Weekly Forecast: September 27 – October 1, 2021 – Tasty Surprise TREAT

Jane snow furOvernight, Sunday into Monday, stationing Mercury begins ever so slowly to travel back toward 25 degrees Libra, retrograde. Monday morning’s Mercury-ruled Gemini Moon heads into square with Neptune. Don’t expect a lot of clarity.

With a Gemini mood, it’s tough to take things slowly, but we can take things mindfully at the very least. Proceed with an attitude of understanding and ready forgiveness. We all deserve a lot of grace. But be aware that many people operate thoughtlessly.

The latter part of the day brings the Gem Moon into trine with Jupiter and Mercury, both retrograde. Even those who operate on the automatic setting can get in tune with this! Picking up the slack feels good. It’s also interesting, all this mess. It somehow feels familiar.

Once the Moon finishes in Gemini Tuesday morning, it heads into Cancer and a cardinal square with the Libra Sun. Get square with the need to retune the mood to meet the new path. Overnight into Wednesday, the Cancer Moon forms a t-square with the building Mars-Chiron opposition (exact Friday morning).

Healing doesn’t always feel good. Pain is a given, but suffering is optional. When you know something is hard because it’s helping, it becomes easier to work with. Act on what’s true for best effect. Pretense is painful and can cause needless suffering. On Wednesday, the Sun trines Saturn and Venus trines Neptune. The path is solid and ideal gains sweeten our sacrifice.

Also Wednesday, the Cancer Moon goes on to sextile Uranus in Taurus. You may be surprised – at your relief, at some mundane joy.

Overnight into Thursday morning, the Cancer Moon trines Venus and Neptune then heads into opposition with Pluto and square to retrograde Mercury, a t-square. Mercury is heading back into square with Pluto, the second of three passes on this aspect. The mood is… moody, of course. It is challenged in a powerful t-square with some disturbing cognizance or mundane paranoia. However, the mood-weather also retains the depth of goodness and a need for change, a defining base of the possibly of fecundity and rebirth.

It’s profoundly fertile, a great time to rethink where we are with our values. So much has changed. What else is changed; what has it given us that we can work with?

Thursday afternoon, Venus perfects a square to Jupiter. Wanting more, Venus in Scorpio deepening its dive into Phoenixhood. It’s dramatic, and it makes things shift and move. Then the mood shifts to Leo fire. An ego lift is a good thing.

Friday morning, the Leo Moon opposes Saturn and sextiles the Sun. It trines Chiron and sextiles Mars by afternoon. In the evening the Moon squares Uranus. Perspective shifts with a change in sensual understanding, your own and others’. This healthy mood for firing all the cylinders also fuels our own desires to get on and keep on. It feels good to MOVE. And if we move too much, we’ll feel it and go another way. The urge to move is balanced.

The sweet spot at the end of the week is a tasty point indeed. Venus sextiles Pluto early Saturday morning, but we feel it coming through the second half of the week. There’s a jewel to be revealed in the fire. It may not be our perceived heart’s desire but definitely something that will feel like a well-earned reward. Tasty. Robust. Naughty. Toe-tingling.



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  1. I like ‘mundane paranoia’. I mean I don’t like feeling it. I like the phrase. I felt that uneasiness last night before I caught myself. It was like some old habitual thing with no basis at the current time at all. As soon as I became aware of it I dismissed it. Just an old feeling.

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