What Does Black Moon Lilith Have To Do With The Stock Market? (Everything)

lilith crystal ballWe’ve all heard by now about the drama with the stock market, in which a group of ordinary people boosted the stock price of GameStop and made millionaires of people overnight while bankrupting hedge funds who had bet against the stock. Similar groups of people are now working to boost the price of Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This situation was chalked up to Mars and Uranus in Taurus squaring Saturn in Aquarius. And this makes sense! Uranus brings shocks and power to the people, Taurus is associated with currency, Mars initiates the fight, and Saturn is the big structural power that people were butting up against. But one factor that is missing in this analysis is Lilith.

Lilith was battling right alongside Uranus in Taurus, making her own square to Saturn. And truly, this makes perfect sense. Lilith is the place where we engage with machines designed to crush common people in their gears. Her entire myth is about standing up to a system of authority that refuses to treat her as an equal and give her access to the same resources as everyone else.

Lilith has no patience for rigged systems. In her eyes, if a system fails to support her sovereignty, it is useless. So why, she asks, should we obey the rules? Why should we continue to allow ourselves to be oppressed? Why not twist the unfair rules to our advantage? And that is exactly what this group of small-time investors did.

And when the powers that be clamped down on everyday investors’ use of the ordinary stock market, people turned to the next gem in Lilith’s bag of tricks, which is to opt out. Just as Lilith fled Eden and carved out her own niche in the world, small investors pulled out of the traditional stock market and turned to alternative currency, thereby creating their own little sliver of wealth.

This story is still developing, and I don’t think it is anywhere close to over. In fact, in late September, while Uranus and Saturn are still squaring off, Mars in Libra and Lilith in Gemini will move to create a Grand Trine with Saturn. Will we see new rules that allow ordinary people greater access to the stock market and other types of institutional wealth? Or will the revolution continue, this time with more people able to cash in and reap the benefits?

One thing is for sure: the clash between little people and big power isn’t going anywhere. But we won’t be alone. Use her wisdom. Change the rules. Step up. Opt out. Make the system work for you. And let Lilith’s fighting spirit lead the way.

How do you feel about the stock market drama? Can you see Lilith’s influence? How do you see this playing out?

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What Does Black Moon Lilith Have To Do With The Stock Market? (Everything) — 8 Comments

  1. My natal Lilith is in Cap,square my 8th Moon along with my Mars.

    This gives me a certain… Lilith-ish approach to autocratic systems and authorities. To be honest, I dislike stern Capricornian types a lot. Even if my own Mars is in Cap.

    What they’re doing to GameStop and other markets is exactly what my Lilith always aim for. Shoot the sharks, let the masses in, offer fair opportunities to the people.
    My Ascendant is in Aquarius, so that’s what it looks like in the public – but behind the scenes, Lilith in the 12th is often undermined :-/

    I had Uranus squaring my Ascendant a couple of years ago, that felt kinda like the rest of the world is feeling now. But the Saturn/Uranus square is a better energy – less personal, more egalitarian I guess 😉

  2. BML is in my 1st House Aquarius, currently almost exactly conjunct Saturn. She squares Uranus in my 4th House and Mars retrograde conjoins my North Node in the 5th House in Taurus. Your questions prompt me to explore my world and experiences as an old warrior-woman living from a very very small home, on wheels much like Baba Yaga and her home on chicken legs. “Opting out” is something my husband and I did a few years ago, the decision to live a more vitally alive, and different slant is a process; it takes time and hard work. Yagas, witches, apprentice to be facile with living in a ‘home’ with chicken legs.
    We built our home on wheels (our version of chicken legs) with the last of our stock market money. We opted out, bought silver coins, and used almost all of it to find materials and research methods that were non-toxic and tolerable to my weakened immune system, and set out on our current journey. The woman and former friend who brokered my stocks said, “Well, if you think the sky is falling”, go ahead. We did, and we did. That was 11 yrs ago. Saturn was transiting my 9th House of Philosophy (how I view the world; what’s my cosmology). It was a time to make sense of my view with the rest of the world.
    Today we have eighty silver quarters worth $6.70 a piece. We paid $3.00 a piece when we began building our yaga house. Small change. Big experience with the day-in-and-day-out ‘stock market’ which fits more with storing my surplus in the belly of my brother, than in the Stock Market. Myth and metaphor. Lilith has a ripple to her orbit, and I think that has everything to do with how to keep on with one’s personal stock. Make it possible to exchange hard, real, work for something small(er), diversely creative and abundantly shareable.
    So many ways to be home, and invested.
    Wow, that was Lilith channeled. Lilith in the First House of the self.

  3. I gotta say that approaching this from an intuitive perspective, I don’t necessarily see Lilith in the stock market thing. I don’t see Her as being that calculating but closer to the Earth and primal. Her beauty to me is that She is outside of the system entirely.

    Of course I don’t really understand what’s happening in the stock market either, or the implications of it lol. That’s just my take, colored deeply by my personal vision of who She is. I have Sun and Pluto conjunct BML.

  4. I never gave much thought to Lillith before, but the way you describe her, I will now!
    I have been on a quest to understand all the laws and rules governing the Medicaid system, ands its a David/Golieth thing. I just KNOW there are loopholes and fine print that can advantage or disadvantage me financially, but the laws are so purposefully obscured! No one in the system will commit to answering even when I am framing a very specific question. The more they try to block, the more determined I am to find what they are hiding. My research has created a situation where I often understand the laws better than their employees do!
    Frustrating, but oddly empowering.
    In my America, even the little guy deserves equal access to the tools that will allow her to interact with the system from a position of strength and knowledge, not victimhood.
    I’m off to look up where my natal Lillith is…

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