What Does A North Node Opposition In Synastry Mean?

Hi, Elsa.

I think the North and South Nodes and how they guide your life cannot be emphasized enough. But one burning question.

Is there a compatibility consideration between North nodes? I believe North nodes tend to manifest in how the person approaches their life, how they show and express themselves to other people and what they strive for naturally.

If my North node is opposite to someones North Node (I.E. Mine is in Leo , his in Aquarius) does that spell trouble for the relationship? Its definitively a learning one but is it a case of “two ships passing in the night towards different ports”?

This is an interesting question. I had to think about it for awhile. I don’t think an opposition between the north nodes spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E. The challenge is in trying to explain my thinking. How far should I go?

I can make my case right away, using the Cancer / Capricorn axis.  A couple with a nodal opposition in those signs can easily join their lives and manifest their destinies because they’re both parents. Done.  But beyond that, this idea is way too simple.

I think this is entertained because everyone is out there looking for their straight-line “soulmate”. This is mistake. Life is truly beautiful and people and they paths they take to arrive a their ultimate destination are generally surprising and complex.

Specific to the Leo/Aquarius axis, I see two people on stage. One is theatrical and childlike. The other is the straight man – cool and collected.

This made me think of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. This prompted me to look at their charts and guess what? They have a nodal opposition in their charts (Cancer and Capricorn). They were clearly not ships that passed in the night.

What do you know about nodal oppositions in synastry?

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What Does A North Node Opposition In Synastry Mean? — 23 Comments

  1. My daughter and I have opposite north nodes; hers in Aquarius conjunct Saturn, mine in Leo opposite Saturn (in other words, my natal Saturn conjunct south node). Her path of greatest development seems to be about working with groups of people, and she loves her job working in Human Resources of a large corporation. Corporate environments were toxic to me in my younger years; my path of greatest development is in heart-based work, as an individual and working one-on-one with people doing healing work. The opposition does not effect our compatibility at all, we love and respect each other for the paths we’re on.

  2. I have Sagittarius north node and my partner is Gemini north node. We’ve been together for 12 years. We are so compatible I almost feel we are the same person. Maybe that’s because we both have moon in Pisces. I don’t know but it’s feels karmic to me.

  3. North/South Node connections are impossible without planets in conjunction to them. The ones with planets tend to be long lasting but without planets, it’s very Neptunian in nature. Lots of pining but no definitives.

  4. I deeply loved someone who has North Node in Aquarius and South Node in Leo. My Chiron conjuncts his North Node, and my Uranus conjuncts his South Node.

    Does that mean he needs to go where I’ve already been (Uranus rules Aquarius) but I can’t go along with him, because my planet is stuck at his South Node, which he must move away from? And also because if he does follow his true path, it would bring pain (Chiron)? (Or, looked at more positively, healing?)

    His Lilith conjuncts my Virgo North Node/Pluto conjunction (with my Pisces Venus conjunct South Node opposite). Intense passion was there for me with him. And pure love. But then there’s Lilith, so it seems happily ever after was not our destiny.

  5. There’s a whole mini body of astro study dedicated to NN/SN readings and synastry.

    It suggests that someone’s planet on your NN can be a great thing, a journey and mission together, while someone’s planet on your SN can feel like they’re holding you back (or you’re holding them back)–those relationships are said to not work out so well, despite starting out very strong, and feeling familiar.

    Then there’s the instance when your nodes square one of their planets, which can also be tricky–you can feel as if they’re blocking their path in some way, and their foibles can make you crazy over very little! Like, sort of itchy or annoyed.

    I have a friend’s Saturn square my nodes, and I feel that she’s sometimes a heavy presence, doesn’t quite give enough in conversation, and I struggle with it. However, she also has her Venus on my NN, so I also just love her, no matter what–we’re actually sort of unlikely friends.

    In the end, I think the composite trumps the whole issue about staying together or pulling apart. Another friend has her moon in Scorpio square my nodes. Though when we met, it felt familiar, she makes me crazy sometimes! I feel like she’s always holding back in the relationship, though her Mars is conjunct my NN–you’d think that would keep us together. But our composite has Venus conjunct Saturn, as well as some Pluto issues–it feels like a controlling relationship that after 30 years, I’m ready to step away from.

    Nodes are definitely sensitive points, and have definitely had an impact, as well as have played their part in my decision about these friendships.

  6. Also, with regard to Lewis and Martin–weren’t they not speaking at the end? Or at least broken up in anger and frustration? I think I did hear that. Anyone else?

  7. My last encounter was my Virgo NN with a Pisces NN. I would’ve given a lot to make it work but the will was not mutual. And it did seem like two ships that passed each other in the night. Different philosophies as well: where I was merely selective, she was judgemental beyond belief, towards everything and everyone. Virgo SN gone berserk.

  8. My 1H Pisces Moon is 1 degree applying to my daughter’s 12H Pisces NN. In addition to mothering (Moon) her, I’ve encouraged her find peace through prayer and mediation. She’s a world traveler and she enjoys learning about different cultures and traditions.

  9. Our nodes are trine in fire. My pluto square his nodes and his Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct my south node. I feel like I fell in a trap and can’t escape. Its very binding. But he helps me transform my life (Pluto). I couldn’t have done it without him.

  10. Soup, I have the opposite nodal axis — my NN is in Aries exactly conjunct my descendant, with SN Libra conjunct ascendant conjunct Mercury and Neptune. I used to be dreamy and poetic but over time was able to develop the qualities of the Aries NN that I admired. (Actually I thought a partner had courage until I realized I was the one who had it all along.) Through my career, I fight for justice, which seems like a good synthesis of the two nodes, but I still have a passion for fashion. Actually, I feel more defined by the nodal axis than by my sun sign — weird!

  11. My deceased hubby & I shared a Virgo Asc., my NN conjunct our Asc & his NN conjunct our Desc. No marriage is without it’s trials but we felt that we **Belonged** together & the greater the challenge, the more we functioned as a seamless unit ~ starting with our first meeting

  12. I’m seeing a man who’s north node is opposite mine; though very different we have a good understanding. In his words “you know where my soul is heading” (this from a guy who laughs at astrology). We also have vertex contacts with sun and ascendant, as well as a lot of Pluto, Mars and Venus. What can I say, if it wasn’t for astrology I wouldn’t have been able to understand him and how I react to him. And it’s a pretty powerful experience!

  13. I had a north node south node opposition with both my grandmother and my longest term romantic partner. Pisces/Virgo. I felt that with my grandmother I taught her to be more free/creative, and she taught me to be more organized and discerning. Weirdly with the partner though, he seemed to be fully embracing his pisces north node, and it was kind of too much for me. Because it’s something I needed to integrate and separate more from. There was a strong bond and a lot of comfort there though. I guess you could say though that our nodes were out of balance, and drug and alcohol abuse (obvs very piscean) played a role. Perhaps if we’d been sober though this would have been a forever bond. My Grandmother and I were incredibly close to the point that I was always referred to as her favorite in the family. There was a natural understanding between us.

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