Weekly Forecast: September 16-20, 2019 – Saturn Direct, Mars Trine Pluto Erupts

Lara Harris for elsaelsa.comThe sky is ridiculously potent. As a mom-type person with a ridiculously sloppy amount of empathy, the advice I’m giving out today is unexpected: Climb out of your dirty hole, walk away, and don’t look back.

If all you can do is climb out of the hole, do that. If all you can do is take one step with tears and snot running down your face, do that. But start. Mars in Virgo is moving into trine with Pluto in Capricorn. It already trined Saturn, so it’s been goosed good. If the other shoe was going to drop (post full moon) it had its chance. Saturn goes direct early Wednesday. So get out of the hole before then.

That backbone you’ve been looking for? Quit looking. It’s right there in your own spine. Come Thursday morning, Mars in earthy Virgo makes its exact trine to Pluto in Capricorn. You’re going to make those smart moves and climb a mountain, or grab life by the shoulders and shake it, or grind up your grudge into rocket fuel and light it on fire.

Smart tip: Action is potent, intense. Don’t pop off this week unless you’re willing to go the distance. Don’t expect someone to step in and hold you back. They won’t. They’ll watch with eyes big, but no one is coming to save you. Do the right thing. The gloves come off. Also, DON’T BE A DICK. If you get on someone’s last nerve, they may blow you away. Or themselves.

Monday the Aries Moon squares Pluto, so look for a preview – or at least a miniature metaphor. You can feel it coming, whatever it is. Feel for the rumble.

Mercury in Libra is the touchstone here, and it makes an exact opposition to Chiron. Your wound is speaking volumes, but you may hear it from someone else. Or, if you find someone else to be troublesome, what is that trouble telling you about YOU? Additionally, there’s a chance to smooth relations if you’re able to see past your own damage to listen to and help someone else. It brings both people up. What it requires is authentic presence. You can’t heal with a lukewarm gesture. You’ve got to be real to offer something of value. And you’ve got to be in a certain place to hear real and valuable advice.

On Tuesday, the Moon moves to Venus-ruled Taurus and a conjunction to Uranus. Venus in Libra, the other sign it rules, opposes Chiron – echoing Mercury. When you allow your heart out of its same-old same-old way of self-soothing and make use of that right-sensing right-speech to help yourself and others… you benefit. Others benefit. There’s growth, there’s healing.

Put on your own oxygen mask first. Then you really can help someone else. Sometimes just being the strong one who does that, genuinely, for once, well sometimes just that is what it takes. Be real for your own benefit. Heal and grow for your own benefit so that you can help when you’re needed. Be pretty and eat a doughnut while you’re at it. Put your own spin on it and make it different and beautiful – and beautiful to be different, being yourself.

Wednesday early, Saturn is direct. The Taurus Moon trines Juno in Virgo as that hits. The Moon goes on to trine Mars and Saturn, then Pluto. Settle your mood into a new set of tracks or even just a new direction. You’re out of that hole, that pit. Start by facing away; take a step in any direction that’s away. You can feel it. Use your mood like a divining rod for orientation.

Thursday morning, the Taurus Moon trines the Sun as Mars makes its exact trine to Pluto. Feel the direction you’re moved to pursue. Not all action is tangible, but this is likely to be. In fact, you may find a more theoretical path by pushing yourself physically first. Burn off some fuel and effect will take shape in meaning.

Thursday afternoon, the Moon moves to Mercury-ruled Gemini. The mood lightens considerably. The Moon sextiles Chiron and moves toward trine to Venus and Mercury. Stay authentic, but follow that lighter side too. You can be real and taking care of business and still be social and smart.

By Friday, the Gemini Moon’s trines to Venus and Mercury culminate. The Moon moves into square with Juno then a t-square with the Jupiter-Neptune square. Jupiter makes its final square to Neptune on Saturday, and it’s been a long time coming, building and receding and building again. It’s exact Saturday, but Friday’s Moon illuminates the effect.

We’re pushed up against the ugly side of our illusions. Or at the very least, the fact that they are illusions rather than dreams. That can be a good thing if there’s something we need to ditch or blow past. And now is the time to do that.

But if we’re valiant and taking the longer view, we may find a way to generosity and genuine forgiveness, the miraculous kind.

Watch out for bullies and bullying this week. If you’re able, be someone who makes a difference. Be a powerful force for good. Be of service.



Weekly Forecast: September 16-20, 2019 – Saturn Direct, Mars Trine Pluto Erupts — 10 Comments

  1. Wowzer Satori! This is quite mind blowing – especially getting out of the dirty hole! Hoping I can scramble out, mud under the fingernails ya know. . . . . eeeek.

  2. “Climb out of your dirty hole, walk away, and don’t look back.”
    “Also, DON’T BE A DICK.”
    “Be pretty and eat a doughnut while you’re at it.”

    After last week, I need this advice… because I really wanna be a DICK. Thank you Satori!!

  3. Hanging on to that Saturn direct, crawling towards it time never went so slow. My mother is coming out of care after a bad accident and I’m starting studying in a strange new place, it’s way hard. We are propping each other up emotionally through this, both got Aries Moon. Having to let go of all sorts of illusions about family being here together and having enough money to keep going while still holding onto the Dream. I just miss home and my dog so much. And still grieving the loss of our other beautiful dog in July. This better be worth it! Someone should just try bullying me, or her this week. Just. Try. It.

  4. High five,your words have nutrition
    I think most profoundly important
    Don’t feel guilty for taking care of oneself
    Not required that everyone understand
    Take care of yourself
    Can’t be explained to make others happy
    I work in unison with big crew
    Others are ripping mad,I was a weanie yesterday
    Trying to smooth stuff but I realized some stuff needs a war
    Best thing for me is not to say come on it’s ok?
    For some it is far from fair
    So going in with my band aids over my mouth
    The Gloves are off,sometimes just stand back
    Fair is fair ,is a custom fit,kisses to the ones who need to be

  5. I’ve read your post at least 30 times these past days and it’s truly what’s keeping me whole right now. It’s like the stars have brought up all this shit that needs to be addressed with regard to someone else but I don’t know how to start, without putting my sense of self at stake.
    Your words feel like someone is holding my hand through this. Thank you.

  6. “Be real for your own benefit. Heal and grow for your own benefit so that you can help when you’re needed. Be pretty and eat a doughnut while you’re at it. Put your own spin on it and make it different and beautiful – and beautiful to be different, being yourself.”

    Wauw, Satori. Just… wow.
    Born with a Venus-Jupiter-Sun opposition to Chiron, this makes so much sense. It explains where my stubborn insistence on being myself comes from (Chiron in Taurus here…), and how far my healing process has come because we need to allow all of us to shine in all our quirky glory. This passage expresses the integrity (because that’s what pain elevates to when it is transformed) of healing souls.

    I am job hunting and apartment hunting these days, and boy is there suddenly a hole through after lying low the whole summer!

    Hello Saturn, so glad you’re here!

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