What Does Jupiter Have To Do With Nazis?

Jupiter noJupiter is known as the greater benefic and is one of the most positive planets out there. It has a well-earned reputation for conferring blessings and improving even the bleakest situations. However, like any bright light, it casts a long shadow. Jupiter, it turns out, has a dark side.

Jupiter rules the concepts of expansion, belief, and vision. These are usually great attributes, but it’s possible to have too much of anything. Too much expansion can create things like colonialism or materialism. That floating trash island in the Pacific? All Jupiter’s doing. And too much belief creates dogma and zealotry. Too strong a vision can cause people to stop at nothing to make it a reality. Which is where Nazis come in.

When we look at the 4 main figures in Nazi Germany, there is a remarkable through-line. They all have tight aspects between Jupiter and their Suns or Moons, sometimes both.

· Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS, was the real visionary. He imagined himself to be a spiritual descendant of great warriors and occultists throughout history, and he had a clear idea of what a perfect Germany would look like. He was a wild-eyed zealot who preached his own version of the gospel and was known to absolutely require that all SS officers believe in God. Looking at his chart, it’s obvious that this comes from his grand trine between Jupiter, Mars, and the Moon. His beliefs were deeply rooted in his psyche and he was driven to spread his evil vision at all costs.

· Hermann Goering, the man expected to be Hitler’s successor, was a flamboyant, jovial type. He saw himself as a great man and believed that normal rules did not apply to him. When he was young, he even abandoned his military post and instead joined the German air force to train as a pilot. And somehow, because of his forceful yet affable nature, he got away with it. He also dreamed of a great, expansive German empire and had a compulsive need to push for Germany to squirrel away more of the world’s resources. Goering had Jupiter conjunct Mars and square the Sun and Saturn. This speaks of a man who would stop at nothing, even cruelty and mass murder, to get his way. As long as his standing was elevated, he had no concern for the means by which it came about.

· Josef Goebbels, who was in charge of the Nazis’ propaganda operation, was a man of fanatical devotion. He didn’t care much about the beliefs or actions of the Reich. He cared about supporting Hitler at all costs. With Jupiter conjunct Venus and square the Moon, his beliefs were rooted in relationships and personal feelings. In essence, Hitler was his religion. And it was with religious fervor that he spread the Fuehrer’s message far and wide.

· Finally, we come to Hitler himself. Hitler had Jupiter conjunct the Moon and trine his Sun. In many ways, he was his own god. However, both the Moon and Jupiter were badly placed in Capricorn, the sign of the Moon’s detriment and Jupiter’s fall. This created a sense of frustration, as if the vision he had of himself as a great man couldn’t quite be realized. This led him to push harder and harder, becoming fanatical in his desire to prove himself. But with his broken Jupiter and Moon, no amount of respect or power was ever enough. Thus he embarked on his horrific quest to expand his empire and remake Germany in his own twisted image.

Of course, not everyone with these aspects will turn out this way. We are all a complex mixture of our charts, our environments, and our opportunities. But it’s clear that Jupiter’s influence is not always positive. Like any powerful gift, it can be used for good or for ill. In this case, Jupiter fueled the fanatical, violent, expansionist vision of these four men, and led to horrific atrocities and the near ruin of several nations. While most of us will never have either the desire or the opportunity to behave in a way even remotely approaching that, this story does have a lesson for us all. We must always remember to temper our gifts, beliefs, and power with compassion and humility. Otherwise, there’s no telling where it could lead.

Have you ever had too much of a good thing? What are your stories of Jupiter gone awry?

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What Does Jupiter Have To Do With Nazis? — 27 Comments

  1. I hate German bashing. They were fighting the expansion of the Bolshiviks. Our ally Stalin was the good guy huh? Which side nuked two cities with millions of innocent women and children? What about Dresden? Wars are caused by tension in the outer planets just as is the current pandemic and economic situation. The idea of a war to bring about peace is akin to an orgy to bring about virginity. Wanna talk about a Halocaust?
    Let’s start with getting rid of Mount Rushmore!

    • There is a lot that is swept under the rug about the WWII era, and it is disturbing. The Bolsheviks were far worse than anything and we never hear about them. History is written by the victors and communism was the victor.

    • I am well aware of the greater historical context of the era.

      I certainly don’t mean to suggest that the responsibility for all that happened between 1939-1945 lies solely with these 4 people. I do mean to suggest that there is a reason that these particular men rose to the positions they held, and that the role of Jupiter in their individual charts played a pivotal role.

  2. Third house Jupiter (chart ruler and Sag Moon) square 12th house Neptune. I get flooded with (in)sight and can’t speak. My throat physically closes up and sometimes hurts. And then I blurt lol.I love the onemonipeic quality of blurt. lol

  3. Overindulgence. Caring too much. Taking on too much. Inability to handle all the abundance it brings. How can Virgo slot all that stuff? 😀 She can’t. I surrender and let it all just be. I don’t have to handle everything that comes my way. Forced me to learn to make decisions and set boundaries. Like where am I in all this? Opposes Mars in Pisces. I was reacting not acting.

    • Now I am laughing at myself. Jupiter Sun 10th house. So 10th house supposed to be Father? Flashback: He always said ‘let it be.’ I find that amusing.

      I can see why Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo. Virgo just can’t do what she is told just because she is told. She needs to know the plan. The logical chain of events and toward what end. Those necessary details that people who don’t have answers call nitpicking. I wanted someone to follow, but it wasn’t in the cards. In lieu of your write Elsa, maybe that’s a good thing.

      Back to Father. Everyone thought he was monetarily rich for some reason. So when he died some of my siblings could not wait for mom to go so they could get all this money and be rich. So when mom died, they were like where’s all the money? I was mom’s caretaker, so of course, I must have stolen it. They confiscated the computer and had a detective unearth all deleted files. Then they went to her bank and retrieved all the records. No big money. He did okay, but he was a mill worker with 8 kids. My 10th house father, the illusionist. 😀

    • Welcome, Excessthinker!

      I don’t think an entire system of political, social, and economic thought can be reduced to one planet in particular. Moreover, one would have to specify whether we’re looking at the concept itself or the execution of said concept across cultures and throughout history. However, any ideology taken to dogmatic excess would have Jupiterian qualities.

  4. Oh, it’s shared wealth. I don’t know how it killed people though. I think it is part of the economic and political cycle? It follows dictatorship that covets all the wealth for itself and the system collapses and the people are in the streets hungry and cold. Monopoly game over and time to re-group because the capitalistic dictatorship became non functional. Through it all, gotta keep your zhivago goin.

      • He’s still a dictator. I don’t know how dictator and the ideology of shared wealth got all bolluxed (sp?) up together. I guess my thing is that capitalism as a system is okay but needs maintenance to survive. It has to be working for the citizenry. That means there are rules of the game to keep it working. When taking advantage and rule bending become the norm for the few, it is a problem. It becomes a losing game. And we end up walking ourselves right into what we don’t want.

        • I would have to say my dogma is democracy. And my concern is that capitalism and manipulation of the masses with fear will destroy it.

          • Yep, still a dictator. I don’t know the answer. I think the closest I’ve come is my belief in the American ideal. Freedom, liberty, self-reliance and responsibility to our communities.

            • Boundaries of self reliance and community are a bit hazy as we use joint resources, like air, water quality, health insurance, roadways, food supply, national security, and so on. And then with community there is the question of what defines community, and freedom and liberty for whose community. It is indeed complicated. Still boils down to basic human earthly (as you would call it) needs, and how to meet that. It’s all infrastructure as a base for people to function.

              • I guess it’s important to throw culture and tradition in there then. If we don’t have a cohesive culture that sticks to traditions, we’re lost. In my opinion anyway. It seems like that’s how the USA is these days.

  5. He’s still a dictator. I don’t know how dictator and the ideology of shared wealth got all bolluxed (sp?) up together. I guess my thing is that capitalism as a system is okay but needs maintenance to survive. It has to be working for the citizenry. That means there are rules of the game to keep it working. When taking advantage and rule bending become the norm for the few, it is a problem. It becomes a losing game. And we end up walking ourselves right into what we don’t want.

  6. My daughter has Jupiter conjunct I/C at 26-27 Aries. She is unable to manage her emotions – everything is huge and many times overwhelming for her. She has been dealing with mental health and addiction issues along with an ex-spousal abuse experience too. As Mars snuggled up to this point 2 weeks ago, the ex contacted her and she had a panic attack. After an hour on the phone with her trying to calm her, I suggested she call her therapist and also find an ongoing women’s support group. Well, all that emotion got channelled into her 4th and I’m a horrible mother “who doesn’t care”. She is “quite livid with me and beyond hurt – unmentionably more compared to what he did to her”.

    Just over the top and irrational. My A/C is 23 Cappy, so Saturn has been a really good shield during the turbulence. By the time this square pattern is over hopefully she will have made some awesome progress in her treatment rather than it all overwhelming her.

    • How do you manage your emotions?

      Where is your daughter’s moon? Where is your moon? It could shed a bit of light on your relationship.

  7. What a post! Gonna take some time to absorb. I don’t fully understand this.

    I have sun square Jupiter and Neptune is hitting it. I think I have a hidden big ego cause nobody would agree that I’m that big a deal at all and I hide it from people who might say ‘you are a 6’ or ‘some people like them chubby’ (granted it was an internet dude who said that some years ago) or your writing isn’t very good and needs structure so that I can keep my delusions. (The only thing that would make me a big deal is to work on creativity and my issues with work and be innovative which I refuse to do.) Yesterday I got teased tremendously for my stomach issues by adults as always happens when I have stomach issues, young or old, people tend to imitate the sounds. Friends asked me if I was around 12 year olds but nope, it was adults and it is always the same story whenever I get a nervous stomach. I always get teased in the same way, since adolescence when this first happened.
    Somehow my ego rebelled by telling me an egotistical story about me and what happened. Today I woke up with an inflated ego for no reason, believing I was edgy and misunderstood somehow, I know it’s a protection or defense, from being seen as mediocre and gross. My mind tends to go to extremes to protect from the middle. I also got the vibe that the person who instigated most of the teasing had some interest in me before that, I could be wrong, so my brain started spinning even weirder tales (Venus opposition mars) because usually someone’s interest in me can make me standoffish and weird. These childish ego issues sound like middle school, but the hidden overblown ego is a part of me I guess. I always protect myself by feeling different or separating myself (my sun is also in aspect to Uranus.) But the sun or ego isn’t the whole chart. And I like the other parts better. Ah, if only my chart was focused on the 9th, 10th, 11th house, would be so much better. Today my ego is spinning weird pirouettes, I called the dude who made fun of me the Shit King, because it was his job to dismantle the toilets. He would walk around merrily and proudly with a full barrel of who knows what

  8. Gee, I have a 9th house Sag Moon 10″ from a Scorpio Jupiter. I’m horrified by Nazism especially as reminders are popping up today in American politics! I do tend to idealize finer emotions though. Music, film and art affect me strongly and I am proud of my Irish roots.

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