What Are Lunar Returns Good For?

I’ve been under a lot of pressure over the last few weeks. I have literally had more than one person suggest, if I talk about what I would like to talk about, to anyone, I’ll be risking my life.

I can see the point being made. They’re right!  To ignore such a thing would be reckless. Consequently. I have kept my mouth shut. I have not enjoyed this!

Truly, I feel like blowing a gasket, but I know I can’t. It’s times like this that I turn to Lunar Return charts.

I look at them because they provide profound insight into a month-long period in a person’s life (see Month-long Mood). So under this kind of pressure I look to my current Lunar Return chart and what do I find? Stellium in Capricorn (blocked) in my 3rd house (communication)?   Pluto is part of this…talk and die!

This would be funny if only if it were funny! It’s not funny.

I’ve spend this Lunar Month, mouth taped shut, working on this website – Old Post Stir Old Feelings.  It’s been heavy, that’s for sure. And I’m just about sick of it.

How long? How long will I have to stand this? Lunar Return chart to the rescue there, too.

My next Lunar Return has a stellium in Aquarius. That should lighten things up…maybe.  This next chart is also pretty deathly.  But I’m hoping I can talk at some point…to someone, anyone, anywhere.  And it looks like I might have this chance actually.

I’ve got Mercury in Aquarius in the 9th house. That suggests I blurt shocking things, you think?  I live in hope!

If you’ve never looked into Lunar Returns, you’re missing something extraordinary. I like them so much that while you can buy reports one month at a time, I also offer a year’s worth (thirteen: a baker’s dozen) for $50. This makes the reports cost less than four dollars each. That’s a great value, seeing as they offer insight and blessed relief when you find yourself in pain!

Check them out – customizable, personalized Lunar Return Reports

What’s up with your current Lunar Return?



What Are Lunar Returns Good For? — 10 Comments

  1. I have a Lunar Return full of ease this month. There is only one hard aspect, and it’s between outer planets. I had a tough last few months, and this month has provided a lot of respite. A transiting hard aspect to my natal had peaked, and in my last few Lunar Returns, there were hard aspects all over. This month is what I needed — a break! I have a stellium in Capricorn in my 6th in my Lunar Return and LR Saturn in the 5th conjunct the cusp of the 6th house. I’m slowly re-structuring my daily routine. I thought Saturn in the 5th might mean less playtime, but that has not been the case. It’s been positive. Next month’s Lunar looks more painful. I’m hoping to get this stuff defined this month because next month, it will be more difficult to define things. At first, I had no feelings or ideas for my “new normal”, but I’m starting to get some ideas to pick from, which I will then commit to.

  2. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to mow you down. You speak up and out for the truth, and for many people, all of whom are unique in their own right. I don’t wanna get all “Pollyanna” about it, but I think that your thoughts and mouthpiece are very much in need. You are held in high regard by many others, and we thank you.

  3. Just had mine today. There’s a crapload of planets in the 1st house, Pluto in my 2nd house. Wonder if that’s why I made the move TODAY to change my username. It came to me and I knew that it was time.

  4. Please let me know if i can help in any way Elsa. I dont know what youre going through or what i have to offer, but i felt really humbled ny this post and wish i could help.

  5. I too trying to keep my zipper up as I am feeling really pissy about my work
    There’s about 25 of us I feel management so Devalues us
    In pay they cut our wages
    Then bought head office new furniture super took pay raise
    Before new year dumped a lot of money in new equipment
    And reading your blog suggested to me to stay zipped
    But this mouth is just the outside cause inside frequency amping up
    Ok friday going to work now
    Drew a picture of a clam on hand

  6. On a lighter note touché
    To the young little gymnasts
    In near naked bodysuits
    For speaking up
    I say hurray let’s have a bra-less day
    Where and when we say
    “Look what you can’t touch
    Or I’ll break your hand, both of them
    Because they are mine”

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