Weekly Forecast: September 30 – October 4, 2019 – Venus Square Pluto, and Pluto Direct

Beautiful flowersMonday morning, the Moon hits Scorpio, tuning in to an opposition to Uranus. Find the motivation to launch or have it found for you. It’s a powerful jolt. Uranus’ sign ruler (Venus) squares the Moon’s sign ruler (Pluto), exact overnight.

The Moon and Uranus oppose from fixed signs. The mood and its modifier favor the status quo – but that quo cannot remain static with Uranus involved. Venus is in Libra, with Pluto in Capricorn: cardinal signs. Cardinal energies initiate. The strong flavor of the day is change – change that disturbs.

But Venus is in Libra with Uranus in Taurus. There’s strange pleasure afoot, and something to gain. There’s challenge and it has great stakes; that means there’s something to win. It’s not a shit-storm if you find your silver lining. We may be surprised by some untoward revelation.

It’s intense! And it’s not boring.

Tuesday, the Moon continues in Scorpio, the mood carrying the echo of that deeply resonating Venus-Pluto square. The Moon conjoins Pallas Athene and both sextile Saturn. Then the Moon trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto. All that detritus stirring brought everything up from below. Some of it got dumped. But some valuable bits turned up alongside the trash. Those we hang on to. Discernment is key, and emotion is your indicator.

Wednesday morning, the Scorpio Moon sextiles Mars in Virgo, with Mercury in Libra on their midpoint, all at 28 degrees. The Moon moves through the last degree and into Sagittarius where it spends the day in trine to Chiron, moving into sextile to the Sun. Mars and Mercury hit 29 degrees and form a 30 degree semi-sextile. Then Mercury moves to Scorpio, into mutual reception with Mars in Virgo.

That’s a very complex route to a simple concept. You’ll know what to do as you do it. Visualize your actions. Take action as you feel the plan form. The pieces are in your grasp already. You’ll sense how to order them as you go. Trust your intuition and jump through the doors that open. It’s good timing.

Overnight into Thursday, stationing Pluto turns direct with Mercury semi-sextile Mars. Perhaps some mystery will be settled, clarified through action or exposition.

Thursday the Sagittarius Moon sextiles Neptune and conjoins Jupiter. It goes on to sextile Venus overnight. Mars moves into Libra and its mutual reception with Mercury ends. That undercurrent of power and taboo that Pluto and its minions (by association) fostered is pushed to the back-burner.

The mood bobs to the surface like a cork. Socializing feels lighter, even though the subjects are still weighty. While far from carefree, it’s sweet; there’s a lift. Find your sweet spot and open up the throttle. The rest will come along in time.

Friday the Moon finishes up its orb of sextile to Venus, still sweet, still motoring. When the Moon moves to Capricorn and a square to Mars, it also sextiles Mercury. It’s one of the softer Sadge to Cap Moon transitions we’ve seen in a long time, even with the square. That’s because the mind agrees with the heart. Time to make some sense of this. We can coast on momentum without a mood drop. The Moon squares Chiron and trines Uranus. The old way isn’t always the best way. Weigh the facts.

Pluto stations direct at 20 degrees Capricorn. That’s a pretty active spot and sure to turn up plenty of old issues – like toilet paper on the heel of your shoe. Where does that hit your chart?



Weekly Forecast: September 30 – October 4, 2019 – Venus Square Pluto, and Pluto Direct — 9 Comments

  1. Tomorrow’s my Solar Return, so Monday’s forecast will be the energy I work with all year.
    “Change that disturbs”–sounds about right! I hope it “disturbs” me into a good new direction for the future.
    Thank you Satori!

  2. 2 degrees past my Cap Sun, and 5 degrees before by natal Mercury in 12H.

    “That’s a pretty active spot and sure to turn up plenty of old issues – like toilet paper on the heel of your shoe.”

    Thanks for the visual – this is how I will be categorizing anyone/anything trying to eff with me this week.

  3. It will hit my Scorpio Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the 9th house. Hopefully in a good way!
    My BF’s Mars/Saturn conjunction in Virgo/8th house is exact at 20 degrees as well.

    Fasten your seatbelts, matey, we’ve got a space shuttle going !

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