What did you learn in 2013?

ants in my pantsWe usually look ahead at the end of the year. I thought it might be worth looking back to identify something that has improved in 2013. Is there something you’ve gotten better at or even mastered?

Personally, I’ve become more patient. I have far fewer ants in my pants.

In my case, this  is almost a miracle. It’s made such a difference, I can’t really tie it to a single transit. It’s a total life change.

What did you learn in 2013?  Can you name the astrology?

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What did you learn in 2013? — 29 Comments

  1. I can relate to that. I have also calmed down in an inner type way this year. For me it really seemed directly related to the grand water trine of last summer. I find myself hoping I can keep it. It’s a real resource. Other people in my life, have said something similar about themselves, water and earth signs most of all, but I see it in a lot of people.

  2. I am still learning..to love myself. I needed a trauma to realize I haven’t loved myself at all. It goes together with clearing out family relationships, the most painful work I had to do in my life.
    Astrology: Solar eclipse in May conjunct natal Venus and Progressed Moon in 12th.

  3. I’m learning to be an individual ( sat in 1st), to deal with my early wounds and generally emotionally decluttering myself…in a word “grounding”
    I entered 2013 in a miserable state, saved lastsecond by meds before I could collapse(again), totally at loss in my 1st-7th axis.not merging anymore but not being a Self yet, ending up in neptunian waves as usual, but more severely.
    I went very close to the place where anyone can lose oneself, once and for all.
    I’m grateful not only because I survived(that’s my major skill since a kid) but because I started to LIVE, taking responsibility for myself.I’m also grateful because I had the right astro+therapeutic-help…
    I also learnt that :
    -my only chance for freedom is within rules of reality, which I used to escape(how dare they put limits??yells a neptun-jupiter-uranus chorus), and that my strong 6th emphasis can be for good, finding in service a channel for my tons of energy, a virgo frequency can balance me very much
    -I used to ask men things they cannot give me in adult reality, but reachable for myself in a self-to self relation.I used to fuel ad idea of “love” which is not realistic
    -I’m not an empty, flat person
    -I can trust the Universe, don’t know how but I think jupiter in cancer(in 9th and with my moon) is helping…
    -I’ve spent many many years under a sophisticated operating system which needs to be dismantled.pisces mercury aspecting everything.
    -I have maternal instinct(at 44?, yes)
    -people can throw crap at me for their own private reasons, I can reduce more and more attracting it and change road quickly as I spot it.the fact of stirring aggression in other people is something I can manage, doesn’t make me “bad”or “unworthy” .having sun-chiron-north node can be creative and not a curse.it’s my path,not anyone else’s
    -I can post on a forum on the web and defy my plutonian paranoia, maybe I’ll open a fb account (alias of course!)
    -I can have boundaries!wow

    …and most important of all, I can like myself from the very core and stop being a victim of myself

  4. Better work ethic, how to plan better/more realistically, and that there’s no such thing as multi-tasking.

    I faced huge fears that were really -really- old. Old to my core. I learned that I overcome fear and take risks for love. I always took the risk for love relationships, but when it came to passions, I wouldn’t take the risk due to fear. I figured, if I can take stupid risks for love relationships, I should also be able to take stupid risks for what I love too. The astrology? I didn’t realize it until now, but it’s natal Venus (love) in Virgo in the 9th (risk). I’d easily risk for some things but not for others.

    I also learned I work really fast compared to other people, even when I’m taking my time. I’m also working accurately. I learned that work is how I channel my nervous Virgo energy, and if I’m feeling mentally restless, doing work will allow me to relax later.

    I learned I could do both rather than have to choose and do things exclusively. I learned more about my hopes and dreams. In fact, this job has helped me quell some anxiety and fear surrounding my hopes and dreams by making certain things familiar. I know how to do my taxes for the first time because I’ve done over 30 tax returns for different types of taxes in a few months already, and mine isn’t complicated by owning stocks and such.

    I also learned that de-cluttering at set periods is important. And sometimes, Capricorn is too busy working or meeting deadlines to clean, so they never clean and all the junk from years of working but not having time to clean piles up, and they eventually need a Virgo figure to do a deep clean for them.
    Pluto trining my Venus in Virgo

  5. 2013 was a hell of a ride. this year i learned to trust myself and my abilities. finally entered the pre-doc program this past Fall after sitting on the acceptance for almost 10 months. been thinking about the powerful pluto-uranus squares transiting. this year they hit my natal pluto-uranus retros in my 12th house. funny thing is i do thrive on challenge and transformation and i think the dreaded P/U square transit activated my natal P/U 12th subconscious. two other major revelations are relationships and controlling finances. some kind of terrific clarity about ‘truth’ and ‘action plan’ in these areas clicked into place. part of this is transiting Saturn fell in my 1st house. i hope to continue this path in 2014.

  6. “Hurry up and wait.” That’s been 90% of this year. If I want something, it will happen but not when I’m pushing for it. Maybe its because today’s moon is voc, but I prefer to see it as a lesson in patience and persistence. Probably Pluto opposite mercury/venus conjunct neptune because its been such a constant lesson. Also, accepting that he only thing I can truly control is how I respond to any situation.
    Neptune in the 6th square MC/IC: I can’t control I feel or how others view me. I feel like neptune took everything inside and put it on display. All my very human chaos and ugliness. I’m learning I have to accept myself completely as I am before I can get anywhere. Overall message is cheesy but “trust that everything will be ok.”

  7. I learned that I do not need a man to be happy. None of the men I’ve met or dated over the past few years have been worth the time or trouble, so screw ’em. I’ll just raise my kid, build my career, decorate my new house to my taste, look fabulous, cook wonderful meals, do my own thing and I’ll be happy… much happier than I would be trying to cater to some selfish asshole. Uranus transit to the Sun, baybee! 🙂

  8. I have learned that I don’t know what is supposed to happen and I need to let go of how I think things should be. I never knew I was like that, but I discovered how much I really am and it has caused me a great deal of pain in my life. My aim for 2014 is to put into action the act of living without expectation. Fuck that’s gonna be hard. But I know that the other route is way too agonizing to follow.

    • Oh, hmmm…the astrology. Virgo stellium, ” I analyze so therefore I am” ? I am right? Pisces Rising intuition? so therefore I have some inside scoop? Hell, I don’t know. All I know is how little I know and how little control I have over anything but myself and it actually has turned out to be a very calming realization.

      • I have had a lot of this too!I have no idea what the astrology is. I have come to understand how empowering and calming it is to accept how much I don’t know and can’t do. Then I stop fussing and focus on what I can actually do — which ironically ends up being more than I realised 😉

  9. I was just pondering this that same thought earlier today. I believe this year I have had to learn to let go and shed everything I don’t love. I have tried to get away from people and situations that I felt were toxic. In my business, I quit clients that pissed me off and I cut down my work load to only the type of work I love doing. No more doing xy and z for the money, only what I truly love doing. I have also gotten rid of many personal items that prior to this year I would have never parted with. Its hard to know who you are and what you stand for when there is all this clutter from the past surrounding you. I’m just ready to move on.

  10. I learned to stand up for myself, be honest with myself, and put myself first. I also learned that sometimes change in love and friendship is unwanted but inevitable, painful and bittersweet, but necessary for personal growth. I think it’s a manifestation of Uranus transiting my Sun and Saturn.

  11. Took my mom, left me empty , moon in Scorpio… stronger my believe to GOD, Natal Saturn 12th house. Made me work like a dog, transiting Saturn at 6th.

  12. For sure some things are different now! I realized how much I was holding in by not really appreciating or trusting. I’ve always and forever had my walls up thus not trusting or allowing or seeing the good into my life by thinking the worst. Now, I just leave things in my Gods hands. He will take care of me and guide me. I just need to go with the flow more.

    I am also learning to be a lot more patient. I’m still a work in progress, but I do feel some relief. The walls are very slowly coming down. 🙂

    for sure. 🙂

  13. Changed the conversation, set some boundaries, with the family members I have left. A very very good thing. It’s much better now.

    And there is something going on with me yet about the seamier side of humans. It is so stark. Probably with progressed moon coming to conjunction with pluto and also this pluto opposition natal moon thing. I know everybody suppposedly has it and has had it all along, but right now it can look like a funky freak show sometimes. It’s very raw. Just my perception I am sure. And am sure I will come out of this more accepting of the human condition and that’s a good thing. Where is pretty pretty libra? 😀

  14. I have learned to relate/communicate with people in a more socially-acceptable way that has nearly extinguished negative self-talk. For example, I will either give verrrry direct, intense eye contact or none at all. I didn’t like to make eye contact with people when I was talking, because my old belief said that people ALWAYS respond to me with disgust/disbelief that I could be so stupid. But now I know that I should trust others and not assume that they are the jackasses from my childhood. I have been missing out on some good stuff by not looking!

  15. I’ve mastered the art of peering over my rose-colored glasses to see beyond my Neptune-hazed view of people with a better clarity. “I see said the blind man” (Neptune squared Leo 10h moon & Aquarius 4h venus/mars)

  16. I’ve learned so much now that I thought about it! At first I was just like woah, it’s almost 1/1/14? (That’s crazy! just cuz time flies, and also 11:14 is precisely the the set of numbers I’m obsessed with seeing on the clock or anywhere.)

  17. What a difference a year makes. I hadn’t thought about it until I saw this. I am like a different person. Very strange. Good though.

    I am much easier going. I work harder. I pay little attention to the buzz. I have learned to let go of what other people think. I am accepting almost everything around me and just going on with my day. That doesn’t mean I am passive but I am not sweating the small stuff these days.

    I have definitely learned loss and the acceptance of loss. What real grieving is too. But in that I have learned what it means to let go and go on. You have to just keep moving as life goes on even when you feel like you want to just throw in the towel and give up, I’ve found a way to get up and keep moving.

    My boundaries are clearer and I am also much slower to anger. You can hardly get me going in that way these days. Your going to have to punch one of my kids to see me in action….otherwise, I am even Steven.

    I learned I could love another dog. I love all dogs but I lost my dog. I knew I was crazy about my dog but I had no idea that I would be affected so profoundly when he suddenly passed having never been sick a day in his life. Whatever people think of that well, I don’t care. He was my best pal. I learned so much from losing that dog. I had no idea I could scream and cry in agony like that anymore. It caused an avalanche of feelings I didn’t realize I still had within me. I felt real and harsh empty painful grief. Shocking …. as I said because he had never been sick and was not that old. I always showed compassion for people with elderly pets, sick pets, nervous pets….. even felt their pain when they lost them. But today I know exactly how they feel and its made me more tender in action and speech. I didn’t want another dog of my own. I didn’t think I could bond the same and knew that I never wanted to feel that again. Today I am looking at my 15 month old Rottweiler and my 5 month old French bulldog. My husband got these dogs for me when I objected. He said it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t have another. He said, you don’t realize how much love you have to give. He said I have been watching you for years and you are happiest when you are giving unconditional love. I am certain I didn’t know that about myself.

    I learned that I could let go of people that I never thought I could let go of. My mother for one. We have been doing a dance all my life. Me the puppet she the puppet master. I always knew this was the deal but still never separated myself from it and it was to my detriment. When I pushed away slowly and finally let go my life changed enormously. I love my mother. I forgive all her craziness. I let go of all the anger and bitterness I felt toward her. She is just a human being trying to make it in this world. She made mistakes. She has to live with her own shadows….its not my job to remind her of what she did or didn’t do right. It’s just my job to either accept her as she is and love her anyway, or move on and let it go. I decided to accept her with boundaries in the right place.

    This list actually goes on and on. It doesn’t matter what your age, you always have things to learn. Thanks for this Elsa. It was good to stop for a minute and do a review. We need to take roll call once in a while.

    • I have been thinking ‘I am a different person now’, too. Except I can’t really remember who I was anymore. I don’t know if I have any proof. It’s all best left behind I guess. Is the wipeout this cardinal square douche?

  18. I think with all the stellium transits of 2013, I learned more about the modus operandi of different astrological signs.
    I am also a bit bolder and more graceful about going after what I want.
    I also realize I am luckier and more blessed than I think, so I am enjoying my life more.
    Finally, learning about my past life incarnation (I had hints of it, but now I know who I was, down to the name. Sometimes I’m proud, sometimes I’m embarrassed…) was a huge shock, but I have very strong incentives to improve my karmic relationships, and I know much better my life purpose as well as my place in the world.

  19. Like Lislioness, I’ve learned how to clean my house and keep it clean – my emotional house, that is. I’ve been ejecting relationships that don’t contribute. Tired of all the emotional clutter that takers try foisting on me.

  20. This year I literally ‘learned’ by finally getting my paralegal certificate-something that was *supposed* to help me get a job but so far hasn’t. Other than that the 15 year grind of bad luck and karma continues on. It’s getting to the point of hopelessness, depression and despair.

  21. What did I learn? That I can’t plan a vacation. Two years in a row I’ve had to cancel and I’m not even going to bother trying next year. Also learned that I really should go see a doctor. Also that even considering the expense a no grain diet may just be what I need. I just have to learn to stick with it.

  22. I’ve learned to keep learning. Keep things moving. Regarding relationships, however, both interpersonal and internal, I’ve learned that is is ok to be watery. Even if it gets to the point where Everything around me becomes saturated…but that it is supremely better to seek seclusion during times like that and exert control in directing my thoughts and my energies. I don’t always want to be blamed for getting everybody all wet, even if I thought there were too dry to begin with…I’ve been blessed when the cheek has been turned to me countless times, I’ve received help that I may never yet deserve, and I finally can look down upon felines for having only 9 furry little lives. It’s like, eh, so what? I don’t even remember who I started out as…last year. And now, I believe that this is my path. It’s become obvious to me that the less invested in ego and image I am, the more invested and open to all of the various energies out there I can be. And I like it. I shouldn’t invest in my image; my image should invest in ME. The universe has started to feel like home instead of just a point of reference. Thanks for having me, by the way, and hello to all.

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