenager. Parents made me go to church three times a week. My mommy controlled me. I escaped into Sweet Valley High books. Envied Jessica freakin’ Wakefield. Babysat. This time around I plan to join a boxing gym, find my third and final husband and make millions of dollars selling my books. Ready to rock out with my cock out.

  41. In 1985-1988 I finished community college and worked as a teaching aid. Found out that Micro Soft made my job as a word processing supervisor obsolete… I moved in with my to be husband… I should have saw the warning signals because he was so possessive, but we were musicians at least I was. I practiced daily but he was so lazy and jealous of my guitar… Love is so blind. He hated his job and partied all the time. We were about to join a band and everybody wanted him? but he said we came as a packaged deal… yikes… What were their alter motives? Plenty 😐 I was hired at a new company and they went belly up in months. We stayed together all this time… Now I finally graduated with a bachelors degree and the jobs suck just as bad as they did then. He on the other hand has turned over a new leaf and acting all grown up working at a church? Who would of seen that coming? Not me! We lost the band and I lost interest in just about everything, still don’t know what I want to do and no one is hiring? We are in heavy debt and I feel like running away and joining the circus or ashram–maybe doing nothing is my new career? Meditation yes – nearly manifested Buddha in my living room I am so bored. I wish I had a real challenge for work, saved the world, make a difference… How could an honor student become so doubtful of their future? I have all these songs on I-tunes, all this equipment, and all this talent just wasting away… I became yoga teacher and got cancer so just recovering seems like forever and maybe never be able to teach yoga because everything I try goes no where… and here he is the only one left that will barely say a few words to me. At least, I get a boob job out of this mess and I hope it happens soon. Maybe I should start the oldest profession? Stop fighting the flirts and start charging–dam. I cannot take much more, things have to turn around…just have to Leo Sun in the 8th house of suffering with sage rising travel and adventure and sage moon beaming off the dark ocean- my dreams are better than reality 😐 I need a revolution for my solution–who wants to join this genius? Maybe I should run for president?

  42. Hmm. I have Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Sag, and the last time Saturn was there was 9th-11th grade. I have no idea what that means but it seems scary. Is there a report for this?

    • I’m sorry, but none of the reports will address this specifically. I am going to have a Saturn in Sagittarius workshop in the spring. I’d get on that for sure. 🙂

  43. My father had seven strokes when In August of 1987 then that situation made me end the relationship with my first love. I then broke free and got a job and took over all the bills and had my first apt. It was a very difficult and lonely time.

  44. Oh man! Just remembering that time frame depresses me. I was in high school and in November of 1985, my great grandmother passed away. This was the first person that I was very close to die. Before then, others had passed, but I was not so close to them so it did not really leave an emotional scar. My Mother nearly died from gallstones and in November of 1987, my step dad died from a heart attack. That one was a shock for all of us and it definitely left emotional scars. It was one of the worst times of my life. Everything changed after that time frame. And I am not looking forward to this upcoming transit. I know that Saturn squaring the Sun equals blows to the heart. And it will oppose my Moon as well. Right now, my Mother is wanting to give up on life. She is a Capricorn who is only 65. After breaking her hip, her progressed Mars is opposite Saturn and Mars is squaring Uranus. Sudden accidents and broken bones. Mom just wants to lay in the bed and be left alone. And Saturn heads into Sag on Sept 18th, three days before my birthday on the 21st. Ugh. I am doing my best not to panic.

  45. I came out of training in August ’85 and started a job driving 40 ft. city busses, mostly drove long-distance routes(how Sag). Left a part-time job at a religious philosophical organization and resigned my membership in November of ’85. Terminated with the bus company in August of ’86 and re-entered school to get my Masters degree in September; graduated with an M.A. in psychology in Spring ’88 … with a lot of other transformational events taking place during that time period. During the current Saturn in Sag I’m expanding as a teacher in community education, and organizing information I’ve gathered over the last 30+ years for publication. Since Pluto is crossing back and forth over my ascendant trining my Mercury, Mars, Sun it looks promising.

  46. Wow Elsa. I had/have Saturn transiting my 11th house as well. So glad to hear that good things happened to you, I felt the same way but am nervous this time around! Thanks for the article – it made me feel a bit better.

  47. I have a Sag 27 Sun in the 1ST Sag ascendant plus Mars Jupiter Pallas and in the 1ST all conjuct plus Mercury in the 12th on my ascendant at 7 degrees. 1987 I had a major breakdown 🙁 at present Saturn is hovering over my Mars I cant say this is not giving me flashbacks!! But to wise to put myself in that place again so very grateful I took the journey to learn Astrology.

  48. After separating from a partner my parents came to visit me and to save them any grief I stayed with him andthem in hi shome as mine was in the middle of disruptive renovations. After 2 weeks I asked them to stay with me for a few weeks before theymoved to visit other friends in my adopted country. Their treatment of me echoed the ‘silent treatment ” I had grown up with if I did something they did not approve of. Fortunately I had previous lhad tranists of neptune and uranus over my MC and had been doing much soul searching plus my moon opposes my MC natally so lots oof emotional stuff. It took along time and was never spoken about but caused a non speaking rift from my parent to me for five years when my mother finally called me – after my many calls home which were not accepted. I dont know if she had any premonition but she died in a tragic fall 3 weeks later and for distance and financial hardship I could not return home. I found out about her death 3 days later when Ic alled to wish my parents a happy anniversary. Took me a long time to grieve this loss. My inner strength and acceptance of myself developed greatly in this time along with love and forgiveness.

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