Whale Of A Problem

There are a lot of things about being an astrologer that are satisfying.  It’s  nice to help someone younger, who is coming up but what I like the best is when I a can help someone intelligent who has a WHALE of a problem.

The scale or scope of a problem is in the eye of the beholder but besides that people strung differently.  For example, I can handle all kinds of grief courtesy the strong Jupiter in my chart and my Venus sextile Mars. If  you don’t have this stuff or it’s equivalent, you’re likely to  be more easily devastated than I am. Still, there are some people who turn up with problems that most would recognize as beyond the pale.

It is particularly hurtful when things happen to children. Both their parents are killed for example. Or they’re Elizabeth Smart. It’s possible to wind up in situations that are so out of bounds, it’s hard to find a peer or someone you can relate to throughout the course of your lifetime. Not having parents is a hard thing to cover for example, day in and day out for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years and more. Everyone else seems able to point at theirs, even if they hate them and where does that leave you? What if there is no mother or father of the bride? These things cut to the bone but the people who suffer them rarely say anything. Say what to who?

Occasionally I get a client like this. Someone super-smart type who knows their problem inside out and they know it’s a whale. I don’t think they really expect anything for their money. Maybe a chance to vent but boy, there is nothing in the world that feels better than having cards you can deal someone like this. “Oh yeah, I get it. Here are four aces…”

I got to do this yesterday. Boost someone up on my energy that is and it helps me double, I’d say.
It helps me because what is the use of having all this info from the outer rim if I never get to use it.

Do you know someone with a whale of a problem?


Whale Of A Problem — 6 Comments

  1. “I don’t think they really expect anything for their money. Maybe a chance to vent…”

    You know, that sums it up for me right there.

    (It’s really sad that I’ve had this window open for like a half hour and deleted most of my answer a lot of times.)

  2. Someone I know has been abandoned by her family, and thrown out of church for being gay. She has her Master’s degree, but at some point she has crumbled and doesn’t work anymore.

    She is now bi-polar, has MS, something wrong with her neck that requires a device to regulate the pain with medicine. She is diabetic, smokes like a freight train and has just got out of the hospital for having a blood clot in her lung! Jeez!

    What do you say?! When I see her, I just give her and hug and tell her it’s good to see her. It’s just so terrible to witness.

  3. Once a student in an adult ed astrology class I taught came to me after class with birth data for her four children and simply asked me to look and see if I saw “anything”.

    After printing the charts, three went into a pile and one stood alone. I think I know what you mean by a Whale. What I saw was arrested development, an incomplete maturity, possibly mental retardation and angst for the mother. Could I be right, I wondered? What do I say to her? How?

    The end of the next class came around and as she stood in front of me, I briefly mentioned one or two fine points from the other 3 charts, which she impatiently dismissed. Then I got to the Whale and all I could say initially was, “I feel this child will always be a thorn in your side.” She burst into tears and told me he had died at ten days of age and had been missing part of his brain. She often used the term “thorn in my side” to describe him. I felt just awful to have made her so upset but she was actually grateful that his chart reflected his life here, such as it was, and it gave her some measure of peace to hear me give a more detailed explanation of what his chart showed.

    The biggest thing I feel I give people through my abilities as an astrologer is confirmation.

  4. Yes, me. I’ve been reading tons of astrology, Tarot, and all sorts of divination websites fore five years to find the exit of the situation but I keep bumping into walls. I’m a single mom, unemployed (I’ve tried to find a job for so long I don’t remember anymore, when I found one I got fired for the first time in my life and fell into depression), 3-year old child, I’m a newcomer to this country, hoped for the best but… No. Lately, my only hope is all the bunch of planets in my 2nd house opposing my natal 8th house dependant Venus will bring me some miraculous money, otherwise I really don’t know where and what to do anymore. And I’m damn exhausted.

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