Well Here’s What I Think Is Repulsive…

Pluto GlyphWith a packed 8th house, I have spent my life attracting and repelling people and then today I saw something *I* thought was repulsive. It was a bumper sticker and it said this:

“Some Days I Hate Being Me
But Then I Smile Because I Am Not You”

Now what does that say? I suck but you’re even worse? Could you be anymore negative?

How would you like to talk to the woman in that car? How would you like to sleeeeeeeeep with her? I am telling you, I had to avert my eyes.

What do YOU find repulsive?

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Well Here’s What I Think Is Repulsive… — 16 Comments

  1. My mom asked a guy if she could read his shirt, and it said something like, “Anyone reading this shirt is a total idiot.”

    I thought that was pretty fucking nasty.

  2. You think that’s nasty? When I was in Croatia a person serving me had a shirt that said “I eat pussy.”

    That was a head spin. I guess he could get away with it because most of the people around him don’t read english!

  3. I take that stuff as tongue-in-cheek. If anything, I give them a snarky comment. :shrug:

    I guess that’s what happens when your friends collected Happy Bunny stickers as kids!

  4. Repulsive – old people shouting at children when they are doing nothing wrong….like playing in the sea. They should move along, but not just away from the children!

  5. I cannot abide hearing the words, “shut up.” They don’t even have to be directed at me—I just find the phrase ugly.

  6. People who have no manners and do yucky things such as chewing gum with their mouth open. Or men who spit on the sidewalk. I always feel like asking these people if they were raised in a barn with the pigs…

  7. That bumper sticker is a really crude and insensitive way of putting it, but thinking on it some more, I see it as another version of a saying to which my Dad often used to refer me …”I cried because I had no shoes, then I saw a man with no feet”. Although our own problems may be dire, we can always find sombody worse off.

  8. I’ll admit there was a time in my life when I’d watch the Ricki Lake show to feel better about myself. Pretty low. I was repressed, depressed and full of self-loathing in my early 20’s^^

    How old was this woman, anyway? I think I pity her.

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