What’s The First Thing You Notice With Saturn In Sagittarius?

Ilya Repin - What FreedomSaturn is now in Sagittarius. Can you tell? I can! My first thought was that I have broken through.  I’ve graduated!

These last few months, I’ve been terrifically focused on fixing / healing, major things in my life.

    • My body / health.
    • My home, as I prepare to sell it.
    • This blog, as I plan to keep it.

As Saturn entered Sagittarius, I realized that most of this mission has been accomplished.  This amazes me!

    • The Plaquenil I am taking, has done wonders for me.
    • The repairs on my house are 80% done.
    • My efforts on this site have deeply transformed it

I feel as if I’m HOME FREE!

What do you notice with Saturn in Sagittarius?



What’s The First Thing You Notice With Saturn In Sagittarius? — 49 Comments

  1. The first thing I noticed with Saturn in Sag? I am present and a participating adult(still alive at 67), vulnerable(Saturn has seen to that), resourceful(Saturn in Scorpio has seen to that)and willing to ask for help. That is something Sag will continue to help me with.

  2. The old conventions are becoming unconventional. I find people breaking out of old patterns hysterical. It’s their take on it, so forthright, so true, so what the heck I am done with that and this is the way it is. It makes me happy for them, and their stories are just so darn funny. Me, I dunno. Hard to be objective about myself. But I am really enjoying people and stories and that’s enough for now.

  3. I do not feel homefree. but I looked through some pictures of myself from last year, and oh my, I have definitely come such a long way. It sounds vain, and it is partially so. I suppose looking through these photos, It’s like, a warning.

  4. I’ve had extreme tension with spouse (Scorpio-ASC/Venus/Saturn/Pluto) past 2 years.

    I’m happy to say we are acting like a loving couple again. This Sagittarian energy is a dose of goodwill and optimism to my Leo Sun and his Libra Sun 😀

  5. The pics go years back.. so I can see like a deterioration. It’s the last few pictures from last year which scare me so. But I DO feel optimistic! A lot of the help I got came through medication I took for over a year through Saturn in scorpio. yep yep, cheers to the medical establishment.

  6. My first thought this morning was that I should travel more, followed closely by “ummmmm no.” 🙂 It’s like an affirmation that I’m on a nice life path for myself. I don’t need to do more or do less, I just need to keep it up.

  7. I told a friend last week that I feel like I am the next big project I should take on; treat myself like I do a home remodel or repurposing project that I love doing with things I already own. I have Sag Sun and Mercury in 9th. I keep seeing visions of me hitting the gym and learning new stuff…and maybe go back to leading some ceremony with intimate friends. I am also entering a 9 year…so letting go of what ever no longer serves my souls purpose feels paramount. I have felt called to ‘service’ of some sort since I was a preteen and decided that I would be a minister some day; one little problem…my church forbade women to be ministers. It took me until 2000 to finally accomplish that goal with a more open minded spiritual community. I am also feeling a sense of getting my shit together….I just turned 62 so I survived my second Saturn return already. Funny, this feels way more serious. We shall see.

  8. Deleted FB today. Not sure if it’s connected??? Natal Moon, Mars & Neptune in Sagittarius and natal Saturn in Gemini. Sun in Aqua.

  9. I meditated this morning for the first time in a very long time and I felt grounded. I have separated from a group (Saturn in Scorpio rolling through the 11th), defined who I am, and I feel relieved. Looking forward to supportive energy for my battered Moon and Venus over the next few years.

  10. these past few days have been unbearable at work. I planned all weekend to call off(did)because it has been so busy and we don’t have enough people..but that was enough to know I cant stay much longer.Been praying very hard for a miracle..new job/carrer opportunity to come out of the blue. I just don’t know what I want to do..what will make happy and earn good money. I’m so afraid I’ll do something stupid and just up and quit if someone even looks crosseyed at me.but it is building and building..hope there is no volcano and just a smooth transition to something else. oh, btw satun return starts the 27th..6th house.2 degree sag.

  11. I feel more willing to put myself out there, take risks, and dream big. There was a certain hesitancy about taking action that I feel has lifted now, and I’ve mostly just noticed this on a mundane level but we’ll see how it plays out. I think I did Saturn in Scorpio well. Really well, actually, but I haven’t been able to appreciate that until now. I paid my dues. Though of course it can’t hurt to get a revisit in the summer.

    The very end of Saturn in Scorpio was a big challenge, but I did start talking to someone from a dating site who lives overseas, and…I think I might be falling for them. While Saturn in Sagittarius is transiting my 7th. Is that textbook or what? Anyway, with Saturn and all, I know I shouldn’t let myself get carried away, but I am inclined to take your advice, about going slow to travel far. I think a big vacation is in the cards for 2015, either way.

  12. I noticed that I cant get out of bed. I have a terrible flu with a 101.2 temp and ….

    Saturn is now sitting opposite my Mars and its HORRIBLE. I am going to have to come up with something….this will last through October 2015. This is a thousand times worse than Saturn in Scorpio.

    People are intentionally trying to pull me into an argument…or …. I just see it that way because of it. Either way, I have to find a way to control this. I don’t want to leave the house 🙁

  13. Life and health as well — after Saturn passed over my asc the 2nd time I had at least the 2nd blood clot of my life, so I was put on blood thinner for life. It’s been over a year now, and I feel much better. Over the past several days some pressure has been relieved-how/why, idk. Saturn in Scorpio has been intense since Saturn was coming out of Libra.

    I am thankful to be alive. I am happy to be alive. 🙂

  14. Congrats, Elsa, on the solid accomplishments and work (Saturn) that have ‘elevated’ and “enhanced”(Jupiter) your health and status (Saturn+Jupiter)!…Saturn in Sagittarius in real time!

    • Thank you! I am amazed how this came together. It’s just dawned on me. Deep healing on all three fronts. Fixed from the inside out. 🙂

      • your sharing all the ups/downs of ‘rightsiding the boat’ maneuvers that you’ve undergone and shared with the forum have been inspirational, to this I can personally attest.

  15. As for my personal ‘signage’ that heralds this new sign of the times season: had an interview with an eng firm with one of its owners, a foreign born individual, who wants a new admin person on board who can organize and facilitate positioning the company to the next level…how’s them apples for a Saturn in Sagittarius opening signature?;-)…Im liking this action so far!…Saturn in Scorpio was a deeply tumultuous as it psychologically stripped me of some very faulty world views/philosophical constructs that Ive been lugging around since childhood that were built upon some clay feet…Its been a much needed ‘reparenting myself’ period…and the compass that guides my life is finally far better calibrated now. This 2nd time around with Saturn in Sag, Im ready to seize the ‘real’, ‘valid’ opportunities (Saturn) to establish a robustly authentic future for myself…I didn’t do that the last time this configuration was in place: due to being too oppressed, unsure and, as mentioned, so very misinformed thus I naively put my faith in someone else’s dogma and way of life…’twas easier but enchaining as I was looking for structure on living life but fell into being dominated by another toxic situation. This time, with new perspectives gleaned through the purging that was Saturn in Scorpio, a type of self-directed liberation is on offer & within my grasp but diligence and constant discernment are the requisites for earning that reward! The adage “this is your world, shape it or someone else will’ is apt & what Im heeding, going forward. Frankly, Im grateful for the astrology interest that I took up with my 1st Saturn return for it allowed me to better ‘see’ this coming and this time anticipate how to best work with this pairing…So Im embracing the dose of reality (Saturn) towards building a better future (Jupiter/Sagittarius)-for me and consequently, if the grad studies get approved/funded, a larger world as well:-)…

  16. Oh-my-gosh… congratulations Elsa and everyone who graduated! I felt the same way. i feel like i accomplished a great deal. For starters I got rid of my compulsive love habits. This was my saturn return so i gained a great deal of self esteem and self worth- Im no longer ashamed of who I am or afraid to be me. I made solid boundaries around sex because i respect myself so much more. I learned to work hard and how to manage finances. I got myself out of a lot of debt. and more. . . But im glad its over! looking forward to saturn in Sag.

  17. I have a pending burden for 2015 which must be solved before July. (sun at 6º and north node at 3º Sag). It’s quite of a shameful thing therefore it’ll be kept in secret (12th house cusp at 2º Sag). Saturn taught me some of his lessons using discipline and long term archievements.

    I had a certain behavoir which I sticked to like religion: I had to succeed at absolutely everything, I did everything with profissionalism and perfectionism, I was a superwoman, never failed. And I really did everything right and everyone knew abt it and recognized, I was nº 1 in school, university, whatever thing I started was done masterfully, but for the second time in my life, it brought me a big trouble (the first time it happened, I stayed 2.5 years in therapy treating the resulting depression). This 2nd time, when I needed this recognition the most, it wasnt given to me. During my whole life I’ve seen people doing 1/3 of what I did getting the same rewards, or being in even better positions and this time, this sittuation was thrown at me face as cow manure. I decided I won’t do things as perfect as I did, I won’t put this pressure upon me, neither let people put it on me. It was my moto, some kind of life philosofy, and got dissolved, it litterally melt down. Old behavoirs/philosofies/creeds being destroyed. Is it a saturn/saggitarius thing?

    A very uncertain year, I don’t know what to do with life, I feel very depressed and absolutely zero energy, this cow manure destroyed what I kept as the pilars of my life, despite being in a good, confortable life sittuation, I wish I had the courage to give up everything and it start a new simpler life. Now talk abt the 200+ pins I got in only 2 days abt gardening and homestead on pinterest… Thank you Neptune squaring my decan ALL YEAR of 2015. UNCERTAINTIES AND ILLUSIONS.

  18. Saturn in the last few degrees of Scorpio opposes my Taurus moon. The last time this happened and Saturn crossed over from Scorpio to Sag (still opposing my moon but a separating aspect and out of sign once it moves out of Scorpio) I broke away from an incredibly emotionally destructive situation where I was being controlled.

    This time as Saturn in Scorpio opposed my Taurus moon I suddenly developed a risky situation regarding my health. I had to be put on additional meds to control a chronic illness that I have and I was worried that I might not see any relief and may spend the holidays in the hospital. When Saturn moved into Sag I woke up from napping feeling tremendously better and now I know I will be okay. 🙂

  19. Well up til now it’s been a level 5 tornado. 2009-10 I worked up the courage to file domestic violence charges on my abusive husband. 2011 I filed them. I took my kids and moved to a safe place. 2012 we divorced – full blown 2-day trial. All this with Saturn Libra. Elsa, remember I took a relationship class back then (09) asking you what to do. You looked at my chart and saw it all. You said don’t drown, tread water-no land in sight. You didn’t know of the abuse but you saw how bad it was to get. Saturn Libra followed by Scorpio made my escape to safety possible and made me smart-Saturn Scorp. Now with the past where it should be I’m looking forward to clear skies ahead. (Leo-sun, Libra-Moon, Asc, Mars)

      • Thanks Elsa. Forgot to mention the divorce decree was stamped October 4. I suppose I should have put all this in a saturn Libra post, but with all of this I too feel as though I’ve graduated. Saturn will make you smarter whether you feel you’re up to the challenge or not. Thanks for being real with me back then. I remembered it.

  20. As Saturn has left Scorpio, the “work” of our huge move and retirement appears to be just about complete.I have a sense of adventure and energy returning.. more time to enjoy the change we’ve made.. no more boxes to unpack. Our social life has picked up considerably in this past couple of weeks.. and a sense of right ness and optimism related to this big life change..

  21. First thing after Saturn moved in Sag, office meeting at 10:15 AM. One colleague took the floor (he is always excellent!!) and drive the meeting as it needed to be drove. The manager was listening and didn’t showed his usual pride. Not sure yet what the outcome will be and how much we have able to manage our outdated manager.

  22. One major thing that I noticed as Saturn was leaving Scorpio was that there was something very specific that I wanted and I thought I would do anything to get it, but now I feel that I’m okay without it. It’s as if I have moved on from an overwhelming desire for something. I can’t say that I don’t need it anymore but the need doesn’t seem to have the same power over me.

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