Weekly Forecast: September 2-6, 2019 – The Virgo Five, Venus And Mercury Blaze The Trail

promThis week we have a Virgo stellium of five: Juno, Mars, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. All five make exact aspects with placements in others signs. Mercury moves into conjunction and over Mars and the Sun within Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo and therefore runs the week.

Venus is out ahead in Virgo. Venus makes strong aspects to slower movers, aspects that Mercury echoes, just a step behind.

Venus brings desire to the lips and Mercury tastes. In Virgo, discernment and organization is a given. The Sun in Virgo provides the filter of timeliness. There is no use to any experience or dream without the taster and the dreamer. Mars comes along slowly to take the perfect shot – or at least its best shot of the moment. Mars does its level best here and it is proficient. It also holds the morally level high ground.

As Mars makes its measured trek into square with Jupiter, it will be ready to assert an ethical good when called. It’s a ways off (next week) but we’re on our way (it needn’t be rushed).

Monday morning, Venus follows up its trine to Saturn with an exact square to Jupiter. When we invest or give, we ground our assets. The square to Jupiter can bring up the impact of how much more we want than can seemingly be gained in one investment. We want it ALL.

Monday’s later Libra Moon brings a mood that illuminates the value of both – the stability of investment and the stress of wanting more. By evening, the Moon moves to Scorpio and a deepening of emotion.

Mercury will echo the trine to Saturn (Thursday), as will the Sun (Friday. On Friday, Mercury closes its square to Jupiter. There’s plenty of time to work these needs and drives through the mind and senses, and there’s plenty of reason to think we’ll be successful in parsing the mystery.

Venus moves into opposition to Neptune and trine with Pluto (exact Wednesday and Friday respectively – but in effect all week). The main motivator of action is desire. This week, desire is informed by the deepest of our dark corners as well as the highest of our spiritual influences. They work together.

We have the chance to see all of our components in the mirror at once. Look at yourself as both your divine reflection and your mundane reality (shadow). The square of Venus to Jupiter can create judgement – not enough, too much of something. But let the purer side of Virgo help you to shake that off and transcend. The addition of the power of the Pluto mud makes things believable when you squint. We’re not perfect, we’re not horrible… let’s allow for a blending of the two.

There’s a sinkhole opening up whenever we let ourselves get judgey or overly picky. It wastes time, but don’t beat yourself up if you wander into the weeds. Just get back on the trail.

We’re likely to be shown a mirror our own true face this week – most likely through the face of the other. Watch for it. As Mercury moves through Mars and the Sun on Tuesday, we mobilize intelligent action through mind, senses, and discernment. Mercury picks up the aspects to Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. Don’t cut yourself off from reason, but take it at an earthy pace. There’s plenty of time to work through everything. For now: absorb.

Tuesday’s Scorpio Moon illuminates all of the above. The mood allows us to fill in the cracks with a powerful balm if we choose. Again, take your time. Flow is more important than speed. Mars may want to lay down some speed, but the mood is a great meter. Feel deeply and completely. That’s the magic here.

Wednesday, the Scorpio Moon finishes up its aspects with a sextile to Pluto, ripe for bringing up a gem from the depths. Take the opportunity to power up. This happens along with Venus’ exact opposition to Neptune. Dream up something delicious.

Thursday, the Moon in Sagittarius squares all that Virgo on its way to conjoining Sadge ruler Jupiter. If news is ripe to pop, now is the time it will hit. Or you may just feel extra hit by the news that has already dropped. Keep things in perspective, please. Don’t undo all your own good work. If you do, shrug your shoulders, forgive yourself, and begin again! Sadge is upbeat like that.

Friday, the Moon pulls away from Jupiter, through square with Neptune, and into square with Venus. It can feel as though things are ramping up, exciting! Or it can seem overwhelming or foggy. It may feel as though you’re not getting what you want OR what you need. But remember, it’s a feeling – not a reality. If we didn’t feel lack, we’d never grow or change for the better. That doesn’t mean WE are LACKING. That is an illusion.

Our value is constant. Our perception of our value is what changes. That perspective can be helpful as Mercury opposes Neptune and moves to trine Pluto. Some amazing epiphanies follow when you train your vision to see between the illusion and the fear; you find the middle path to bliss both ethereal and earthy-juicy.

With Venus and Mercury both in trine to Pluto this week, expect old issues and old loves to arise… from the graaaaave. It can seem so serious with all that earth. But remember, we have crazy good access to excellent discernment now. All that glitter is not gold, and we can see beneath the surface if we choose. But we have to choose. We have a chance to see clearly now. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. Take that opportunity when it presents itself. Decide from a place of emerging mastery but also with humility. Trust your discernment, but still measure twice. Be calm – because you can be.

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