What About Commitment With Saturn In Capricorn?

If you click on the picture it will enlarge.  You will see that I am starting with the data entry on the Transit Watch calendar for 2019.  This is a slow process. Alicia, generously, used to do it for me. But she became so busy and burdened herself, there was no way I could impose on her any longer. I took this back on last year.

The difference between this year and last year is significant in that this year, I am going to do the data entry clear through the end of 2021. Yes!

I am doing this because I am under hardship. I can clearly see it will intensify into 2020, when Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. I will be hit hard by that; there is on other possible outcome.

So this is how Capricorn plans ahead. I have 30 pages of data to enter – at least. It may take me a month to do it least. Probably longer. But at some point I’ll be glad I did.

You may be glad I did too. Because with the calendar done, I’ll have much higher odds of being able to maintain other things like my newsletter and this blog, which includes the forum. I am planning to survive, basically.  Oddly enough, the calendar is key.

How far out do you reach in your life?



What About Commitment With Saturn In Capricorn? — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for the hard work, Elsa!

    I reach as far in a jupiterian/sagittarian way (with broad lenses) up to two years and then work backwards with big brush strokes and plans following main astrological transits. I don’t follow everything I plan as I navigate amongst a strong neptunian sea too.

    Now that Saturn will be in Capricorn perhaps I should try the saturnian way: a little at a time every day (or every other day) goes very very far.

  2. oh boi. Saturn will conjunct pluto @ 22 degree capricorn. My natal mars is at 22 Degree.

    Natally mars is sextile to jupiter. Should be good i guess

  3. I finished the planet stations all the way through 2021.
    I am only up to about April, 2019 on everything else.

    Backing up my db. Don’t want to do this twice! 🙂

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