Weekly Forecast: September 4-8, 2023 – Shaping Values And Meaning

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Early Monday, retrograde Mercury self-ruled in Virgo perfects its trine to Jupiter in Venus-ruled Taurus. Mere hours later, Jupiter stations retrograde. A bit of news, a bit of data, a message from the past is put on blast – and the search for meaning goes internal, looks backward for the truth.

All week, newly direct Venus in Leo heads back into square with Jupiter as Jupiter turns back to face the square. Now that we know more, we want more. Is what we want sprinting away, out of reach? What does this mean? The meaning and magnitude of what we’re after must change as well.

Monday’s Taurus Moon trines the Virgo Sun, squares Venus, trines retro Mercury, conjoins retro Jupiter, then goes on to conjoin retro Uranus in the night. The mood highlights the fact that we DO have choices. In fact, there’s room to be satisfied when we face change as a necessary upgrade and let it embolden and thrill rather than grizzle and pout over what we’re NOT getting. Do we have what we need?

Venus moves along in conjunction with Juno all week. Jealousy is possible, but it also brings passion and commitment. It all turns on what you’re committed to. Life affirming goals are healthiest. Remember all the spicy things about you are what makes you special. Being like everyone else is BORING. Warning: don’t be petty.

On Tuesday, the Taurus Moon sextiles retro Neptune and trines retro Pluto. We have plenty of fantasies and wild dreams that satisfy and titillate, but the ones that have a chance of changing our fate for the better will always be the ones that align with our core values. Can you responsibly fantasize? It’s a worthy goal.

Then the Moon moves to Mercury-ruled Gemini and into square with retro Saturn in Pisces. When you keep your thoughts on the up and up, you also have a better opinion of yourself than you might otherwise – conscious or not. When who we are and what we think and say align with what is universally good and right, that’s integrity. The Gemini Moon trines Mars in Libra overnight. Direct action, kind action, intelligent and high-minded action… we need to do right by ourself and others. An urge to mutual aid fits this bill.

Early Wednesday, the Virgo Sun conjoins retro Mercury. Check for your phone and keys before you leave. Getting stuck in your head or missing some details because you’ve focused on others is possible. Rethinking leads to ego challenge, but in a good way. Document your thinking, reconsider the facts. Our life path builds on such things and this is a chance to repave.

Wednesday’s Gemini Moon sextiles Venus, squares retro Mercury and the Sun, then sextiles retro Chiron overnight. Think twice, check twice. Rely on your gut to proceed. We’re learning!

On Thursday, the Gemini Moon spends the day touring the last of the sign, in square to retro Pisces Neptune. This is the sort of day when you lose things as they remain in plain sight! It’s also true in the invisible realm. You can lose sight of what plagues you, the transparent mental and emotional attachments to theoretical bonds or the urge to self harm. These are a good thing to lose. Look twice, once with your eyes and once with your mind.

Early Friday, the Virgo Sun perfects its weeklong trine to Jupiter (retro). All this tumult has a purpose. We’re working our way toward a longer storyline. There’s fortune built in. Perhaps it doesn’t always feel that way, but there are clues along the way – especially now.

Friday’s Cancer Moon trines retro Saturn and squares Libra Mars. We feel what’s right; doing what’s right is not always so comfortable. In the afternoon, the Moon sextiles retro Mercury then goes on to sextile retro Jupiter in the night. Feeling extra brings home big ideas. The emotion fills in the blanks we’ve missed and prompts some juicy and poignant communications.

Be aware of what you’re pledging. Its current form may not make sense in the future – too personal and timely to persist unchecked. That’s not a problem if you’re willing to renegotiate terms later. Say what you feel. Meaning of the moment matters too. It’s how we figure things out as we go. We are creating and recreating MEANING on the fly. Meaning shapes us back.


Weekly Forecast: September 4-8, 2023 – Shaping Values And Meaning — 3 Comments

  1. I recently left my religion, and as Jupiter turns retro, I am discerning changing programs of study in a massive way. Jupiter Rx is exactly semi-sextile my natal Sun. The retrograde is happening just before it got anywhere near my Mercury 25 Taurus / 11th and would have squared my own Jupiter 21 Aquarius / 8th. Around Thanksgiving it will re- square my Uranus 8 Aquarius / 8th. I am coming under some Mars and Pluto fire as well. I tell myself the pressure is generating power.

  2. I slept like Hell tonight (Sunday-Monday). Must have been the Mercury/Jupiter thing. It’s giga blast thinking! Didn’t feel like healing, only massively unproductive, as Mercury is dusting off all my fear related thoughts, aided by Jupiter expanding everything… Including brain activity. And Venus direct too, I ALWAYS seems to feel those energies, blast it.
    And also with Uranus stationing and all that jazz. Sheesh!

    This week sounds like if you need a clue or two, you will feel the hit of the shoe! Twice! Or thrice even.

    I feel kinda like that today, being hit from all directions with a “there might be fortune hiding but you can’t feel it or anything in it yet”

    I feel like something is giving me “big clue vibes” at the moment, that’s for sure!
    Reading the horoscope for the week ahead shows me that there is more to this week than I should expect!

    And it would definitely be right, because I feel like it’s destiny related to my job and career.
    I take the “shoe” bump on my head as a sign post saying “Stop and see what you are doing” ish…

  3. This is wonderful and gives me hope. My natal Jupiter is in my 6th house Virgo stellium, I was worried about the Rx because I am struggling with health issues currently. I do see the path and the light. Thankyou.

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