What Are The Repeating Themes In Your Life?

My husband thinks it’s a small world. He has a habit of running into people in his past in the strangest places. He  tends to collide with people who have done him wrong, long after they’ve forgotten him. They’re always surprised how acute his memory is. (Taurus / Scorpio)

I can’t say I’ve had the same experience. But you get to a certain age and you figure out that some things are true for you even if they’re not true for other.  He takes care how he treats people since he has every expectation he will see them again.

It’s interesting, trying to figure out what is true for each individual. Repeating themes are bound to show in a chart and surely we can learn from them.

For example I’ve been dragged to court many times. I never lose but I never win either. There is either nothing to win (except for not losing). Or in some cases I might be able to counter-sue but don’t bother. So there’s no benefit to this outside of coming to understand that I am an credible person. If I weren’t could I write this blog? Probably not.

What do you call the opposite of collateral damage? Collateral benefit? I have that.

Can you a signature of this type in your chart?

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