What Do You Do When No One Wants You To Do The Thing You Want To Do?

Some years ago there was something I wanted very much. The thing I wanted was not what people (the audience) wanted for me. As a matter of fact what I wanted was unfathomable to them.

And this was not all that surprising because at the time no one knew who I was anyway. I was flying completely beneath wire which is very easy for me to do. In fact, being such a strong Saturn Neptune type, the challenge is to be seen at all.

So it’s easy for see how people, most of them well-meaning could have misjudged which choice would be best for me, seeing as there was no “me” in the equation. I was just a hologram person of their projections with dark hair and a grin. And back then there was nothing I could or would have done about that.

So now I find myself in similar circumstance. I want to opt in a direction that will disturb people. A lot! I am simply not going to be able to explain my decision, at least not in the short term. Ten years from now? Maybe.

But this time I’m going. I am going where I want to go and I am going to do what I want to do and people… the audience are just going to have to deal with it. They are going to have to trust because I am old now and I’ve earned that.

Have you ever taken a path against overwhelming opposition from the people in your life? How did it work out for you?

Have you ever not taken a path for this reason? And how did that work out?


What Do You Do When No One Wants You To Do The Thing You Want To Do? — 12 Comments

  1. I left home very young. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was against it. How did it work out? Well, good I guess. I have had hardships, sure, but am strangely happy.

    But I can’t be blind to the fact that I took the hard road. But I was a suicidal teenager and was convinced it was leave or die.

    I’m not dead, so I can’t really dispute the decision I made this far into the game. Everyone who tried to stop me as a child has almost blind faith in me that I can do anything! I am not sure I deserve the reputation, but that may be my Capricorn Moon / Sun Squared Saturn talking.

  2. Having an aquarius rising, uranus on the MC ruling the chart, square mars in aquarius in house 1, I’m fortified by people being against me.

    I’ve always had a different path and felt out of place, so I have no choice but to enjoy it. And I imagine I would be really depressed if I hadn’t gone my own path. I would be in an institution, or have given up on life altogether.

    I have lots of neptune so I blend in a alot too, about things that don’t concern me personally, or aren’t important. And it saves alot of trouble. But I see no downpoint in going my own way on important things. It’s fun, because I get to shock people that need it in order to see beyond what they see. It’s a transpersonal/divine mission. And if you know you’re right you know only good things can come from it. You’ll attract people that resonate with your energy and conscience level, and the rest of them will get there when they get there. They will some day. It’s really FUN to be a rebel with a divine cause. 😉

  3. Most of my life i have dont things that others dont want me to do. Its worked out great. I do what makes me happy. And now I do what makes me and my family happy. If it works for you, do it.
    I dont get sucked into feeling guilty for doing whats best for me. If others dont like it, they dont have to. I am the only one who has to be satisfied with my desicion.
    As a very young person just out on my own, I would listen to others and always felt like I turned on myself, even if it turned out ok. I dont mind challenges. If it doesnt turn out like I expected, well, lesson learned.
    Good Luck.

  4. Everytime I follow my own instincts things turn out for the better, even when circumstantially things may be worse. Everytime I go against my instincts following the advice of others things turn out for the worst for me.

    I have Neptune square Saturn in the 12th! Your post on 12th House Saturns being aliens is what originally brought me to your blog and I thought it was a sharp observation and stuck around.

    But my Nep/Sat aspect does not make me a wall flower. I have a Leo Stellium and a Pluto 1st House kiting a Fire Grand Trine. My chart is dominated by masculine fire and air energy and fixed signs. I get noticed everywhere I go. Usually when I speak people listen. People like to stare at me which is rude. But most the time there is nothing I’d like more than to dissolve into a group and be unnoticed (all the Neptune in my chart talking I think). It is so much easier to deal with than public scurtinity because I’m an odd ball. Uranus square my Leo Stellium and sextile my AC-Saturn. But those Uranian aspects also insure that I go my own path in life even where angels fear to tread.

    I think Saturn-Neptune aspects relate to groups of people. Saturn is about boundaries while Neptune is about the boundless and what better represents this than an individual in a group. Where does the group end and the person begin? This is why I dislike large groups, I am already thin skinned as it is with all the Neptune in my chart.

  5. God needs you to be yourself, that’s why s/he made you. I ask for other people’s opinion as a way of gathering more information. Then I do what feels right for me. I don’t want to wake up one morning and find that I am at the end of some other person’s version of my life. I just try to be someone that I can be proud of.

  6. Yeah, there’s a bit of all of the above for me. People rarely understand my decisions and I’ve been faced with some very tough ones. There have been times I’ve caved or I have waited to do what I thought best. In the end I almost always break free and follow my heart but I don’t like having to push past the resistance.

  7. When I was younger I caved all the time to public pressure, but my Pluto transit has changed all that…and being over 40 plays a big part in it as well. I had to go places no one wanted to go and well, once there I realized I was better on my own, with a couple of trusted friends than trying to please everyone. I still serve, but I listen to my heart and serve the people that need it, not just want it.

  8. I have always been headstrong, and I notice that when I gave in to other’s it never turns out to be for my best good. Even my poorest choices, on looking back, have had a positive impact of some kind. Now that I am old, I no longer follow. This is my mess and I love it.

  9. I don’t like to come across as “the rebel” or somehow bother people by doing as I will naturally do, so I tend to muddle my decisions somewhat so I don’t bother most people too much… but for the most part? I’m going to do what I’m going to do, even if I have to take an extra step or two to keep drama out of my life.

    To answer the questions directly, yes, I’ve stood up against everyone in my life multiple times. When I was young, it worked out very badly but I’m too determinded. I’d rather be alone than be afraid and unhappy and stuck. People who don’t accept me for who I am as a total person aren’t worth my time.

  10. None of the above. I secretly do what I want to do. Usually by the time others find out about it, they can be angry with me, but it’s a done deal. Neptune in Scorpio conjunct ASC, heh.

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