Weekly Forecast: September 21-25, 2020 – Rough T-square, Gorgeous Yod

simon and garfunkelRemember when people used to reference going to your happy place? Is that a thing people still talk about? I don’t know. It’s still a real thing though, whether or not we use those words. Do you know where yours is? Is it the same one or are you in flux, looking?

It’s possible to not know if your old happy place still functions in that capacity for you. If it’s not, perhaps it will again, but who knows. I think a lot of people are wound up and could benefit from explicit language around such a thing.

This week, Mercury in Libra forms a t-square with an opposition to retrograde Mars and a square to retrograde Saturn. Mars moves back into square with Saturn. Mercury in Libra is of great benefit in sniffing out one’s happy place. We can think about it, talk about it, sense it.

Do you consider your happy place much when you’re not in a tight spot? Mars square Saturn is winding everyone up, everything up. It’s worthwhile to consider whether it’s a person, persons, or a situation that’s on grind for you. Perhaps you’re super lucky and it’s all three.

Why would that be super lucky (besides sarcasm)? This much tension can spring loose some answers when it blows. So do the mental work now and you’ll be set.

Mercury in Libra is ruled by Venus, and Venus moves through the point of a yod in Leo this week. On Monday, Venus quincunxes Jupiter. Tuesday, the Sun moves to Libra and Venus’ rule as well – the start of autumn. On the heels of the freshly Libran Sun, Venus opposes the midpoint of the Jupiter-Neptune sextile exactly. Then Wednesday, Venus quincunxes Neptune.

Venus in Leo is ruled by the Sun, so the Sun and Venus are said to work well together in mutual reception. Venus’ yod with Jupiter and Neptune is a blessing of our own luck as well as a benefit from outside our personal realm. It’s also a boon for improving self esteem and improving our set up for a happy ending.

When you’re feeling inexplicably better about yourself and your situation, you’re more likely to have keen radar for your happy place. So while it’s tension and tumult that take us looking, it is our desires and appreciation for our own worth (and by extension the worth of others) that tune us in to the right direction like a tuning fork or compass. If the divine helps steer a bit, even better. Open up your senses to a bit of tuning along with that turning of the screws.

Wee early Monday, Mercury squares Pluto, so don’t chew off your own arm mentally in response. Whatever you hear, let it fill you with a powerful resolve. Challenges are part of life and without them there is no leveling up. This influence brings detective type skills to the mix. Look deeper.

Tuesday, Autumn begins with the Sun in Libra and its reflection in Leo Venus’ absorption of universal gifts.

Wednesday, Mercury squares Saturn exactly and goes on to oppose Mars early Thursday morning. Are circumstances winding you up or are you doing that? Also Wednesday, Venus quincunxes Neptune, so believe in something better, even when you can’t yet see it.

Thursday, Vesta in Leo quincunxes Neptune. Devotion and connection attach themselves to personal and collective luck. Faith and belief figure into finding a place within yourself where you put in the work to be happy. Make sure you’re not just pretending. That would be a terrible waste of all this opportunity. Renew your devotion when it’s real.

Also Thursday, Mercury opposes Mars. Go inside and look at your end of things in any standoff. If you’re still looking at what “they did”, use the lens of what part you had in that… or what your understanding could mean for future strategy. That’s not to say you’re wrong or that you need to act. It’s that you need to understand what’s going on before you can make any sense of the situation and what must happen eventually.

Conclusions aren’t necessarily the thing – fleshing out the balance in facts and motivation is the thing. Refrain from setting a judgement in stone. Collecting possible judgements is better.

All week, the Moon moves from Scorpio through Sagittarius and Capricorn. The mood moves us along with depth (Scorpio, Monday morning), enthusiasm (Sadge, Monday-Wednesday), and gravity (Capricorn, Wednesday-Friday). On Thursday night it takes us into emotional resonance with the stellium in Capricorn and highlights the cardinal windup through Friday night.

Friday morning, the Moon sextiles Neptune and draws in that Venus-Jupiter-Neptune gift. It goes on to shine a light on the Mercury-Mars-Saturn t-square. That urge to do the right thing can juice up our fact-finding again and illuminate how past actions influence the present.

Saturn was a grounded touchstone of safety and continuity in the recent Virgo new moon. Look for some of that real, tangible, and pithy understanding to unfold under this fortunate if starkly challenging influence.



Weekly Forecast: September 21-25, 2020 – Rough T-square, Gorgeous Yod — 5 Comments

  1. ‘It’s possible to not know if your old happy place still functions in that capacity for you.’

    My Neptune transit is ruining this for me.. if it says that the things I loved from the past are no longer me, does that mean it’s true?

  2. wow wow wow, so much going on! My moon27
    aries/sunOtaurus/mars2taurus pack PLUS Lilith conjunct mars(!) and Taurus Asc. is really buzzing. I am fending off the dark crazy thoughts! I am trying to breathe, but the air is terrible. It’s really one of the darkest times of my life, mostly because I am scared of the air. I feel like I am a cockroach being spayed with Raid, just one of millions of people. Trying to work with all this 12th house action. I did already receive a venus gift! 🙂

    Last paragraph, you mean recent virgo new moon, right? Thanks Satori for this amazing breakdown of the week!

  3. I’m compelled to comment on my new happy place…,As I just realized it today minutes before reading Satori’s update. I was singing harmony and dancing along to an old favorite song (I’ll fly away)and I thought to myself wow I haven’t felt this “spontaneously happy” in a really long time. If you would’ve asked me where is my happy place in my mind it’s pretty structured and beautiful (Libra Moon) it’s a Mountain lake with a Adirondack chair and meditation pillow beautiful and totally serene and I’ve gone there many times for meditative purposes but if I’m really honest my happy place is more embodied singing a happy song and dancing barefoot in my kitchen (Cancer Venus).

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