What Happened During Your Saturn Return?

saturn phasesFrom an email…

“I’d like to read about everyone’s Saturn Return experiences. I have a slight case of anxiety about mine coming up here pretty soon but I am ready. There are changes within myself I need to make and I hope my return will push me into it. Has anyone come out of it with a positive experience, or did it take years after to realize the affects it had? I’m hoping to come out with more confidence and faith in myself.”

What happened at your Saturn Return (roughly age 27 1/2 to 30 years old)?

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What Happened During Your Saturn Return? — 63 Comments

  1. l felt like getting serious about my life!
    l wanted to commit for real in a couple of months we moved in together and had a big party celebrating our love sort of a wedding party where we also performed.
    we started a band and performed.
    l felt l needed to get serious about creativity and share it with a big group of friends/people….it went from there! It was a good time for me! l finally felt l was a part of something and it made me really happy! l have lost being a part of something now… l would not worry about the Saturn return it could be a really great time!
    l have Saturn Leo 11th h.

  2. I went back to university after 7 years away from school, I moved out of my party house with lots of druggie roomates and into a quiet residence on campus. I had lived out west for 7 years but moved 4590 miles east upon graduation to get away from the coke scene, basically couch surfed until I worked my tail off to get a “real” job. That took almost a year. I got into the hottest relationship of my life with a total commitment-phobe for two years and on my 29th birthday (9/11, btw) I met a really nice guy. But I stayed with Mr. Smooth Moves until I was (no joke) hit by a bus the following March. The bus incident left me unable to work for six months and I had a lot of time to think. Then one late evening on my front steps after a great time I suddenly told hotness to never call me, never show up at my house, never try to seek me out again – we’re done. Then I immediately sought out the nice guy who was wondering all that time if I would ever call him. Thank god I did. We got married shortly after. Still have the man, still have the job, I never could have predicted any of it but I’m soo happy now. Basically my saturn return got me up off my a$$ and going on things that were real, not superficial.

  3. I’m about to go through mine in October and I’m am already starting to feel it. Not sure what to expect. . . . .

  4. I’m 29 years old now so I guess I’m going through Saturn right now (my natal Saturn is at 8 degree Saggitarius). I finished a Master program abroad then flied back home, moved to a city far away from where I used to live, 1 year ago. It’s been a really hard time for me when I thought I learned so much to grow into a more matured person, problems appeared in my relationship with my family, who meant everything to me but has completely brought me down recently leading me to think more seriously about having a small family of my own. lies, coldness, abuses in family, evil relatives…clearly show dark and material side of life, which I didn’t have the experience of dealing with previously. I’m expecting changes in my career though.

  5. Hello. I have Saturn kicked my butt several times. I am 63 and have gone through two Saturn Returns. First Saturn Return my husband was killed tragically, leaving me with a 2 and 1/2 yr old. Much more to that story. I was 26 yrs old.
    Second Saturn Return, my son got married and I lost several members of my family, since I am the youngest one. Everyone has passed from illness.Parents, sisters, brothers in laws, etc.

    My Saturn is in Libra in the 4th House. I have had several relationships and have never remarried.

  6. Quoting Arte Johnson, from the TV show Laugh In (1967-1971): “Verrry innnteresting..” 😉
    *he’s been on my mind, lately*

  7. My saturn return completely destroyed my life. I used to be married, live in a 3 floor house, part of a church with friends and close family ties and helped in my community and had just graduated university as a late bloomer. All of the above mentioned were obliterated.

    – Married, but now divorced…but that wasn’t enough, my ex wife spread rumours around and broke up all the close friends and family relationships, i now don’t even consider my family as family anymore, and that’s both sides of my family.

    – 3 floor house, but now been homeless for 7 years.

    – Part of a church, but obviously i gave up that belief in such nonsense after what i was experiencing.

    – i do not help anyone anymore unless truly compelled to.

    – after years of dead end jobs and ending self defeating beliefs, i plucked up the courage to go to university, but had to start from the very bottom, taking various studying courses to get entry to university. After graduating as one of the top in my class, then the saturn return kicked in. Didn’t manage to get a career because all hell was breaking loose, and everything i tried to do was blocked…. eventually all that i had studied had disappeared from my mind. I also had mental blocks due to stress and began having memory problems regularly.

    to add to this i had to watch and take care of my mother as she was deteriorating from liver complications, for which she had transplants.

    i used to be very confident and out-going…
    now some days i wonder why i live…

    im in a much worse off situation than ive ever been…

    dont know why im seeing so much positive stuff on the internet about saturn being a teacher and giving gifts of some sort, when it has clearly brought me nothing but pain and disappointment and has robbed me of everything i worked so hard to get.

    Now im just lost… saturn is a fucking piece of shit!

  8. I’m in my saturn return right now and it’s been devastating. My now ex boyfriend broke up with me not long after getting pregnant and changed his number didn’t hear a word from him. That in itself broke me to be dumped like that and then 4 days ago I find out VIA Facebook that weeks later he was already in another relationship and that he has been diagnosed with stage 3 stomach cancer .I’ve never felt so heart brokenhearted in my life. Right now I’m depressed and can’t think straight. This saturn return broke me and can’t wait for this Saturn return to be over.

    • Vicky87, he may be claiming “stomach cancer” so you don’t pursue child support. I don’t want to upset you further but be aware, people do things like this. I’m sorry. 🙁

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