What’s the Meaning of This Stellium?

STELLIUM! Nota, I recently discovered that I have the sun in Virgo as well as three other planets in Virgo – Mercury, Saturn and Venus. Would those be considered a stellium? If so, what does that mean for me? Thanks, -Mandy

Great question Mandy. The answer is Yes, you DO have a formation known as a stellium.  A stellium is what we call it when a person has three or more planets in the same sign. Some of the more finicky astrologers only consider it a stellium if the planets are conjunct (that’s within 10 degrees from each other.) In general though, it is accepted as a stellium as long as they are all in the same sign.

Pink Note: In astrology the Sun and the Moon are also considered “planets.” So include these when counting. So, in your case Mandy, you can say you have a four planet stellium in Virgo. Stelliums that involve the Sun belong to people who are shining examples of their sign. The singer/songwriter Pink has a stellium in Virgo that involves her sun. This comes out in her work with PETA and her Vegan lifestyle.

What this means for any stellium is that you have a heavy concentration of that sign’s energy in your chart. This spells focus. People with stelliums are less likely to suffer from attention deficit unless its in Gemini, haha just kidding Geminis, hey look over there —>

There is a tendency to have “a thing.” As in to be taken up with a single subject for a period of time. They become engrossed in that subject and make it the theme of thier life, for a while. Stellium people can outline definite chapters in their life according to their various phases. Picasso had a stellium in Taurus opposite his Scorpio sun. Blue period, anyone?

Blue Because the planets are bundled together so closely transits can hit hard. They knock you in the whole stellium like pins in a cosmic bowling alley. STRIKE! Look at the order of the planets in your stellium and you may notice that pattern play out in your life’s episodes over and over again. Example: Mercury, Saturn and Venus – First you’re interest is piqued, then you are cautious, finally you fall in love.

Look at the house or houses the stellium falls across in your chart to determine what area you tend to direct your natural focus.

Do YOU have a stellium? Tell us about it.



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What’s the Meaning of This Stellium? — 57 Comments

  1. Interesting, just yesterday I googled stellium. What I found out there focused on the 10 degree of separation thing, so I was figuring that my sun, pluto, uranus pile up in leo (29,28,4) did not apply, but glad to hear differently. Unfortunately, I was adopted, and don’t know about houses, but what you said about being engrossed in a subject, and making that your “thing” really hit home. I’ve done that over the years with mythology, spirituality, gnosis, history.
    Yes, transits hit hard!

  2. Talk about getting struck out. I have sun, mercury neptune mars in Sag.
    sun and mercury are conjunct at 28 sag technically conjunct venus at 8 cappy. So pluto steam rolled over all my sag and is heading for venus.
    I also have moon tightly conjunct jup in pisces both conjunct two asteroids. when pluto was striking me out in sag he was also striking me out in Pisces too SQUARE…oh sorry STRIKE!

  3. 5th House Taurus Stellium. T-square with 8th House Saturn, 11th House Uranus.

    Basically I’m the most stubborn fucker you’ve ever met–until I change my mind on a dime (Uranus!) and then you start telling me I’m crazy because I’m not who you thought I was. (Where am I?)

  4. Virgo too in the 8th/9th. From 0 deg to 26 deg though. Jupiter Venus Pluto Uranus. I guess that progression goes from “Weee to WTF” lol.

    Astute about the definite chapters nota.

    You have a libra sun sandwich, patrice. 🙂

  5. Two stelliums: three planets in Virgo, four in Gemini, most involved in square aspects. I’m ruled by Mercury! And yes, my life defnitely consists of “a thing” and my life can be separated into four distinct chapters. Career, friends/relationships, lifestyle, homes–none carried over from one chapter to another. When it’s over, it’s over. I’m not too crazy about my mutable-heavy chart.

  6. Assuming my rising is Cancer (on balance now seems most likely) I have my Cap stellium of Mercury in the 6th and Sun & Venus in the 7th. Emotional matters and relationships have always been most important to me, easily trumping the parlous state of my finances etc

    I’m very given to periods of obsession over a project, person etc. I’ve often spent a few months or even years delving very deeply into something only to drop it completely afterwards… and yes my lofe does fall into distinct chapters, some bearing little or no relationship to any other

    The Cap stellium is quite heavily aspected:

    Sun Trine Moon
    Sun Conjunction Venus
    Sun Opposition Mars
    Sun Square Jupiter
    Sun Opposition Saturn
    Moon Trine Venus
    Mercury Square Neptune
    Mercury Opposition Ascendant
    Venus Opposition Saturn
    Venus Quincunx Uranus

  7. Sun, Venus, Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio.

    All but Mercury in the 12th.

    I feel like my Gemini Moon (in the 7th) totally fucks it all up.

  8. I have a giant stellium, and the only thing I ever knew about that was…well not very much at all! This is such a great post!

    Thank you nota!

  9. The Man in my life (though probably not for much longer) has a four-planet stellium in Leo:
    Sun, very conjunct Uranus (less than 2 degrees separate), also conjunct Mercury, all those prob in the 12th house, and he also has Pluto, probably in the first house.
    No wonder he’s difficult to understand and pretty well unmanageable

  10. Thanks for your comments everyone. Chrispy, yours made me lol. This is a topic that I have a little bit of experience with.

    Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto in Libra.
    Moon, Mercury, Venus, Uranus in Scorp.

  11. I just had an identity crisis Nota….LOL I’ve been under the impression for years that 3 planets in the same house constitutes a stellium. Damn. Virgo Sun-Mars, Leo Mercury all in the 12th. Double-damn or perhaps it’s a good thing?

    Great post and wow, all that Scorpio in your chart definitely shows in your picture!

  12. JinJan,
    It’s similar. I would describe that as having a “packed house.” A stellium really display a prominent vibe of whatever sign its in. A packed house will have some of the focus but less of the obvious energy of the stellium.

  13. I have a libra stellium in 6th house with Merc, Saturn, Pluto…the sign really doesn’t show in my personality, it seems the planets and house are the most important elements of my stellium. The way I communicate in person really does show the blending of Saturn and Pluto in there, and that’s not Libran!

  14. Thank you Nota!Love your posts!

    I have got a stellium in Libra in the 10th(Sun at 5,Pluto at 8 degrees conjunct my Midheaven at 3 plus Mercury at 24 conj. Uranus in Scorp at 1°).
    So right now I have Saturn rolling right over me and Pluto squaring sharply..Your bowling metaphor is really brilliant.I am heading for a new career direction,facing deep transformational stuff.Oh, these days everything is pretty intense.My cancer moon in the 8th is shaking,too 😉 “The only way out is through..” My sag rising gives me loads of hope and strength to make sense of this all 🙂

  15. Stellium in Virgo – Mars 24, Sun 28, Mercury 29 with a 28 degree ascendant. Pluto in Libra at 1 so how does that figure?

    Nota, thanks for emphasizing that transits hit hard. The pluto square was brutal enough (wrecking ball), but Saturn going through these was like a steamroller. Then when you add the Uranus opposition…is that like a cluster bomb? Ah well. It’s not all bad. The light of the end of the tunnel has been visible for a few months now.

  16. My Virgo stellium: Saturn (at 29th degree), Venus, Moon, Mercury, plus South node, makes me very judgmental and hypercritical, which I hate, since it’s always at odds with my bright magnanimous Leo moon. I’ve decided to become more Pisces, which is where my North Node resides.

  17. Virgo stellium with Mercury, Venus and Pluto in the first house (Merc rules my 2nd house Virgo Sun). But my Leo Uranus+Moon on my Ascendant grabs all the initial attention, so the deeper Virgo stuff may go unnoticed at first. I think it’s confused some people!

  18. I have a leo stellium in the 10th which to me explains why i need to have a career that is based on something I am gifted at and passionate about because my career is also a lifestyle choice.

  19. I have 6 planets all in Virgo (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter,Uranus, Venus,Pluto) all in the 12th house.
    Can anyone offer any input.

  20. According to Nota’s definition, I have a Scorpio stellium in my 5th house,it includes Uranus,Sun,Mars,Mercury or if you only count the planet’s that are conjunct in the same sign then it would be only Sun-Mars-Mercury conjunct one another in the same sign because Uranus isn’t conjunct my Sun, it’s just in the same house and sign. Either way sun-mars-mercury are all opposite jupiter Rx in Taurus which I’ve been told is also significant.

    I tend to get hyperfocused and extremely enthusiastic about things. I’m also prone to sudden changes of mindset. It totally perplexes and frustrates people.(I don’t blame them) I’m not sure where that comes from though. It’s kind of weird for a predominantly fixed chart.

    Do you think that Uranus would have that much of an impact on my stellium even though it’s not conjunct any of the planets in it?

    Thank you for this post Nota. 🙂
    It was really informative.

  21. Nota:
    Thank you for an interesting post. I have quite a large and tight stellium in Virgo:

    Moon 01Vir56’36’
    Venus 02Vir51’34”
    Sun 10Vir38’8″
    Merc 19Vir56’25”
    Pluto 20Vir4’45” (*21Sco50’28)
    Uran 23Vir54’22″(*25Mar58’20)

    However, in most meet-and-greet situations, my Jupiter conjunct ascendant 23Leo is more apparent.

  22. Hi, I have a question; I have a stellium – pluto, mars, uranus (tight) in virgo conjunct my midheaven. Im attracted to a man who also a stellium in venus, pluto, mercury, jupiter in virgo conjunct my stellium. Im VERY attracted to him, not sure how he feels, but something seems to be there – could be my imagination. Its very tricky – we are both in other relationships. But this doesn’t seem to be going away. Do I want it to? Im not sure, but its consuming. Any thoughts/advice appreciated? the fact its conjunct my midheaven is also very relevant to the situation.

  23. I’ve got venus, pluto, mercury, n.node and jupiter in Scorpio. All of these planets are also in my tenth house, except pluto:)

  24. I have tight Scorpio stellium involving Mercury, Mars, and Neptune in my 3rd house that forms part of a yod comprising of an 8th house apex Eris in Aries, and a 1st house Pluto in Virgo, and a life story to match it. And yes! Transits can hit hard…

  25. I have moon in scorpio glued to the dsc(in 7th house), north node same in scorpio and pluto also… Is that stellium in my 7th house?

  26. I have always been interested in astrology, but lately I have been studying it more. I am still learning about the aspects/patterns. I have discovered I have 2 Stelliums: Aries 9th house Sun(16°) Venus(16°) Mars(15°) & based on this info her I have a formative Stellium in Libra 3rd house Jupiter(4°) Saturn(5°) Pluto(23°). I would love to know if anyone has any insight or can interpret what this mean?

  27. I have Virgo stellum in my first house with conj Uranus/moon/Pluto. Mars is also there in Virgo in the first house. I also recently learned I am Plutonian (?) because of Pluto’s placement there. That kind of explains my very intense feelings at times. Btw, I am a Aquarius but born on the cusp Capricorn (0° 47′ 19″) Yeah for me.

  28. I have the Sun, Venus, and Mars in Taurus and Mercury in Gemini all in the Seventh. Three other planets not a part of that stellium are in Libra, and one of them is my (other) ruling planet Pluto. I am very glad uranus opposes this mess in the first. If a planet in the first opposes two planets in the stellium (Merc and Venus), that means all the planets in the stellium are in opposition to that planet as well, correct?

    Also is any planet in the first house considered “planet X Rising” or “Planet X Ascendent,” or would the planet have to be conjunct the ASC to be considered rising?

    • well what do you think of the stellium? lol I know it seems like a lot of Libra/seventh house but I am not super social at all, I am in my thirties and have never had a steady boyfriend! It is also a lot of Taurus/Scorpio so apparently I still think you might answer two years later(?)

  29. Virgo Stellium>Six planets in Virgo> Sun,Jupiter(12th house) Venus,Mercury,Pluto,Uranus(1st house). Mars in 11th house, Leo. Does the position of Mars have an effect on the stellium? My studies of it leads me to beleive that Mars is pushing the stellium or gives it more energy

  30. my daughter has stellium sun, moon, mer, ven, mars, uranus all in the 5th house, also a cancer ascendent, very watery emotinal girl, but has alot of strength she has gaied over the years, proud of her achievements.

  31. Hi my name is Austin i have jupiter venus mars and pluto all in sagittarius if anyone can give me more information id really appreciate it

  32. Pluto 0 degrees 15 in Virgo, Sun 3 degrees Virgo, Mars in Virgo 11 degrees, Moon 23 degrees in Virgo, mercury 25 degrees in Virgo, and Jupiter in Libra at 3 degrees all in the eighth house of Scorpio.

  33. Hi !

    I have stellium in capricorn in the 4 th house. Mars, Venus, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. What it means exactely? Will I have many problems to face during this lifetime?

    Oh and my sun is in Aquarius.

    Thanks for your patience.

    • Hi!
      There you go

      Sun Aquarius 29°01’09 in house 6 direct
      Moon Sagittarius 0°53’14 in house 2 direct
      Mercury Aquarius 8°18’12 in house 5 direct
      Venus Capricorn 22°39’38 end of house 4 direct
      Mars Capricorn 14°02’27 in house 4 direct
      Jupiter Cancer 0°53’11 in house 10 retrograde
      Saturn Capricorn 21°02’44 end of house 4 direct
      Uranus Capricorn 8°20’21 in house 4 direct
      Neptune Capricorn 13°41’44 in house 4 direct
      Pluto Scorpio 17°47’13 in house 2 stationary (R)
      True Node Aquarius 16°23’33 in house 5 direct

      • I joined in! Could someone tell me why everyone says that a capricorn stellium is difficult to deal, in terms of lifetime goals and love life?

        • In terms of goals cap would be great: structured, steady, determined, but in love life can be a little cold, unemotional but a very devoted partner. My husband has sun moon merc in cap in 6th and he works a lot. His business is very important to him.

  34. Hi 🙂 so honestly I have only started researching today on astrology. My sign is cancer but my moon, Mars, mercury,Vesta,Ceres, and AS are all in Gemini. My moon and Mars conjunct with my AS (I’m not completely sure what this means). I also have another grouping in Scorpio with Jupiter, Pluto and node, would this be another stellium? I also found it interesting that my 12th house has the most planets being pallas, Lilith, moon , and Mars. House 3,7,9 are all empty and are all associated with air, could this mean something? My Mars and my Moon are 0 and 1 degree. Can anyone give me some insight?

  35. Hello, I have the following configuration:

    Sun Leo in house 8
    Moon Taurus in house 6
    Mercury Leo in house 8
    Venus Leo in house 8
    Mars Leo in house 8

    So, it is a stellium in leo and also in house 8. It is weird because I do feel like a Leo and as a Scorpio at the same time. I noticed that house 8 gives me very perceptive abilities, it is almost I can see through a person to the smallest details, theirs fears, emotions, inhibitions, and can easily find out where they come from. It is very easy for me to tell someone’s intentions, whether they’re lying or hiding something. Some people feel nervous around me, some like it. Sometimes I feel it is a curse, and sometimes a blessing. Does anyone have any experiences with similar placements?

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