What Happened During Your Saturn Return?

saturn phasesFrom an email…

“I’d like to read about everyone’s Saturn Return experiences. I have a slight case of anxiety about mine coming up here pretty soon but I am ready. There are changes within myself I need to make and I hope my return will push me into it. Has anyone come out of it with a positive experience, or did it take years after to realize the affects it had? I’m hoping to come out with more confidence and faith in myself.”

What happened at your Saturn Return (roughly age 27 1/2 to 30 years old)?

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What Happened During Your Saturn Return? — 63 Comments

  1. I was living a life other than the one I wanted…so I left. I left my six yr long relationship, switched careers, moved 3k away from family and started over. It was also what I wanted…it wasn’t hard to do. It was hard leading up to the break up but we were open and honest with each other and entered counseling but it was too late. I would say my saturn return was full of change, but I am soooo happy now!

    Best and sorry if this is too much. It was just my experience…many friends I know did not go through all the change I did. I was on the wrong path for a bit…so it was warranted.

  2. LOL – I was too busy with three babies to notice anything.

    I wouldn’t count on your Saturn Return to “force” you to make changes. Your planets won’t force you to do anything – but they may make it easier or harder if you know the timing. Recognizing changes that need to be made is the first step – a gift from the universe – but if you don’t follow through, what good is it? If you know changes need to be made – just do it! If you wait for the universe to kick your butt you may be sorry. It’s always best to learn from the gentle nudges rather than wait for the “big” lessons. Those don’t come gently and are much harder to work through.

    Good luck.

  3. My Saturn Return was in Leo and it was a very positive time. I basically connected with the idea of audience and interacting with others. I got a lot more comfortable socializing and being myself, as creative as I want to be…and I even made a point of volunteering at a bunch of performance art events to empower myself.
    I had my teeth straightened and went to a chirpractor (bones=Saturn). A good time to start taking care of your bones’ health, and your health in general, actually…
    I feel like I really made friends with myself.
    The only thing that rattled me was a nagging feeling like something bad was going to happen. Literally, I felt like war was going to happen when my SR began and that feeling was hard to get a handle on. I think it related more to my Taurean Sun’s resistance to change.
    Everything can change in an instant.

  4. An astrologer I consulted before my Saturn return told me to travel, overseas if possible, or to retreat and meditate.

    So I did both. I was good for me psychologically. Very good.

    I don’t know if I “learned my Saturn lessons” or not as is spoken of often in astrology books. I do know that long hard looks inside of oneself can be very useful.

    That time prepared me for a huge lesson when I came home. One that was a part of my life before I left but was unprepared to learn until I had perspective. I learned that lesson AFTER my saturn return but the return prepared me for it. If that makes any sense.

    Keep an open mind to life and your path. It’s not like a paved road. Life is more like walking through the woods and choosing the route with the fewest brambles and limbs in your way.

  5. I have a Sun-Saturn conjunction so Saturn, I know. It’s like I’ve prepared my Saturn return all my life. And when it actually happened, I got my first computer and went online (it was before the Internet, the days of “online communities” with texts just scrolling), I quit my job of 5 years to become a freelancer, met a man I married only 6 months after meeting him.

    That was 15 years ago and I am still a happy freelancer and still happily married to the same man. So I’d say it pretty much set the tone for the coming years.

  6. My first baby was born as Saturn in Taurus and Uranus in Aquarius both made close hard aspects to my Leo Sun.

    He was a few months old when my Saturn return happened.

    It was an enjoyable time for me, as well as becoming a heck of a lot more responsible.

  7. My father died during mine (during one of the exact degree moments, no less), so that’s pretty much ALL I was dealing with during that period of time.

    Can’t say I actually did anything else big or memorable or life-improving, unfortunately. I missed out on that because the whole Death Thing had pretty much overshadowed everything else for the last ten years while he was sick. Now I still have to work on the other stuff…but I had put my life on hold until after Dad died anyway because it was too hard to worry about me on top of everyone else.

    Now I don’t know what to do. But at least the big anvil finally dropped and I CAN move on…if I just figure out how.

  8. Holy shit. My husband’s mother died, and he acquired a bit of money, so he ran off to hike in Australia and impregnated a tattooed, pierced, dreadlocked little piece of fluff on the hippie trail. All this without telling me where he was.

    But this came after the ill-fated RV trip we took through the American West during which he tried to commit suicide in Cripple Creek. Okay, so when he came back from Australia, I WAS PREGNANT, TOO, so I had an abortion and divorced him. He eloped with said Feral Chick, and she left him three months later for her old boyfriend. Heh. Somewhere in there, I went through therapy and dealt with some childhood sexual abuse issues. And I starred in a B-movie. So, yeah, lots going on with mine. Thank God I lived through it.

  9. my mother died as my first saturn return kicked in and by the end of it, i had married the ‘wrong’ person and was pregnant. now, it’s the very beginning of a second return and i find myself revisiting the person i was before the stuff hit the fan the first time…working on my writing that i had left behind, giving myself permission to enjoy astrology and meditation. in some ways i feel like i had a 20+ year detour from my essential being, and now can’t stop from ‘being myself’

  10. i became a (single) mother unexpectedly, lived on fumes for a few years, learned how to thrive under adversity, as well as trust the universe to carry me through the hardest moments.
    i’ve also gained a great deal more self confidence (11th house saturn = massive fear of group/social situations) and have learned how valuable the extended group of people in my life to me, even if i don’t see them as much as i used to.

    it was difficult, but illuminating, and i feel so much stronger, resilient, and together now. you never know how capable you are until you’re tested, and saturn’s good at doing that to you.

    mine only just finished up about six months ago, so i’m sure i could tell a more complex story later on. but i’m glad i went through the forge so to speak… and glad it’s over… for now. saturn keeps coming around to check and see if you got the message. i guess they all do, one way or another.

  11. Saturn return in cancer 9 house 2003-2004:

    I stopped working as a lawyer and began studying astrology, met lots of “millionnaire people”, split up with a guy and met another guy: a “long lasting relationship”: we are now very close friends.

  12. My 1st Saturn? Second baby, divorce from an abusive, self-important Leo, a lot of lies and games and tricks to untangle myself from, changing in ways that made his friends uncomfortable, and my relatives exerted more and more effort to “control” me, much to my chagrin. Glad it is over.

  13. Well, depending on your orbs, I’m either in the very tail end of my first SR or just past it. My natal Saturn is conjunct Sun and Merc and transiting Saturn went from opposing my Moon immediately to conjuncting Sun and then the rest of the she-bang.

    After supporting my fiance through nursing school, I decided to take a year off from working then go back for my degree (unknowing that my SR was impending at the time). During the year I was a house-bitch (it’s affectionate, I promise), I got paranoid about him cheating on me with a co-worker and was generally subterranean about my self-worth in general. Once my year was up, I started getting everything together to go back to school and it was delay, delay, delay… It seemed that if there was an obstacle I found it. So I went back to work at a piddly job to occupy my time where I promptly either fractured my foot or tore a ligment, we’re not sure. Somewhere during that time we moved to a condo we bought.

    Now, having said all that, I don’t think I learned anything from my SR. I’ve spent the better part of two years feeling like a complete waste of space. As soon as Saturn started leaving, though, I felt an abrupt lift in my mood. I no longer felt like hiding in the bed all day and my self-esteem bounced (mostly) back to normal. And I just got notice last week that I got into school. 😀
    Still, though, my SR was crap and I’m glad it’s over. Of course, my Sun getting hit thrice before Saturn finally went direct for the last time may have contributed to all this.

    I know it’s not comforting, but that’s my story. Hopefully yours will be… better? easier?

    Sorry about the long post, guys, I guess I needed to vent. 🙂

  14. kashmiri: Sorry, I just now read your question. Uh, Saturn is conjunct my Sun in Aries in the first. The bastard. Naah, it’s actually not such a bad thing after all. Saturn puts the brakes on, shall we call it, my irrational exuberance. 🙂

  15. Wow, looking back at the RV-trip comment I posted brought back a lost memory… We were in Cripple Creek ostensibly so I could do research on the book I wanted to do about those who knew Linda Goodman. I got completely diverted off that path in like TWO DAYS because of the immediacy of my ex’s profound problems. I never revisited that thesis, completely abandoned it, but maybe it’s time to do that now. It occurred to me that I had left an important job undone when she died. She was the one who introduced me to astrology when I was just a kid. A really weird kid.

    I landed a job right after that hippie-impregnation episode at a place where there was an espresso bar in the lobby. It just happened to have been run by the guy who, as a kid, Linda paid to take care of her goats and get them back onto her property, should they get into mischief, which was often.

    Wow. Freaky retrospect night, this is.

  16. Whoa, I never even knew L.G. was an Aussie! You know, I had extremely weird experiences in Australia myself, WEIRD. Years before me, my sister did…and still years before us our father did. The Outback is one of the most energetically charged places on earth, I think

  17. 9th house saturn in cancer. I met a guy, moved in with him, realised I could no longer rely on men to look after me. Moved out. Got a full time job, started uni as well, left uni and then started home study which I picked up again this year. Most significant change – lived with a girlfriend who had just got divorced and we healed together. I stayed away from men for years and just learned to be self sufficient. Learned that I am really driven by a quest for knowledge in this lifetime and that travel and learning are as necessary as breathing for me.

  18. I got a new job and bought a condo (I also had Pluto exact on my IC). The job turned out to be horrible, I fought with my parents over condo renovations, I had homework for a graduate course I was taking, and a boyfriend who needed attention – all that Saturn squeeze! But the job turned out to be a stepping stone to better things. I still own the condo, though renting it out because it’s too far from my current job and I can’t sell it (maybe by my 2nd Saturn return!).

  19. I am 29 and going through mine now. Not only do I have Saturn at 23 Libra and Pluto at 26 Libra conjunct my ASC at 21 Libra. I am in the process of completely redefining myself. I dont know where all of this is going to lead but right now I’m thinking of switching careers and moving. It’s been a very introspective and somewhat secluded time for me.

  20. Has anyone here ever had saturn conjunct their sun right BEFORE their saturn return ? As in your rising sign follows your sun sign ? Were you wiped out ? I have saturn on my sun right now, and will have my return in less than 2 yrs. I also have saturn in the 1st house :). I am a little anxious about this.

  21. Moved thousands and thousands and thousands of miles away, lived in Europe, had a baby. It was not the thrilling Living Abroad experience I envisioned and I was poor as hell, but aside from the poverty I was the happiest I had ever been in my life. I should never have come back. I got scared I was ranging too far afield from my family and was deeply worried about how I would handle motherhood without any support at all.

    In my next life, no fear. Keep walking. If you’re striking out, don’t turn back, it was too late a long time ago.

  22. I gave up on my pathetic, so-called acting career, broke up with my pathetic, so-called actor boyfriend, moved in with my parents and stayed in my room and cried for a month. Then I got off my ass and built a new life.

  23. I moved from NYC to the midwest to attend graduate school, fell in deep love for the first time, and established a career for myself. Of course there were other themes and events playing out at the time….it was hard work, often scary, but a pretty amazing period when I look back.

  24. I had severe digestive problems (Saturn in Virgo), and had to overhaul the way I ate, got rid of dairy, gluten, and processed/packaged foods. Significant turn around in the way I felt, my complexion became “almost perfect,” and I lost a little weight due to the diet change.

  25. Hmmm…. Pluto was “Waltzing” (aka: dancing) through my stellium. My military career was taking off fabulously and Life was good. At end of the Saturn Return I realized it wasn’t good to remain single…. hense a search for the “woman of my dreams”. Still looking.

  26. I met the hubs, got married, had my first baby and moved 3times. Once saturn was done with it’s return, it immediately hit my venus and then went into my 12th house. When it was out of my first house, I had grown and matured in ways, to make me the responsible person I was meant to be :).

    I don’t remember it being a ‘bad’ or unhappy time, though it was challenging. But I think my chart’s built for challenging, so I was happy with all the challenge/change/work :).

  27. I was in a very emotionally abusive marriage. I had gotten him into and through medical school, all the while, he had been doing everything to destroy any self esteem I might have been holding on to. It was hell, and I finally realized that if I were to stay with him, I would have to kill off a part of myself, a very important part of myself. I finally found the courage, or the inevitability, to face all my fears, and leave him. December 10, 1986, I packed up everything that I could fit into my little car, and drove away, leaving him my dogs and cat, and began the journey from Michigan to California, crying most of the way.
    Interesting about this upcoming eclipse on the 10th. I’ve always considered December 10th my “rebirth”day. It was also the day that my adoptive parents brought me home. Hoping that this upcoming eclipse on that day will signify the end of this particular era of my life, and that another will soon make itself clear.

  28. When I posted my response in 2007 I was still in the learning stages of transits.

    At the same time of my Saturn Return, Pluto was conjunct my ASC. I’ve since attributed that to the constant feelings of foreboding–not my SR. That was quite the tag team.

    My Saturn Return occurred in my 8th. That with Pluto/ASC, it was a fight to stay ‘up.’ That was when the cracks in my relationship with my then-partner started forming. I remember thinking, how we were like two trains running on parallel tracks. I wasn’t sure if we’d ever converge again. It turns out, we wouldn’t.

  29. I was dreading it; everyone was “ooh, Saturn return”. Hah! Little did I know the transits I’d already got through. f – yes. Saturn is in my first conjunct Chiron and Ceres. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune had already crawled over my sun in short succession before Saturn got home again. Much worse had already happened. Sat return was like a new beginning, new structuring out of that chaos. I moved into a great house that year. I fell in love and for the first time was in a GOOD relationship with a really kind man, it was very healing. I got a good job with some propsects. Those years were some peaceful, fruitful years. I gained some ground.

  30. My dream of owning a coffeehouse came true. Interestingly enough, a year after I bought the cafe, I had an astrology group that started meeting at the cafe. Someone in the group asked me if I wanted them to do my birth chart for me. Not knowing much about astrology, I said sure, why not. That’s when I discovered I was going through my saturn return.

  31. My Saturn Return was pretty good to me. I was going through some difficult Pluto transits.

    I have Saturn in Gemini in the 6th. I explored a lot and had a lot of interesting adventures traveling. I got the job I have now (have been here 10 years), and met my husband a few months after I turned 30. I feel like my Saturn return was the start of me settling comfortably into my own skin.

  32. I had the MOST liberating experience of my life: I saw John Bradshaw on PBS – Healing The Shame That Binds You. I took responsibility and sought help for the childhood abuse. I left my husband who wouldn’t grow up and leave the party alcohol/drug lifestyle behind. I overcame my addiction to drugs and alcohol.
    1st house Saturn (Aquarius) opposite North Node 7th (Leo)
    1st house Jupiter conjunct Chiron (Pisces) opposite Uranus 7th (Virgo)

  33. My Saturn is in leo conjunct ascendant – I just started getting interested in astrology at the time, so had no knowledge of the return when it happened – but boy did I a year or so later! I was working in another city as an actor with a director I’d had sucess with before (actually during my progressed lunar return [age 27] I won an award for a film we did together previously)but this time literally a month after my Saturn return, what felt like totally out of the blue, I was blamed for the failure of the new project, we had a huge falling out – it was shattering. About a year after that I had a serious car accident, and have barely worked in acting since. Good news is since that time I have learned a lot more about astrology and can see this is only part of a larger cycle. I’m now 36 and just last month reunited and repaired my friendship with the director – it took that long, but boy what a relief that was! I was a very premature baby (14 weeks) and can see my return was perhaps an echo of that trauma. Any-way onwards and upwards! I’m actually looking forward to my Saturn square coming up next year, Saturn will also cross my IC around that time and I understand it will herald the beginning of a new upward momentum in my life – it’s just cycles, things ebb and flow…. 🙂

  34. I became more real. Reality became more real. I know that sounds strange – what I mean is that my perceptions became clearer. I began to connect with the world as it is and not through a bunch of filters and preconceptions. And it is a gazillion times more amazing than anything I could’ve cooked up.

    I gained a lot of “achievements”(e.g., job w/the top team in my field), but being more connected to reality means more to me than those life events.

    I hope it’s okay to link to my blog here b/c I’m writing a series about the SR that I hope will be encouraging:


    Part two is scheduled to post on Monday 🙂 Don’t be anxious – your goal of coming out more confident and believing in yourself after an SR is totally attainable if you are willing to work hard for it.

  35. I had been happily married, wanting a family, and I was sure I was going to have my first child during my Saturn return. Instead, I ended up getting divorced. Because Saturn went retrograde, it went back and forth over my natal Saturn for about 8 months. The changes that occured took me completely by surprise. I definitely grew up a lot. I remember feeling like I was living in a snowglobe that someone kept shaking. There was a lot of pressure and a real feeling of instability. It wasn’t a happy or comfortable experience, but I wouldn’t trade it. I came out a better person.

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