What does a man with Venus in Scorpio want?

I know what you’re thinking, you don’t even need to say it. But “sex” just isn’t going to cut it for this guy. He wants a transformative experience with his woman. What does that mean?

It means he wants to know that intimacy with him is incredibly meaningful for you, that a relationship with him moves you on a fundamental level, that he has emotionally rocked your world. This man works backward in relationships; he is likely to get to know you on a superficial level *after* he has gotten to know you on a carnal level. This can cause some early and inappropriate bonding that is more difficult to extricate from than he’d like to admit, but it’s how he works. If he’s got you in his laser beams, and you’d prefer to get to know him the old fashioned way, it’s easy to do. Intimacy can take many forms, and what he wants, bottom line, is to know you psychologically. So… share who you are. Don’t be afraid to really show him your depths; he’s going to find out anyway. Tell him your secrets– they are safe with him!

This is not a lighthearted Venus, although once you have been thoroughly investigated by him and he trusts you, things lighten up considerably. But most certainly, there will be a testing period. Fixed water is deeply emotional and not likely to shift gears easily, so if, for instance, he “feels” jealous of a conversation you are having with another man, your efforts to brush off his fears are not going to work. You’re going to have to explain yourself. Look him right in the eye while you’re doing it. Don’t minimize his concerns, and for God’s sake, don’t start texting on your phone in the middle of it all. Give him your undivided attention and show him that you understand his feelings and that you are going to stick with him until he sorts it out.

If this sounds tedious to you, and you can’t afford to expend the energy necessary for such hoop-jumping, don’t be surprised if you experience the repercussions of a man whose Venus in Scorpio has been rebuffed or dismissed. He may briefly become obsessive, in the hopes that you can be made to see how important the issue is, but if you cannot descend into the depths with him, you will leave him no choice. You will cease to exist. This Venus can be ruthless in the ability to sever a tie. But there were warning rattles, you just didn’t listen! And those secrets you told him? Well, now they’re fair game. Hopefully he doesn’t have pictures.

If you are a woman of depth, who bonds deeply and loyally to her mate, and who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable he will go to the ends of the earth with you. He’ll tolerate your crazy like no one else. He’ll even tell you it makes him hot. Get it? He gets off on “complicated”.

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What does a man with Venus in Scorpio want? — 124 Comments

  1. to be honest, the jealousy doesn’t stop, even years later. lol the other night i’m watching a Netflix series on a woman who travels in time to meet another man and she falls in love with another man. it was her destiny. of course it irritated me too because why did she not make a huge effort to get back to her original man who is not a wife beater or cheater. my husband was not happy as he was casually watching it, he is not into watching that stuff. but he will see what i’m watching and he was appalled and got really really angry that a woman would do that. Saying that she does not deserve a good man. But I wanted to keep watching the series and he was upset that I was watching it, like why would I keep watching something so horrible like that? I said to him, chill! I don’t approve either and if I were her, the original man is way better. anyway didn’t want to make this a long tirade but many things will get his ire, especially in the jealousy department/very possessive too. a man with this venus does not approve of disloyalty or even flirtation of looking at /entertaining it. You wont see him watching anything on films/or read anything that is pertaining on disloyalty. he truly hates it with a passion.

    • Black and white, baby. What they love, they love forever and what they hate… ya know. I personally find this comforting, but I have Moon in Scorpio and a Pluto/Venus conjunction!

      • I do find it comforting too, it feels really great to me. and it’s true what you wrote! that when they go the depths with you, they love your crazy. I think I understand what you mean about scorpio moons as well. Lady Gaga’s song, Bad Romance, lyrics…”I want your horror I want your design, your psycho…”

    • ‘Outlander’? Then really no good show. But I watched it too because it’s really hard to make a time travel story bad. So there was always the hope that it would become better. The woman in ‘Outlander’ tries at first really hard to get back into her time and to her husband. The whole series would have been immediately over if she had managed. So she couldn’t because otherwise there would have been no story to tell. Would perhaps have been better.

      • @falkor you watched it? that’s cool. most guys I know wouldn’t watch something like that. you’d be a girl’s pal, watching sex and the city shows, and desperate housewives type. maybe not to that extent, but most guys I have known or know wouldn’t watch movies like, “English patient”, “fatal attraction”,”unfaithful” which represents disloyalty. Even tv series like “mad men” because most of the men are constantly cheating.

        • Well, I watched none of the other series or movies, which you mention. “Outlander” can be seen as about loyalty or cheating, but it can also be seen as about time traveling and history. I also watch “Reign”. Although it isn’t really good researched.
          Mystery and sci-fi always gets a male audience. Once it was difficult for this genre to get also a female audience.

          • the writer who wrote it has Capricorn sun/Cancer moon/Sagitarius venus/Libra mars. I can see her love of adventuring (Sagittarius) her love of history – Capricorn, and family – cancer. and maybe the shadow side of libra – indecisive. Reign is terrible imo. it really is badly researched, or maybe just badly done. but the young adults view of it, because the characters are young adults, gear to that audience kind of like twilight.

            • I’ve even seen a “making of” and it seemed to me that “Outlander” is just some female sex fantasy. Although she would have to be a sadist then.
              But the constellation is interesting. A Sun in Capricorn can find my Jupiter or my North Node there. To a Venus in Sagittarius does my natal chart offer many possibilities to hook, most important Sun, MC, or a trine to Chiron. My Libra Venus would certainly like a Libra Mars, although never tested and there are also points, where a Mars shouldn’t be. My Cancer Moon should get along well with a fellow Cancer Moon, who could also find my South Node there or possibilities to form a trine, for example with my Chariklo, who is important here because Chariklo shall be important in the natal charts of sci-fi-writers. It’s rather the Moon explaining the history and time travel thing. The synastry can explain why I watched the series until the end. Fans use to have good synastry with their idols. Not that I would have become a fan, I rather had the impression that the author somewhere had given up twisting her brain around the paradoxes of time traveling and only wanted to end the story.
              Do you have good synastry with authors, who you like, and bad synastry with others?
              About “Twilight”: the characters are actually many centuries old monsters. (At least a Pluto return behind them.) That’s not what young adults should identify with, although the centuries old monsters look young because of the actors.

              • I have good synastry with my favorite comedians and musicians. usually they have plenty of water

            • elisa, this comment made me go check the character Claire’s chart: Venus is in Libra, and Mars in Sagittarius. The author didn’t plan that (nor is she an astrologer). Funny coincidence.
              PS In the book, she *did* try seriously to return to her 20th century husband…

              • @Poppy, you mean the actress? yes I checked too. it’s Venus Libra, Leo Mars actually but yes similar. Well I understand it wasn’t going to go anywhere if she didn’t go cross time. And I think the story catered to the romanticism, and the typical “love triangle” which is a common theme in a lot of books/films. Giving you an option of two men. She could have tried hard enough but I think deep down she loved being in a century rich with history and being in love with a strong virile man in her eyes. They made some online analysis too on some sites of this story, between Claire’s lovers. The ladies who made analysis on the story is that the first, original husband is too boring. The other one in a historical setting is exciting.

  2. My last significant lover was pretty much everything in Scorpio minus his Leo ASC. I felt very supported by his depth. I am a Taurus with Scorpio Pluto Rising, but the inconjuncts to all my Aries planets I think took its toll. He was also not the most mature/evolved. He definitely cut me off. I’m sure I played a role but I also felt like he needed the sour ending. He wanted me obsessing for his affection, which given our back story, after a couple failed attempts to be friendly I let it go entirely as well. Nonetheless, I do think being a complex woman with an immense amount of depth, I haven’t felt supported/Understood by anyone else In that unspoken way quite like someone with so much Scorpio. I need to go deep myself.

    • Unfortunately, him “wanting you obsessing for his affection” is the dark side, indicating someone really insecure, and the only way they trust is if they can virtually “possess” the object of their affection.

      • Right, I was definitely aware of his lack of evolvement over his energy. & that’s a hell of a lot of Scorpio! Our connection was very sexual based of course. It inadvertently became a very healing opportunity for me, so fortunately thanks to my own hard-earned maturity I was able to let go and appreciate it for what it was & even as he disappeared im still grateful for his energy. Pretty textbook Astro!

      • I don’t have personal planets in Scorpio. And I’m a woman. However, I do have 8th house Sun – and asteroids & outer planet-oids that denote intensity conjunct my personal planets.
        That was preable to saying: This is my attitude, too. Relationships (love, and friendship) where I can’t be all in… for me that’s “acquaintances”.

    • I would imagine that someone with dominant Air or Fire would totally find it exhausting. Earth and Water says… bring it!

      • Yes! So true Diane. I don’t mind Scorpio –they all fall in my 4th. It’s a nice cozy familial connection. My chart is equally balanced between all the elements buuuut I do have Venus & Moon in air. I need to breeeeeeathe in love. Lots of space. Too much intensity and I have to come up for air or go running to the hills into my sanctuary of books. ?

          • @elisa: Yaaaaas! That’s exactly why I snagged the Libra stellium, Sun in the 11th, Uranus-flavored man. He sends all the oxygen I need to my Aqua DC and airy planets. Our composite has a gianormous 11th stellium. Airrrrr, baby, airrrrr. ?

    • Sometimes people want a free ride, the benefits without the cost. If Scorpio is willing to give 100% they have a reasonable expectation their partner would do the same.

  3. My Venus placement. And yes, I can identify with that. I hate shallowness and can be extreme. The Scorpio Venus is the type that wants to hurt their mate just to make them scream their name. And having Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio as well, extremes are important. There is no such thing as timidity or half way. I either love something or I loathe it. One must FEEL deeply like myself or I want nothing to do with them.

    • Aaaahhh. I just replied, a minute ago, to a comment above, and suddenly, reading this, I feel a need to reply, here.
      My Moon *does* have two asteroids, conjunct, giving it – and my Venus, also conjunct – intensity. BUT, it’s still a Gemini Moon. Aka, that intensity has a Gemini nature. There can be lots of scope, in “shallow”. Light treatment of deep topics – not rare! … I simply wanted to add this to the conversation, by replying to a fellow Jupiter in Scorpio. 🙂

      • I have a Gemini Moon but it squares my Sun and Pluto, so I prefer depth to shallow. It intensifies my emotions. So, I guess you can say I am intensely curious about everything. Haha! And yes, that Jupiter sits near my Venus and it just magnifies the things that I love, namely all things Scorpio. My Neptune Scorpio is further along and sitting on my Midheaven, too. But I don’t do light treatment or skimming. Okay, the topics that I adore, I am endlessly exploring and trying to get to the very bottom of but of course that is impossible.

  4. I know a man with Venus in Pluto and he is in and out of relationships but there is one woman who he is eternally in love with. She’s taken. Talk about loving what’s complicated.
    I also know a woman in the same type of scenario. Is this common for Venus in Scorp?

    • Yes, obsession can be hell for Plutonic people. Sometimes they just can’t let go. However, time does help immensely, especially if they stay away from the object of obsession.

  5. I dated a VIS but the positive side never really manifested. He was very secretive and it always worked against him. These days I find comfort in the straightforward nature of the earth signs. I will agree VIS takes a long time to shake away but for me it took a mars in Taurus man to surround me in the perimeter.

      • It is, however, I can’t be with anything else. Mars in Scorpio freaks me out and mars in Aries scares me to death. Mars in Capricorn also not a good fit. I believe that those are all the exaltations and trines.

  6. Venus is in detriment in Scorpio for a reason. They can make it so hard to love them. It’s a lot of work. I have Venus in detriment too, but in Aries…Aries is supposedly selfish, non-compromising. But Aries is uncomplicated and straight forward vs Scorpio is extremely complicated And secretive. It can be a drain to love them.

    • You know, I have to disagree. Venus in Aries can be complicated too— certain people find “straightforward” to be extremely unsettling! Venus in Aries can want one thing NOW and then another thing NOW a few minutes later. This drives fixed people nuts!
      I personally have never run across a problem loving someone with Venus in Scorpio. But I run deep, so it is as natural as breathing to me. I think it’s erroneous to think that Venus in Scorpio’s “detriment” is “worse” than Venus in Aries’ “detriment”. Both signs are totally capable of relationship, it just depends on how the other person is hard wired.

      • I run very deep but my love nature is not very complicated. When I love I say what I feel readily. Venus in Scorpio is the opposite.

        Everyone can be complicated. But Aries by itself is not complicated.

        Straightforward..unsettling…yeah and Venus in Aries is in detriment.

        • I didn’t say one is worse either. But I think one is more draining. Although I agree that being able to handle Venus in a sign depends on the other persona individual love nature.

          I think it’s erroneous to say that you can handle Venus in Scorpio because you run deep. Not everyone who runs deep necessarily would enjoy being with a venus in Scorpio. And not all Venus in Scorpio people necessarily that deep.

          • So do male Scorpios. I just had that happen the other night and I had to patiently point out that Scorpios are intense and there is nothing simple about them. The guy said he likes simple things and I informed him I said nothing about likes, it was about the most famous Scorpio trait. Intensity. He admitted at the end that he was intense and wasn’t a simple person.

            • When I said accidently, then that means that I only knew by her reaction that I met a Scorpio. A very reliable test!

  7. Oh btw, I dated a Venus in Scorpio guy for a couple of years in highschool. He had a libra Sun/stellium. Shallowest mofo I’ve ever been with. Literally, the only thing he cared about was having a trophy. He liked his appearances. He was extremely vain and a sociopath, never mind he was the biggest goofy socially awkward dork ever. He put too much damn gel in his hair and he was always looking in the mirror to make sure no hairs were out of place. Always showed his huge teeth …every bit of them…when he smiled his big fake smile. Just my particular experience with Venus in Scorpio man…there are definitely better ones out there.

    • There’s definitely levels to Scorpio it depends on which level. For me that VIS guy was a pita from the beginning and then he had secrets talk about an all around ice cream sundae ?

      • Probably because I wanted to be at the time. It was actually only a year and a half rather. And let’s see….maybe I was also 16-17 years old…young and stupid..maybe that had something to do with it….hmmm… Dont think too hard.

      • Well that Libra stellium desposited the Venus. The Venus ruled the Libra planets. So technically the Venus should have been very strong. In a way it was…he was very manipulative. But deep…nah

        • Scorpios are very manipulative if they are allowed to be. Many enjoy manipulating other people because to them it is a psychological game.

          • Allowed to be? I certainly don’t think many people would allow themselves to be manipulated. Like “hey, I think I’d like to be manipulated today!”

            You mean you would need to be naive or too trusting? Certainly, I had to learn the hard way.

            I think Scorpio being manipulative is sometimes a way to protect themselves. This guy had a lot of air though. His manipulation was more detached. He was a sociopath through and through.

            • Yes, I mean if they are allowed to be. There are times it can be so subtle that another person won’t even pick up on the fact they are being manipulated. Once the other person figures out the manipulation, then they can prevent it. I once manipulated my husband into an argument just for the hell of it. He figured out what I was doing and refused to continue. [We’ve been married 20 years this fall.] Like I said, sometimes the manipulation can be done just for fun.

  8. Diane, what a good day description of Venus in Scorpio men’s modus operandi! Thanks for saying it so well!, says my Jupiter in Scorpio. 🙂

  9. Wound Venus in the 8th house, even in a different sign have some the same qualities because Scorpio is the ruler of that house?

    • @Mary: Yes. Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th house. Any planet falling in the 8th house will take on the flavor of Scorpio. For instance, if you have Mercury in Libra in the 8th, the natural “see both sides” mentality of Mercury in Libra will have a depth to it, lending a great deal of desire to “see both sides” through to the bottom of the boat, so to speak.

  10. ‘I know what you’re thinking, you don’t even need to say it. But “sex” just isn’t going to cut it for this guy.’
    Why would I have thought “sex”? Scorpio doesn’t make me think “sex”. That would I rather call a lack of competence in astrology. Scorpio makes me think “secret”. Also not “death”, but “taboo” (but that’s more the Eighth house). And of course “commitment”.

    • This is the only reply I will give to your extremely “unique” take on astrology, and your general insult to me. The 8th house is the house of unfathomable experiences, the kind that transform you on the deepest, most fundamental level. Therefore, it is the house of sex and death, two of the most “transformational” experiences known to man. Or at least known to every man but you. More’s the pity.
      If you were to take a class on Astrology, this would be Astrology 101.

      • Insult to you? You didn’t reduce Scorpio to sex. Also not to sex and death. So I didn’t insult you. But for the same reason I found it insulting that you automatically presumed all your readers what reduce Scorpio to sex.
        You’re also right that I don’t make this kind of transformative experiences. Except it would count having escaped from death? Didn’t all, who are still alive, escape from death? But there is a Scorpio in my natal chart too! Also an Eighth house and a Pluto and another planet in Scorpio and two other planets in house Eight. So what are they all doing there while I don’t make the experiences, which everybody else makes because of Scorpio???

        • @Falkor, she didn’t write that, that its reduced to sex. I got it that sex is not going to just cut it with this man. it’s “transformation” that he is looking for. Anyone can give a man sex, but some women give shallow. And that’s why these women would not do. there are 11 venus signs out there for other people you know.

          • Yes, exactly what I said. That is why she shouldn’t feel insulted at all.
            When other people say that Scorpio is about sex, then many people understand that Scorpios would be unfaithful, cheating. But that’s exactly the opposite of a real Scorpio, or no?
            I’m only interested in the nature of a Scorpio Venus because my Mars is in Scorpio. That should make a neat combination. Although Venus in Cancer or Venus in Pisces combine even better with me because Sun and Mercury, who will be somewhere around Venus, can make better connections with my chart there. But indeed I always wanted the all-in and so Venus in Scorpio can’t be different from that. That’s all I wanted to say.

        • Death is not just dying. There are all kinds of Deaths. Like the Death Tarot Card, it is about being changed from what you used to be. It can be literal with many people dying around you all through life, like myself. Mars in Scorpio is a very intense position and the archetype for this placement is living on the edge and enjoying extremes. You could have the ability to change other people’s lives forever. It goes so much deeper like roots to a huge tree that branch out into the underground. Everything is life and death with strong Scorpio placements.

          • Like yourself? So you are dead? I do definitely not enjoy whatever I’m living and I doubt that I changed anybody’s life. Although there were extremes. But absolutely NOT by my choice! Other people put my life at risk. That was really more than enough for me. I would never add more risks to my life. Otherwise I would already be dead.

          • @Tonya: You say that everything is life and death with strong Scorpio placements, where death means different kinds of death, even every kind of change. So I have to wonder: Do you count Sun and Neptune in house Eight, Mars, cusp of Eight, and Lilith in Scorpio as strong Scorpio placements? Would you say that people with less strong Scorpio placements give or receive fewer transformative experiences (also have fewer sex), while people with stronger Scorpio placements give or receive more transformative experiences? Only one of the answers to these two questions can be yes! Otherwise they don’t survive to be checked against reality. My own life is already enough to know this for sure!
            Similarly more planets in house Seven don’t bring more partners, they bring at best more desires, but in truth only more enemies. Already my Mars in Seven: isn’t a Mars in Seven a perfect description for facing enemies?
            Something really typical for Scorpio is it’s blog post gets more replies than all others (including the three posts still to come).

            • If I choose, I can say yes to both. Your attitude is pissing me off! Depending upon which chart that I use, I have a lot of 8th house placements and a 7th house Mars. I do not take anyone’s attitude. You think you know about Astrology? Then make your own site. Don’t come onto other’s sites and get a pissy attitude with posters! Got that?

              • Well, Tonya, if you want me parroting an unscrutinized religious dogma like your fellow church members, then I can truly not serve with that. I know a few Scorpios and some of them are scientists and none of them is pissed because of a little reality check. You’d be the first and only one. Nothing else have I done than a little reality check!

              • Of course I don’t think that I know about Astrology. That’s only what astrologers (plural!) say about me. I’ve not yet figured out why.

  11. DianeO is already the second (the first not found here), who feels insulted by me although I had no such intention, while Uranus is in opposition to my Venus. I get a clue how this transit works.

    • Oh, no, already the third. The first reacted so childish that I didn’t see that it could have been my fault or even have something to do with me.

  12. This is a very tantalizing description. i find my moon in scorpio friends have some commonality. Still i dont know if i have the qualities any of these venuses are looking for or want to fake them.

    My friend has venus in scorpio conjunct pluto and i dont see this in him.. however his pisces moon shows me what a sweet and loving person he is and how much he wants one person to love.

    • Do you desperately want a Venus in Scorpio? Why not look what Venus is in aspect to your Mars or Sun or Chiron (some prefer even Saturn, although I wouldn’t) and vice versa?

      • No i do not. And i usually check the synastry. Just Venus is venus and i dont know who i appeal to.. eventually i turn some people off

        • You appeal to those with your Sun or Mars or sometimes Chiron in a major aspect (I still wonder whether minor aspects can be enough) to their Venus. Your Sun square his Venus is the safest bet. Actually very simple so far. There are more possibilities, especially if you know exact birth times. When you want more than to be appealing, then there is more to consider.

        • I also turn people off. For that it’s already enough if they don’t want to hear the truth, which my Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius always want to spread. Everybody turns other people off. But not those with a Venus in aspect to your planets. A Venus trine to my Mercury could listen to me all day long. If your chart shows a pattern, where a Venus can aspect many planets at once, then this would be best. But this is hardly found.

          • Yeahhh.. youve been pissin some people off man 🙂 it’s ok..

            I worry even if their venus hits your sun… i have an air sun and venus in water and they wont like the water part of me

            • Astrologers of previous centuries have rarely done charts for women, so I wonder whether meanings of Mars and Venus have sometimes to be swapped. But Sun in major aspect of my Venus is hot. My Sun is an undecile away from my Venus, so there is also the danger of hard Sun to Sun interaspects. Those people are rather my enemies.
              You know that in my opinion Venus is best placed in Cancer? Because neither my Cancer Moon nor my Scorpio Mars would complain about a watery Venus. If I had girls around me like you have dudes around you, then I’d go for a Cancer Venus. If her Sun would be in Gemini, then I had to offer IC, Saturn, Vesta, or an opposition to my Sun there. Or a trine to my Venus. Many couples have Sun with Saturn, although I can’t imagine that to be comfortable. My first friends in kindergarten were Geminis, so I can hardly see Gemini as an obstacle. It’s rather why I’d prefer the Cancer Venus over the Scorpio Venus and also the Pisces Venus. So air Sun and water Venus goes well together.
              You knew that Sun and Venus can’t be too far away from each other? All the Venus signs have the Sun hanging around somewhere quite close. If that would be a problem, then everybody would have such a problem.
              A crowded Seventh house is a real problem because that means meeting enemies, which means better avoiding other people, which means no more chance to meet a possible partner. Searching the web, I found that this is common and not only my case. But who meets people and gets well enough along with them for even checking the synastry shouldn’t have a real problem.

              • Venus in cancer sucks donkey nuts, dude. Not one i can totally understand. I mean how does one.. like express it?

                Im surrounded by people with libra and aquarius stelliums right now. One person whose uranus neptune hits my mars. None of them shut up ever, but i prefer it to sitting next to a guy whose saturn exactly conjunct my mars. I do synastry for most people i come in contact with.

              • What degree is your sun and venus? Plus germany is a large country with many girls 😀 . We venuses hang out at gumbo tastings often enough.



    Great article Diane!
    These qoutes came to my mind as I read your article. They are wuite fitting for a Scorpio, eh?

    I have Venus-Jupiter-Sun conjunct in Scorpio.
    Moon in 8th house. Pluto and Saturn in 8th house as well. Conjunct even.
    Mercury in Scorpio/8H.

    Scorpio energy much? I’m really not sure where my Venus ends and my other Scorpio starts LOL! But that disloyalty… oh yeah! Jelousy? Frar of loosing partners? Yeah. Testing before trusting? Yup! Death, transformation, rebirth? Beam me up, Scotty!

    Really, it stinks sometimes to be so Scorpio/Plutonic, but my BF has a Venus-Pluto trine… I you could say he likes “deep”, eh? Still, it’s Venus in Gemini and Pluto in Libra. And Gemini falss in my 4th/5th house. I’m SO WEAK when it comes to Geminis. Sigh.

  14. Dating someone with Scorp Venus and I noticed recently that he is slightly possessive and more observant than my former partners.

    His sex drive is off the charts too.

  15. @Kri:

    I know that you’ve been on the Venus in Cancer post because you commented there and that was to explain something. So how can you not know how to live Venus in Cancer?
    I had to look up what is a gumbo. Seems to be typical for Louisiana. I don’t expect to go there. Since I’ve learnt that many coastal cities, especially in the USA, are built below sea level and prone to drown like New Orleans, I have no more ambition to go there.
    When you get birth data from most people, with whom you come in contact with, then you are privileged. I usually don’t even dare to ask. But I also don’t come in contact with many people. That’s rather another privilege.
    Girls in Germany usually have the huge disadvantage to be German girls.
    I wonder whether somebody with a stellium in Libra really wouldn’t shut up if you asked for it.
    My degrees: ☉ 1°20’♐; ♀ 28°45’♎; but I also don’t know the positions of your Sun, Mars, and Venus.

    • Dunno.. just the description doesnt really fit me. I dont really use it to my advantage. And i dont cook for people because what if they dont like it and stuff.
      I was joking about that, it is this stereotypical event involving cooking at this one beer bar around here. Feels like a magnet for shy Venus in Cancer chicks.
      Heh.. depends on the girls. Other european cities arent far away i assume.

      I start by asking people their birthday and age then scanning the ephemeris. Im sometimes open in being curious about their birth data if were being friendly. But I fear that friendships or relationships where i know the birth data often fail. More of a superstition. But i love checking the synastry and knowing why the person doesnt like me in greater detail or why i feel a certain way about them. If theres little return on investment i feel relieved to protect myself from it and walk away

      • Yes, it is very difficult to cook for other people. It was certainly easier before almost all people began to eat fast food. But when a cooking event attracts the shy Venus in Cancer chicks and they include you, then the description fits. Or not?
        You dare to ask people their age? This seems very brave to me! And you manage to do the synastry even with people, who don’t really like you. I never managed that.
        I actually want to know synastry as soon as possible, so I really hope that doesn’t make friendships or relationships fail. Last time as I checked my tiny database, I found that all my friends had interaspects with my nodal axis. Although I don’t have any contact with any of them anymore, I don’t think this is because of knowing some synastry, but because we meanwhile all graduated from university and went into different directions. Currently my family needs me, so that I can’t go anywhere.
        Walking away from to few return on emotional investment: so stereotypical Cancer!

        • Heh nah, i never went to those gumbo cook offs. I don’t want to cook gumbo or do it around people, just seems one of those stereotypical events. It’s difficult to cook for people because, er, ..they like fancy rich food with meat in it (“guy food”) and not the healthy stuff I’ve been learning to make for myself. I can’t explain it, but… it feels like an imposition where you have to shapeshift for another’s taste like a Libra. And if I learn to make unhealthy food I’ll unlock the floodgates and make all that junk for myself. Learning self nurture has involved slowly learning to prepare stuff in a way that makes me feel “empowered” and “hey, you’re starting to understand how to do this.” It still feels like an experiment, and a private one. Dunno. I do buy people food A LOT if they are friends of mine. Or sundry other things. (Venus is trine Jupiter in the 2nd.) It’s embarrassing that cooking/my sense of home is so porous and private that if someone comes in demanding I make them tagliatelle/brisket or throwing their keys on my table, I will feel like my personhood is being impinged on.. :/ Dunno if other Cancerians (perhaps those who’ve never lived with roommates) are like that. Home is home.
          I’m sort of a failed party animal. I am interested in “being where the action is,” but I’ve never found it and often experience rejection/disappointment so during my pluto transit I’ve often stayed home. I really think Venus in Cancer is more nuanced than cooking and protecting others all the time.

          I have Aquarius rising. Most of my coworkers are 26 and under so they don’t mind being asked their age. I do it suddenly during casual conversation. Some are put off forever, but often I am asking them to look up their chart and find out why they put me off. I tend to feel that people don’t like me *enough* even if they appear civil because we’re at work. They don’t um.. appreciate me… in a way that makes me feel sour and dowdy and sidelined.

          What degree is your North Node? It’s in Cancer right?
          It’s wise to play to your north node. My north node is in Aries and every time someone Aries says something to me, it’s like a good idea I couldn’t possibly reach (such as “you need a five year plan,” or “write down questions before you ask your boss” or “if you want to change careers you’d have started already”). If you’re so concentrated on your north node, it sounds like you have some easy aspects to it.

            • Because I do never seek out any people. I have no idea how to do that. Sun signs have a tendency to appear in clusters. I don’t know whether this applies also for other placements. The people, who I met, had their Suns in water signs or mutable signs except Virgo. The latter is strange because my DC and Vertex in Virgo should make me meet exactly those. Perhaps they are those, who I don’t ask for their birth data because Virgos don’t believe in astrology, you know?

          • Venus in Cancer is very likely more nuanced. You can find longer articles about Venus in the signs. So this series adds only a new perspective, which is good because many different perspectives are necessary before understanding. I’ve not understood the Taurus Venus yet and maybe I never do, due to my lack of earthy or fix energy in my natal. With Cancer I see the big problem that Cancer likes family and home, so that invading privacy is always in conflict with pleasing the Cancer. When you buy people a lot of food and can afford that, then you have a solution already. I don’t have a solution.
            When you have your South Node in Libra, then you should be familiar with the energy. Although I thought that shapeshifting would rather be a Pisces skill.
            I wonder how you know where to find the other Venus in Cancers, when you never go there. I also hope that you wouldn’t expect me to eat what you call “guy food”. I’m a veggie.
            My North Node is 17°40′ Capricorn, my South Node is in Cancer. I have rather hard as well as mysterious aspects to my nodal axis: NN quinkunx Saturn, square Pallas, also square Uranus, trine DC, semisquare Sun, quintile Mars, nonile Mercury, and conjunct the asteroid Iris. SN conjunct the asteroid Dionysus, conjunct the fixed star Wasat (the name means “center of the sky”, although it’s everything but in any center), and trine AC. The info overkill keeps it more mysterious.

    • You should probably check out New Orleans first. I think it’s still above sea level heh
      It’s one of americas most amazing places
      I have the feeling that european girls from other places like france or spain might be more alluring but that is pure stereotype.

      • I never said anything bad about New Orleans or anything else in America. That Tonya is very decided to find me obnoxious doesn’t tell anything about me. I was indeed thinking about moving to New Orleans. For the same reason why I meanwhile fear to drown there: Neptune is on the AC of my relocation chart there. And many coastal cities are indeed built below sea level. Without that disadvantage would hurricanes like Katrina or Sandy in New York be much less desastrous.
        My problem with German girls isn’t that those of France or Spain are more alluring, but that all the opportunities, which I had, didn’t suffice to get a girl friend. That’s probably impossible to understand. The few friends, of who I know the birth time because they know about my interest in astrology, have usually one question to me: Why don’t I have a girl friend? So I’m examining this and it is at least less boring than the questions, which real astrologers are asked.

        • Dunno, with Saturn in Sagittarius, my solution seems to have been travel, get out of where you are to find better people. I know that currently you have to stay home. But you don’t live too far from other places for a day trip

  16. Falkor, first, I do not go to church. Second, reading through all of your comments, you are like sandpaper grating over everyone. You are rude and obnoxious and this is the last time I will respond to you. Just looking at your comment about New Orleans is annoying. I have been there and it is a great place to go. Don’t piss on America if you have never been here. You said you wonder why people get offended by you? I can give you a hint, you come across as a self inflated, hateful, jerk.
    I am done.

    • Tonya, Ive been trying to follow your exchanges with Falkor.
      You are certainly entitled to your opinions but so isnt he.
      Look Im not trying to butt in but this is a month where everybodys buttons are being pushed. Its Aries season, right? I know alot of people are torqued up right now. I see it out on the roads, in stores, in businesses etc….
      I know I dont speak for everybody. Not you. Not Falkor. As a Venus in Scorpio, moon in 8th living with a Scorpio stellum, Falkor doesnt piss me off at all.
      Just putting it out there

  17. AFter waiting almost 4 years for another Venus in Scorpio, I had to move on. Its been tough. I still have feelings for the Venus in Scorpio. He still wants me in his life in the capacity of a friend. Married to his career. It will kill me when he chooses someone else.

    • It was 7 years for me. I cut him off unexpected. Months later I get a message from family he was looking for me and worried. I got in touch with him and he confessed his love and apoligized offering me things to make me happy. I’m so happy he showed his vulnerable emotions but I’m still in fear of his dark side. But I will give it one more try and appreciate his deep love but as soon as it get complicated I’m out for good. Lol

  18. How would a Sun/Mercury/Venus Scorpio man with Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Cancer and Gemini rising work with a Sun/Mercury/Venus Gemini woman with Mars in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn and Scorpio rising?

    We felt instant fireworks when we met which I guess is to do with our ascendants. My Scorpio ascendant appeals to the Scorpio in him and his Gemini ascendant appeals to the Gemini in me.

    Any thoughts on this combination?

  19. Was involved with a Venus in Scorpio man. Got badly hurt. I loved him intensely. There was great passion. It wasn’t enough for him. He seemed to enjoy hurting me – flirting with other women in front of me, saying cruel things, playing twisted mind games. This man had a stellium in Libra. Maybe some Venus in Scorpio men are better than this one. It was hard to break free because of the intensity.

  20. Safe to say Venus in Scorpio person / I have Venus and Mars in Scorpio and must have intensity and transformative sex … whether male or female …that’s what is needed.

  21. I knew a man (Mars/Sun conjunction; manly and charismatic) with a Venus/Neptune conjunction in his Scorpio 11H. This conjunction trined his 7H Cancer Moon. He had lots of long, intense (Scorpio) phone calls with his female (Venus) friends (11H) but never crossed the line for fear of losing his “Mommy” (Moon) partner (7H). What a tease.

  22. “He may briefly become obsessive, in the hopes that you can be made to see how important the issue is, but if you cannot descend into the depths with him, you will leave him no choice. You will cease to exist.”

    I just realized this is what I do in relationships if I can’t get through. I have even done with my mom these days. She doesn’t seem to acknowledge she hurts me deeply with certain things.

    But this time I have no time for drama about it. I have let her go in my mind and she will stay there until Hell freezes over, and she has understood my point.

    Unfortunately she is a triple Taurus… So she will not budge.

  23. it is ironic that the taurus/scorpio axis is so stubborn, and both have super strong will power and that is what it always says, that scorpio loves strong will power, yet, no one is gonna budge; it’s like some kind of torture dance ;_;

  24. my venus is in Scorpio and I want my partner to be mine in EVERY aspect, I want to know your whereabouts, whats going on in your head, and I want to take care of you. The only time I became controlling, annoying, and vindictive if i feel forsaken or … if i don’t have my way. So yall please don’t with venus in Scorpio unless you are willing to give in, and love on us, and accept a few flaws BUT SET BOUNDARIES.

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