Weekly Forecast: September 20-24, 2021 – Full Moon In Pisces

moon-sunThe week starts out with a soggy boom. What’s that you say? First you get a Mercury-Jupiter trine followed by a full moon in Pisces, Moon opposing the Virgo Sun (Mercury rules Virgo).

Mercury is in Libra and Jupiter is in Aquarius – air to air. Quick communications rip. Words of love SHOUT. Someone is trying to sway your mindset with their philosophy. OR, it’s a trine and you’ve got an easy path to do these things for yourself.

Afterward, the Neptune ruled Moon pulls the curtain ::AND SCENE::. Confused? Maybe. What was the point? I guess the point was to think really hard about it. Maybe.

That full moon falls somewhere in your own chart, and this is a more personal full moon than usual. It’s an ending AND it’s a mystery/escape room!

It marks a near end to Virgo season, for one thing. The Sun moves on to Libra on Wednesday. We go from a Virgo service of care for our bodies and minds to a far colder calculation of value. Once in Libra, the Sun is in an active trot toward trine with Saturn. Libra weighs, Saturn judges.

So with the full moon, make some sense about what is ending. That culmination ends confusion in some area of your life. Collectively for sure too. What is it? When you’re no longer confused, it’s that.

In the lead up to Monday’s Mercury-Jupiter trine, there’s been a lot of communication between friends and lovers, businesses and clients, employees and bosses. That’s a lot of info put out into the world. Into brains, into print sometimes. Agreements, contracts. Wednesday morning, Mercury squares Pluto. Now comes the part you didn’t get, the quiet part, possibly the worrisome/troublesome part.

This is the news that didn’t sound so good in someone’s head. But it comes out.

Also Venus in Scorpio is heading into opposition with Uranus, exact early Thursday. That’s a shocking reversal of fortune right there. Or a loss of interest.

Here’s the thing: Those terrifying possibilities are just one expression of the collective energy. It’s also recognizing you’ve got a problem and getting flash insight on a solution. It’s waking up to your addiction… because someone mirrored their disgust or YOU saw yourself in hindsight. It’s a flash of all the ways your obsession is harming you, losing your taste for self harm. Writ small or writ large, depending on how this hits your chart and who you are.

Maybe you decide you hate chocolate and love lima beans. Now that chocolatier can no longer make you dress up as a French maid and clean their house in exchange for your fix. YOU LOVE LIMA BEANS NOW.

Or, you know, something less dramatic. Mars is also heading into trine with Saturn. While Mars in Libra is not the most decisively active Mars, in trine to Saturn we have the will to keep at it and get somewhere – and do it beautifully, gracefully, and with precision.

Perhaps this full moon week wakes us from a bad spell. That would be welcome! Just remember, the waking up part doesn’t always feel great, but the eventual results are gorgeous.

We start the week with a Pisces Moon, conjunct Neptune, then sextile Pluto. The mood is soft but full of power. Then we get the full moon.

Tuesday the Aries Moon opposes Mars, Aries’ ruler, then sextiles Saturn and conjoins Chiron. We’ve woken! Dig in and explore what’s REAL. There’s something to learn to get going on our journey this week.

Wednesday the Aries Moon sextiles Jupiter then squares Pluto. In between, the Sun hits Libra and the path shifts from earthy to airy – and cardinal. The Moon, the Sun, and Pluto are all cardinal – starters. They start things, either actively or passively. Be aware of whether you’re acting or reacting. It helps control the mood!

Thursday, the mood charges out of the gate in GO mode till it hits Taurus. This comes after Venus-Uranus has already sprung. The mood favors slowing down to take stock of your resources as the Moon squares Saturn.

Friday the Taurus Moon conjoins Uranus then opposes Venus. If you didn’t get it when it happened, someone is sure to press that bruise and remind you. Or you’re already on it and out striking a deal with a lima bean grower!

The full moon takes place Monday evening/night (some other time depending on your global position) at 28 degree Pisces. Where does it hit your chart; what house is it in? If you’re not up on that, the ElsaElsa message boards are a good place to sort that out.



Weekly Forecast: September 20-24, 2021 – Full Moon In Pisces — 10 Comments

  1. Progressed Venus is at 28° Pisces. Pluto is conjunct my natal Venus at 24° Capricorn which squares Mercury in Libra. Jupiter is at the midpoint of my Venus in Capricorn/conjunct Pluto and my natal Mars in Pisces. It’s a lot to think about this week…🤔

  2. Such a gifted writer, Satori! this full moon is in my 1st, exactly trine my 5th house Cancer Jupiter. But there is no possible scenario in which I will hate chocolate or love lima beans! 🙂

  3. Am preparing to make Lima bean dip (beans I got on sale are soaking) and chocolate covered jalapeños (soaking in rum). Noshing my way through what sounds like a very dense week leading up to a bruising voila. Boink!

  4. Full Moon in my 3rd House, mid-way through the 3rd. Highlighting the ways I feel about communication and neighbors! How does an old woman who lives in a shoe (sized home) make space for larger dreams? Maybe it’s a scene from the Borrowers, or a nightmare of waking to find rodents (not those cute Beatrix Potter mice) have moved into my boot.
    I like Notch’s version on lima beans and chocolate.

  5. A job offer has come out of the blue today. I’ve been thinking lately about leaving my current position because I’m exhausted being a supervisor. This new job would take me back to my program roots, so to speak, and also be a step down, salary-wise. I’m terrified of these aspects, though.

  6. This must be the ‘confusion’ phase I am now in. I can’t really feel confused, I am just blank. I kinduv like knowin nothing, feeling nothing. On automatic pilot. I know nature abhors a void so I will enjoy it while it lasts.

  7. The young libra zebra set me straight today in a way. She was amusing about it anyway. Sent me a cartoon about what it is like to be chronically ill and have people telling her that she looks good. My heart bleeds over this as it becomes more real for me. I did not understand the stress that her condition puts on her relationship on top of all the pain, treatments, trials, and complications. Hard reality. On her and those of us who love her and feel helpless to help her.

    • This reaches such a tender spot in me, Notch. Too easy to gloss over a complicated internal reality; hard reality. So true. Thanks for this, it feels like a gentle squeeze on the ankle.

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