What A Day – Mercury Rx, Lupus, Death, Etc.

This Mercury Rx period has been something else.  For one thing, my son was supposed to come visit on Thursday. His flight was canceled due to the cold weather. He could not get another flight until Saturday.  This cut his visit short, but worse, it wiped out our weekend plans.  My husband has Friday through Sunday off. He works very long days otherwise, It just changed everything.

Now the flights are being canceled due to weather on our end. I’m not sure if he will get here tomorrow or not. If not, we’ll have to cancel the trip all together because it’s not worth flying here, just to turn around and fly back. He has to back at school…

Meantime, I’ve gone into a lupus flare. I don’t have these very often anymore and frankly, it’s nowhere near what I’ve dealt with in the past.  But jeez, it’s just amazing.  It’s very cold here. I’m no longer used to it and it’s like one day, I’m flying. The next day, I’m falling from the sky, like a bird that been shot. The falling bird does not resemble the flying bird. The insanity (and great gift) is that I can turn this around quickly these days…usually. Provided I act quickly.

In this case, “act”, meant get in bed and get my hands covered. Covered with the gloves pictured which are heated, all the way into the fingertips which is where the heat is needed.  Boy do I feel stupid, wearing them. But I simply must. There is no other way to arrest the finger thing, in the middle of this kind of FAST flare up. I’d know, I’ve tried it all.

So the good news is, I did arrest this. I’m sitting here typing and I feel all right. I’ll take it easy the rest of the night…hopefully, I’ll pick my son up at the airport tomorrow.  Two hours ago, I’d have not been able to do it. I really don’t want him to come here and see me sick. You can’t imagine my relief.  It’s like that falling bird, somehow recovering before he or she hits the ground.

Last, in the middle of this, I thought of something else. Some months ago someone contacted me about some subversive crap people were pulling, in my name. I’ll tell you what I told them, I don’t know how people have the time. Where the hell do you get the time to try to hurt someone?

Because this little drama here, while it’s not been fun, it’s nothing compared to the real horror I am dealing with.  And forget kicking people while they’re down. I am used to that. It’s irrelevant to me. What I want to say is this: most have no idea how quickly their lives can change.  Like the gal who came on the forum a few months back to say she’d gone to the doctor and learned she had a few months (at best) to live.  Or how about the people shot in the airport today?

It really makes sense to do the best you can, all the time. Don’t wait. The ice is thinner than you think…and yes. That is a reference to the poor little boy, David Puckett, found under the ice, in Aurora, Colorado, a couple blocks from the house where I lived for twenty years.  Do you know how many times I have been to or driven by that pond? With my kids?

Yesterday I wrote about being effective in your life.  How Do You Respond To Negative Feedback?  It wasn’t really taken that way, but it was that way. Y’all ought to know me well enough to realize.  I am trying to tell you not to waste your life. If that makes you mad, I’m sorry. But deep down, most of you know I’m right.

For most of the rest, the day will come and you’ll think, “Oh, crap. This is what she meant.”

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What A Day – Mercury Rx, Lupus, Death, Etc. — 20 Comments

  1. I love this and so get it wholly and completely. This is the kind of thing that I’ve been thinking about too. Is it in the stars? I have been going mom stop thinking of things to literally do, make, say for people before I die and doing them. Really do feel it down to my marrow for some reason. And no nothing has even happened to me. No one died that I personally know…I’m not sick etc… I just talk to people these things happened to and really listen. Life is short.

  2. Elsa, I am happy to hear you’ve arrest this. The gloves are tough! 🙂 And yes: where the hell do people get the time to hurt someone! !!!
    This morning we have snow in The Netherlands (it is not very cold anymore). Everything is white and beautifull. I cleand the path near the house for myself and for my neighbour, he is 89! and felt happy.
    Indeed because of my health and that I was non on Fort Lauderdale forinstance.
    Have a good time with your son and your husband Elsa!
    Have a nice weekend everyone!

  3. I hope you have a good time with your son Elsa and that you feel better. I know that thread about negative feedback wasn’t directed at me personally. But I did end up getting it after some soul searching. I apologized on that thread for my defensiveness but I’ll do it again in case you didn’t see it. I know you have a lot going on and that it’s not all about me but I wanted to make sure you saw the positive impact it had on me. Truly grateful. I’m going to include you in my next prayer.

    As far as mercury retrograde : I woke up this morning to a broken back window on my car. A pine cone fell through it in a storm. I have no idea how I’m going to pay for it. But I’m grateful it wasn’t worse in some way. Me and my son are still healthy. I have a lot to be grateful for. In fact last night as I was laying in bed my heart was just overflowing with gratitude. It was like a physical reaction in my chest cavity. I haven’t felt truly grateful in a long time. I’m grateful that I’m grateful!

  4. “Where the hell do you get the time to try to hurt someone?” I know! It’s like hackers, people who make computer viruses. People who shit on people for no reason. Isn’t life hard enough?! I hurt people inadvertently all the time, it kills me. But the thought I could make time out of my day to make a plan that I am going to demolish someone, what the hell? Who does that?

    I get this, or am beginning to get it. Goodness, boundaries, integrity. It’s all a choice. You have to choose to be the kind of person you want to be it doesn’t just happen. I’m really sad about it, I have so much Pisces I’d rather have a good life wash over me like the tide with not work on my end. That isn’t the way it is for me.

    • uh… holy cow. What a nasty couple of days you’ve had. Best wishes that your Saturday and Sunday are joyful with your family.

  5. Enjoy your weekend Elsa! The thing about this challenging period is that the little moments of epiphany in between 2 horror scenes seem like the most beautiful and moving moments in life. At least, that’s how I feel in a period where it’s just one disaster after another piling up. The special moments must be held onto and cherished more than ever before. Hang in there Elsa. Remember how many of us care about you and wish you well!

  6. Weather affects our bodies so much. I notice I can’t take much cold at all anymore…but I can’t take the humidity either. I thought it was psychological, but I think it’s physical affecting the psyche.

  7. My car is fixed! Living next door to a mechanic is the best thing ever.

    Apparently this was a Mercury rx thing. A piece of asphalt got caught up in the wheel…melted when it got hot and smeared on the brakes / the router / whatever it is.

    Anyway, he cleaned it up and it’s fine now. Don’t want to think about what a dealership would have charged me. 🙂

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