Weekly Forecast: September 26-30, 2022 – Seeking Meaning

now with hat and freudWith the new moon sprouted behind us, Mercury enters its final retro week. Mercury and Venus conjoin in Virgo midday Monday: Venus going forward, Mercury going back.

Venus having completed a trine to Pluto moves through the end of Virgo unhindered till it glides into Libra early Thursday. The main agonist for love and money till then is retro Mercury, and Mercury heads back into trine with Pluto.

The vibe is undercover, noir detective drama. Somebody drops a clue and your eyes narrow. Now you’re on the case. The stakes are high, and you know there’s more to the deal than they imply. However, if you wish to be deceived, there’s plenty of Neptune on the plate. If that’s the case, it would benefit you to figure out WHY you choose that path.

If you want to know, you can figure it out. But let’s be real: most perps don’t even have to destroy the evidence (which they may consider around this time) because they think no one’s keen to look. If you want to know, now IS the time.

And now is the time to toe the line. It’s not “tow the line”, you know. That drives me mad. You TOE the line because you line up exactly where you should be, as you know you should. Not one bit ahead or one bit behind of what’s right.

Right now with Mars in Gemini trine Saturn (exact early Wednesday), you’ve got more than one line to toe. Both lines are concrete, an actual THING to show up for, as well as mental, requiring analytical thought in action. AND, action may require some prosocial deception (as well as intense rethinking).

If you’re on the hunt for clues, only a four year old says: “HEY, I’M ON THE HUNT FOR CLUES!” Do the right thing, but keep your cards “close to the vest”. For now.

On Tuesday, Mercury retro trines Pluto, the depth of its detecting. On Saturday, Venus in Libra will oppose Jupiter. On Sunday, Mercury goes direct and back into trine with Pluto. Wait and see what pops, and maybe then the order of the cards will make best sense. Chickens come home to roost, as they say, when Libra ruler Venus goes on blast. We demand more! Politely. It is truly our right to want more justice.

Monday’s Libra Moon highlights this mood as it opposes Chiron (learn through action) and peaks in a grand air trine with Mars and Saturn (we’re ready to capitalize on right action). Tuesday, it squares Pluto – powerful challenge to the mood, pushback. Control is the thing. Passive control works much better: allow people what they need first… as a tactic. Social graces allow self control. As in, they’re not the boss of you, but they don’t have to know it.

On Wednesday, the Scorpio Moon creates a grand water trine with Pallas Athena and Juno. Find flow… deep down you KNOW how, even if you don’t know how you know. You know how you get into your groove. No one else needs to understand or approve. You only have to get right with your own conscience. By nighttime, the Moon forms a t-square with Saturn and Uranus. That early flow puts you in perfect stead to ride those shock waves and handle whatever change is targeted on your mood. Ride low with the ballast of emotional depth.

And then Thursday? The Scorpio mood slides out of doom like it’s golden – with a trine to Neptune and sextiles to retro Mercury and Pluto. Stay in your wave and you’ll find your mind links in to that flow. And you have something you can use. Meaning. It may not be in bite sized pieces yet, but it comes in hard and fast from the cold and deep.

Late Thursday, the Moon leaps into Sagittarius, into sextile with Libra Venus and trine to Jupiter (exact overnight). Half of meaning is its nuts and bolts, the pieces themselves. The other bit is what they’re FOR. This mood pulls on the string of value, writ both small and large. AHA!

Friday morning, the Moon completes its trine to Jupiter, and the mood is high. Motivation is on tap! It’s FIRE. It goes on to sextile the Sun then trine Chiron in the night. It feels like an upgrade, and it truly is. Learn what you can as it flows freely.

“We’re not on our journey to save the world but to save ourselves. But in doing that you save the world. The influence of a vital person vitalizes.”
― Joseph Campbell


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