Weekly Forecast: September 18-22, 2023 – Summer’s End

Monday morning we start out with the Scorpio Moon trine retro Saturn, stabilizing. It’s a mood to pause and pivot while still afloat, awash in flow.

The Scorpio Moon then heads into sextile with Mercury, direct and under self rule in Virgo. AHA! We’re putting those pieces together and getting a chance to share and compile facts together as we whittle away at submerged understanding.

Overnight into Tuesday, the Scorpio Moon forms a t-square with Venus and retro Jupiter. The desire to put all those facts on blast may not be what we need just now. Generosity and giving big are wonderful with the right motive. Feeling better about oneself, a yearning to buy influence… these can backfire. True need is an elevated motivation, but can you afford this? I’m not saying what to do. What I’m raising is the question of what you feel about what you want… what you want to do, what that means about where you are.

Tuesday morning, the Virgo Sun perfects its opposition to retro Neptune as the t-square culminates. It’s hard to know what influence we’re under while we’re still under it. Confused? That was a confusing statement. Here we are thinking and serving and we can never be sure of whatever it is we don’t know… yet. Have faith that you’ll work it out in time! So what if you make some mistakes. That’s what life is made of, and life is still the best place to grab a milkshake and watch a movie.

Tuesday night’s Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus and goes on to trine Neptune and sextile the Sun overnight. Life may seem tumultuous, random, vague, and yet – we can still feel ourselves in tune somehow. In here – out there – invested in living. We’ll always have a shot at tuning in to life’s bloody but perfect dance as long as we’re living. Mmm, I’ll take it. Go with your gut, believe in it.

The Sun ramps up its trine to retro Pluto (exact Wednesday night). Wednesday morning, the Moon in Scorpio sextiles sign-ruler Pluto. What do you need to DUMP? I can tell you, it will feel so right. It’s another chance to feel redeemed.

When the Moon moves to Sagittarius, it squares retro Saturn. You don’t want to feel like you’re running from divine law! It can feel like you’re locked up (if you haven’t done the right thing) only no one else will see the chains. Get rid of your burdens. Let’s power up for real.

All week long, Leo Venus sextiles Mars in Libra. Venus also squares retro Uranus and trines retro Chiron. While everything I’ve said up to know may sound dire, this week’s adventure has got training wheels on… it’s less Masterpiece Theater and more a romantic comedy swashbuckle! Relax. Now that you’ve felt the full effect reduced, you know you can master this.

But do keep going! Let’s have some fun, for once in long while. It’s all seeming rushed and chaotic, but we’re learning so much and coming out the other side with surprise, eclectic skills.

Now that Mercury is direct and moving, it’s heading back into trine with retro Jupiter. The news is on fire! The truth will out: who is a hero, and who is a heel! Keep your wits and your honor about you, with everything. You may want to put someone on blast for what you’ve uncovered, but don’t give in to hubris thinking you now know everything. Keep listening, paying attention, and collecting facts – BIG ones. It is a good time to ask around and get the scoop though. Just keep an eye on your own mouth. Listen more than you speak. Sparkle more than you crow.

On Thursday, the Sagittarius Moon sextiles Mars and forms a grand trine in fire with Venus and Chiron. Fiery fun! Invest in self-improvement. The mood is volatile but only in the way that it fires up all engines to GO. Learning by doing is a particularly good way to fuel self esteem through mastery. The Jupiter-ruled mood gives enough gumption to grab another shot where you’ve previously faltered.

It IS a Libra Mars though: Do it with balance, neither too much nor too little. Balance is a skill you can learn through doing. It’s okay to teeter. Teetering builds muscle and muscle memory.

Friday the Sagittarius Moon finishes up with a t-square to the past-exact Sun-Neptune opposition. We might feel a bit foolish, or a victim. It might feel as though it has put out our fire. Take this momentary mood and learn from it, improve! Dream big.

In the afternoon, the Moon moves to earthy Capricorn and a sextile to sign-ruler (retro) Saturn. It feels like getting your feet under you – getting a rest and support. So we can climb! On to the next mountain top! On to the island at the top of the world, a dream, a possibility. Don’t waste time on regrets when you can regroup and hike into flow. The Moon mood provides the stamina. The harder you work, the better you feel.

Friday night, the Sun moves from solid, mutable Virgo into airy, cardinal Libra. Information gathering is still going on, but now it’s time to think about harvest. Lovely Libra harvests, and we’re on board to reap the benefits.

As we finish up the summer season, are you ready? Will you miss the summer, or do you look forward to autumn (or winter and spring on the other side of the world).


Weekly Forecast: September 18-22, 2023 – Summer’s End — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Satori.I got lost for a moment here. You said on Thursday it’s a Libra moon. Could you explain please or was it a simple typo😊🙏

      • Satori you never fail to amaze me! “you don’t want to feel like you’re running away from divine law” it was SO accurately on point!!! and the best thing about your insights is that they truly happen on the appointed time even if beforehand there was nothing to point to that!!!! Thanks a million🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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