Do You Have A Wandering Gene?

“I don’t think you could survive without wandering,” I told the soldier. “I think this is part of you the same way a person’s hair grows in a certain direction.”

“Well you’re still going to love me, aren’t you, P?”

“Of course. Yes of course. In fact it occurred to me this is why you want to get that burrito. You know the burro you talk about riding around? I think you want that burro so he can wander you. You think you’re going to go blind and you know for sure you are going to get old if you don’t die so you’re going to set yourself up. Have a burro that can wander you around.”

He laughed.

“Well it’s true. You’re going to train him to do exactly that. And you can be blind and get right up on him and ride around. You know he’ll come home, he’ll get hungry.”


“And you specifically told me you were going to train him to come when you called him. Remember that? I think you’re going to do that because if you’re blind you won’t be able to go look for him. So he’s going to have to come when you call him or you’ll be stuck! So this is what I think you’re setting up. You have no choice but to get that burro because there is just no way you can get out of wandering. This has to do with your soul.”

pinnochio“You think that, P?”

“No, I don’t think it. I know it. You think it has to do with Special Forces. You said that’s why you went on 20 miles walks all the time but I think that’s wrong. The wandering has nothing to do with the military. You used to take off when you were a kid, spend the day in the woods, long before there was ever Special Forces. This pre-dates that.”

“That’s true, I would take off and be gone all day.”

“Yeah, it’s who you are. And when you told me about your past life… lives guess what you said? Your specific words were this: Wander this earth. You said you were cursed to wander this earth and by God this is exactly what you do and I don’t see you have a choice.”

“Probably not. Is it okay?”

“Yeah. Yeah. What do you mean, is it okay? It’s not okay, it’s grand.”

“It doesn’t stop you from loving me?”

“No, just the opposite. You’ll get on the burro and ride off. I know you will and I will give you a hug before you. Same kind of hug I give you now. A good one.”


“Yeah, I’ll hug you good and hard unless you’re brittle or something,” I said with a snort. “But in any case when you ride off know what I’ll see? I’ll see your 10 year old self. I am going to see you in that Pinocchio shirt you had when you were a kid, going off to wander the earth because you are supposed to. You are born to and I like it because it is all so deep. Really, you are the most soulful person I have ever known.”

“You mean that, P?”

“I do.”

Do you have the wandering gene? Where is Jupiter in your chart?


Do You Have A Wandering Gene? — 18 Comments

  1. yeah. but i haven’t been able to satisfy it as much as i’d like yet.
    it’s on my MC/gemini.
    hoping that means i’ll be working/travelling soon. inching that way, for sure.

  2. 7th house Jupiter in Cancer (aspecting every planet but saturn in my chart), but I’ve always assumed that my wanderlust was my 9th house Mars!

  3. Jupiter in the 12th. And I did all my wandering before I got married . . . then, bam, totally stationary after moving my residence about every two years for 25 yrs. very strange now that i think about it! 🙂

  4. Jupiter in Cancer, 12th…conjunct Sun & Asc. Plus Mars & Venus in Gemini (also 12th), Pluto/Uranus in 3rd, plus Moon in 9th (in Pisces).

    I wander all over the place. 😀 But, with so much 12th/Pisces, a lot of it in my own head & spirit. Physically, I make a lot of short trips (3rd/Gemini). Long trips (anything over, say, 500 miles), less often (less opportunity), but are very satisfying emotionally (that 9th house Moon).

    Dated a guy once, he hadn’t traveled more than maybe 100 miles from home, and already 30! Weird, as he has Sun & Moon in 9th & Mars in Sag. But, I guess he just needed more time to grow into his chart… A few years after we broke up he moved several hundred miles away, and last time I saw him (a couple of months ago) he had moved back but he & his current girl apparently travel *loads* now. No wonder he was such a frustrated, brooding twit when I knew him back then, but seems much more relaxed and content now! lol! (Actually, I’m thrilled that he is happier now with himself & life 🙂 ) Oh, duh–I just checked. He has Mercury tightly square that Mars, and his travels co-incide within a year of transiting Pluto finishing conjuncting the one and squaring the other. Naturally!

  5. Nope. 6th house Jupiter in Pisces. I’ve never understood the 6th house, it seems so ambiguous. I’ve tried to research it, as that’s where my sun is as well but it seems to me most astrologers are wishy washy on it. Basically all I’ve learned is that I’m healthy. Duh. Have to love your work. Well, who doesn’t?! Its so…boring. So lame that my sun is there. Darn you Sun! Anyway, bitter rant over. I don’t think I wander or really have the desire to wander. Packed 4th house and all…but Uranus is there as well so I’m never one place for long.

  6. oh my god do I ever. 9th house jupiter in pisces, as the point of a t-square between my sun & uranus. I wander off all the time. If I can’t do it physically (preference) it’s in my mind via a good book or just my own imagination. There’s no keeping me in place.

  7. yep, I wander via my imagination too! oh, the places you can go…and if you like, stay there

    mercury in pisces, gemini rising, moon conjunct neptune

  8. I ~WANDER~! I wander with a vengeance. *lol*
    Jupiter in 1st conjunct Asc, but in Cancer plus a stellium in 4th. So wandering helps my soul and I think/feel better when I do, but coming home is the best part. 🙂 Anytime I feel blocked or irritated or antsy for no apparent reason a trip is in order – it can be in my town, just as long as it’s somewhere new. And I’ll stay gone until my soul dings and says it’s time to head back to the barn.
    Ramblers! Get ramblin’! 😛

  9. Yes. My chart is Jupiter ruled (Sag ASC); Jupiter in Gemini/6th

    It started when I was very small…my dad took us on walks “Where are we going Dad?”
    “Wherever we feel like it”

    I still do that…
    I think this is karmic destiny for me. I bought a one way ticket to Europe when I was 20 and didn’t come back for almost 4 years…wandered here and there and everywhere, where the wind took me.

  10. Total wanderer – jupiter in the 4th house (placidus) or 5th (equal) opposite venus and square neptune but I was born to parents who travelled and I have never stopped. Also have sag north node so I think it is my destiny. Have Saturn in 9th too while I think about it. I’m studying now so that travel can be part of my future work.

  11. Venus and Jupiter in Sag in the 11th house. My soul wanderers and I follow. The road is broad and the pot holes deep, when it seems I’ll get no sleep, I wander.

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