Weekly Forecast: September 14-18 – New Moon In Virgo Trine Saturn

sun mountain roadMonday morning, the Virgo Sun trines Pluto as the Leo Moon squares Uranus and sextiles Mercury. Take a moment to plan your day, or at the very least check in on how it’s supposed to go. That one small intention will put you in tune with the power of the moment and influence how your day tracks.

Having a fresh visual in mind will foster a mood to think fast when the right time comes. Experiment with a fresh thrill, but know when to call it quits.

On Tuesday, Venus in Leo follows up with its exact square to Uranus. The Moon finishes in Leo with a trine to retrograde Aries Mars then heads into Virgo to join the Sun. Grab the reins while you feel that rush and can ride the wave of fun and fiery enthusiasm. At the very least, there’s energy available to pick back up with your personal projects. That impulse recedes as the Moon pulls in behind the Sun.

Wednesday morning the Virgo Moon trines Uranus and the mood is enlivened with tactile pleasures and mundane concerns. It also heads into trine with Jupiter and Pluto for a larger helping of the same.

Bright and early on Thursday, the Virgo Moon pulls into conjunction with the Sun and the new moon dawns. The new moon closely trines Saturn in Capricorn. Stability and grounding are an integral part of this new beginning, this life-affirming, yearly cycle of tangible sensation, sense, and service.

As the Moon goes on to quincunx Mars, Mercury moves closer into quincunx with Neptune. Chiron in Aries lies in limbo between them. If you’re unsure what to do or find yourself off on the wrong foot, heed these words: proceed from your authentic core.

Mercury squares Jupiter at the new moon as well, and Jupiter heads back into sextile with Neptune. Creativity is sparked, but the muse may seem overpowered at first. It’s a fresh blast of inspiration, so revel in the sensory awakening and let the meaning take form in the future. Let meaning simmer and take pleasure in the fortunate flow. If you have to choose between quantity and quality, take in all you can and edit later.

Thursday midday, the Moon moves to Libra and heads into opposition with Chiron. Enjoy the fruits of genuine balance. It’s a moment when the mask you wear matches your level of vulnerability. If you’re acting to cover your mood, who is that for? Try on acting out your genuine reactions, and that small bit of distance can train you up for the real deal. If you’re already letting your true mood shine through, you’ll feel an increase in self esteem.

Friday, the Libra Moon continues into quincunx with Uranus and sextile to Venus. Things that felt strange not so long ago can now reveal their silver lining.

Later, the Moon squares Jupiter and heads into square with Pluto as well. Is it exciting or scary? Titilation is all in how you frame it. Whether you take control or give control, that choice lies with you. There’s even some satisfaction to be had in that fact.

The new moon takes place at 25 Virgo. Where does that hit your chart?


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