What Does It Mean If You’re A Double Sign ie Double Aquarius?

aquariusSomeone just wrote to ask what I meant when I wrote, double Aquarius, or double Aries. Is this the Sun and Moon in the same sign? The Sun and the ascendant or what?

I was somewhat embarrassed to answer her question because when I write a phrase like that I mean any of the 2 of the 3 (Sun, Moon, Ascendant) in the same sign. I am embarrassed because it made me aware that I had adopted (what I think is ) a widely accepted definition even though it’s very sloppy astrology.

The Sun conjunct the Moon would be a true “double whatever” in my mind and acts very different then the Sun or Moon conjunct the Ascendant. What the three situations have in common is that it shows a terrific emphasis on the sign and I am sure this is how the definition was adapted.

I do think throwing them all together is distasteful but I will probably keep using the term loosely as I have in the past because it’s become popular culture at this point. Turns out there is a limit (Saturn) to my rebellion (Uranus) although I can’t imagine switching back to Placidus houses just because they are most popular.

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What Does It Mean If You’re A Double Sign ie Double Aquarius? — 9 Comments

  1. I was wondering about this myself when I saw a chart with scorpio rising with pluto conjunct. does it extend to that? is that a double scorpio? it would have the *energy* of a double scorpio, yes?

  2. Thanks for blogging and polling on this! Your comments are very consistent with what I see all over the internet and even in printed books – the different double types function differently, but are typically referred to as the same thing.

  3. i looked it up when i heard it used and didn’t know for sure which it was, saw it was being used as both, so figured it meant a lot of energy in that area and could be either.

  4. I tend to think it’s moon+sun unless the author specifies otherwise.

    When I’m writing about them myself, I use any combination of the big three. Sometimes to get a point across it doesn’t have to be sun+moon, just that the character has an excess of one sign.

  5. I always think sun/moon in one sign and have never thought to take the ascendant into account. But that may be because my introduction to the term came from an astrologer talking about my chart. I have Sun/Moon/Mercury/Jupiter in Leo and ascendant in Scorpio.

  6. I was wondering this same thing, because I have always heard it mean both Sun & Moon, or Sun & Ascendant. (I’ve actually never heard it for Moon & Ascendant, but I’m sure it happens.) It does seem like sloppy astrology, except for the fact that those three are the trio driving the train. So any duplication of a sign in any of them would be a loud impact of that particular energy, no matter how you slice it. That makes me feel that, even though it’s “loose” it’s not sloppy.

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