What Does Being A Fire Sign Really Mean?

We’ve all heard about fire signs, but what does fire really mean?

Where is the fire in your chart? How do you use it?

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What Does Being A Fire Sign Really Mean? — 21 Comments

  1. 🙂 thanks for this

    I have Saturn/Midheaven/Juno and Uranus in Sagittarius in the 11th. Dreams have been so hard to come by and they’ve taken up til now. Now they’re destroyed. And I’m just floating along in some Donna Reed bib. I also have an Aries North node. Being firey takes me more effort than other people.

  2. Awesome hair and great video! I’m a Sadge sun (11H) with a Leo moon (Jupiter in Aries & Neptune in Sadge). It’s the fire in my chart that had helped me to push forward many times over the years to overcome insurmountable challenges and obstacles.

  3. I have only 2 fire. Sag moon and pluto. Trine.fire helps my water laden chart move forward. Optimism. Enliven.
    Fire inspires.
    Gets my cap rising out of ruts.

  4. My friend and I have very slowed down Sagittarius planets.. his Saturn conjuncts his sun (which has other hard aspects), mine conjuncts my midheaven. It’s really hard to have weighed down fire energy, I’ve seen my friends optimism get crushed, I’ve seen myself flounder and ‘get in my own way’ or find a grander vision next to impossible but after my Saturn return I crept toward it now I don’t know what’s up, it’s just a bitch of a time. I don’t know if Saturn/midheaven/Juno can be a stellium. Minus some asteroids (Juno, Eris, Pallas, Vesta, etc.) and the north node, I don’t have much fire other than two outer planets. If I add them, I have like 7. I don’t feel very firey. I have Chiron in the 5th and fire placements either in the 7th or conjunct Saturn. I like when the sky has a lot of earth and water going on, you can feel your way around. In the past, when there were lots of fire planets, I felt lost. As a kid I enjoyed grunge and weird MTV cartoons during Pluto in Scorpio. I felt that same way in 2016. Then during Pluto in Sagittarius, Britney spears became big and I lost any enthusiasm for music. I still can’t get over how gen z was baked in such a stupid time and turned out so beautifully and Pluto in Scorpio people that I’ve observed became true ‘slacktivists’ and isolationist hipsters who thought it was ok to put off adulthood because there was no compelling reason to get married. Learned helplessness. They’re right to tease us. I guess it’s the fire or being raised by Pluto in virgo.. I can’t explain it. There’s a lot about them I don’t understand and not being ‘with it’ annoys me. I’m worried that they burn too bright.. they have to have staying power. But the few millennial heroes I have, Drake, Donald Glover, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole.. (all black creative men with water placements) seem to have gone underwater after their Saturn return.. I’m worried because people like JuiceWRLD or lil peep or others didn’t even make it to the 27 club what the fuck I just don’t get it. Or musicians I really admire like Snail Mail put out great product at 19 and then don’t put out albums at 21. Is there something about Pluto in Sagittarius that is single minded and hungry at a young age but then can’t keep that staying power for fame? No one turned out like I thought they would. Pluto in Leo musicians kept at it and gave me hope but.. things have just not been good with the aging stuff. (See the prescient Baby Boomer Santa Community sketch.) As for Pluto in Virgo.. gen X was classified as a slacker generation but they became strong adults with good values.. being latchkey kids seems to have taught them about raising children with good values. What vitamin am I missing that gen z has where they don’t futz around in their 20s much less their teens? It feels like the idea that your 20s being a time where you clumsily bump around and find yourself was an idea with an 8 year shelf life.. as well as the your 30s are the best decade one. Gen z seems to judge millennials as harshly as the greatest generation would have. But they do it from a standpoint I respect, of drive for creativity and activism. I thought that the notion of the idealistic young person was an atavistic concept but it turns out it was only this way for my generation. How myopic of me as usual. I don’t get how things are going. What a fogey.

      • Everyone i hope keeps the child alive.
        Nothing wrong here. Hence, baby boomers. Kept going.
        I am not familiar any musician you refer to except Spears. Nothing to offer.

        I have not found much music now that very compelling.

        Saturn is a wet blanket. But also consolidates. Narrows the focus on what is pulling you toward your destiny.

        Keep the child inside. Fire people. It creates happy. Joy.

        • Thanks for your comment. That’s a really good point about Saturn. Sometimes it’s hard to channel a particularly wet blanket.

  5. My husband is a triple fire …Aries Sun, Leo Moon and Sag ascendant.

    I don’t think he’s ever been depressed in his life.

    • Fire is inspirational
      Believe that!!!!

      A sag best trait. Inspires

      Leo lends their aura to all.

      Aries. Loves challenge. Sees no closed doors.

  6. Fun video!

    My career houses (2, 6 and 10 in modern Western astrology) have Fire signs on their cusps so in my work/career I pretty much like to be independent and my own boss (and mostly I get to be it.)

    As it happens with Fire if I believe in something I’ll market it, spread the word, support it, campaign (in my quiet ways) for it, etc.

    Can’t work in anything that doesn’t trully align with my core values or beliefs – Fire in the career houses.

  7. Wish I’d knew! Just mars in aries singleton here. Aries girls are fun (most of the ones I know, have a pisces moon). It used to be us dancing, going out, having fun, doing a silly (harmless) thing or two. I don’t know a lot of leos around my age and saggi is that person who goes missing for years only to come back with a bang and dissappear again. But they all have this energy about them ‘ come on, let’s go’ A nice video! Everyone needs a fiery friend in their lives. 🙂

  8. Moons should be compatible.
    Air fire
    Water earth

    I truly think more than sun sign.
    Then venus. Mercury connections

    Jupiter too

    What is divine. Is Jupiter to venus. Love this connection.

    • i always find mars to moon really strong. even if square moons or suns.

      as for topic, its so true. I was with an Aries man, near pisces cusp, and he had venus aries/sag mars. with leo rising. The man could never be depressed, and when he felt the strong urge of depression coming on, due to circumstances out of his control outside of his sphere, that effected him, he would take St. john’s wort herbal…and he said it helps alot. But usually he doesn’t take it much, because the next day he has a new fire/creative juice in his head going and wants to pursue it. giving him the gusto to keep going and living. That spark of wanting to create and do it. It also reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh, he had a fire heavy chart. Aries stellium i think, and i saw and read that he painted thousands of art pieces, just going and going and going…like an energetic battery. Despite having lack of funding, (his brother Theo always helped)!

  9. Amazing..thanks

    Learn new astrology every day.

    It was once asked ” strongest element” an astrologer said water.
    After the tsunami of Indonesia.

    Sort of odd. I always think fire or earth.

    To me the most strong mars is the indicator. Aries. Scorpio, cap.
    I think mars in cap fabulous. They just go and go. Steady.

    What you think?
    Sun sign the heart of a chart.
    Strong sun or mars. ?

    I know a scorpio conjoin pluto. Wow. Strong intense. Sextile mars , jupiter and neptune. Moon

    Hard to say.

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