Weekly Forecast: September 13-17, 2021 – Hacking Venus-Saturn

handsMonday morning the Sagittarius Moon moves through a sextile to Mercury and into a t-square with the Sun-Neptune opposition. The Moon goes on to sextile Jupiter, ruler of Sadge. It’s a pushy mood, but it’s also in tune with fortune.

Expect a break in something you’ve been left wondering about, something you’ve either gotten mixed signals over or that sparks confusion. This news has the potential to satisfy, even if it’s not what you were hoping for, even if it seems daunting on the face of it. It’s not a mood for secrets. It’s a chance to blast past the fog

The Moon’s sextile to Jupiter paves the way for acceptance as the Sun-Neptune opposition peaks overnight along with the Moon’s square to a 29 degree Virgo Mars. Mull it over before you act, if that’s an option.

At the same time, the Sun heads into trine with Pluto, earth to earth and exact on Thursday. As the fog recedes, a path to personal power is visible. Engaging with your own privilege in smart but mundane steps will increase your charisma and reputation. Walk your path with presence and humble intensity and you’ll find support along the way.

On Tuesday the Moon hits Capricorn and a sextile to Venus by midday. Scorpio Venus heads into square with Cap-ruler Saturn all week, exact early Friday. The mood is reserved but offers a work around for the restrictions of that Venus-Saturn energy. Slow and steady wins the race, and the love, and the gold. Relationships face stress, but the Moon is a great help here. Patience may not be preferred, but it’s available. And it pays dividends. This desire is powerful even when banked with Saturn energy.

Tuesday night, Mars finishes up in Virgo and makes its way into Venus-ruled Libra. In Libra, Mars picks up a trine to Saturn another brace for sweetening that Venus-Saturn impact. Subtle but insistent Libra Mars action works well with others. Outside restrictions that can be hacked through negotiation are a Libra specialty. Mars applies pressure, just the right amount.

Wednesday the Capricorn Moon trines Uranus then goes on to sextile Neptune and trine the Sun before conjoining Pluto. We may get a handle on situations we’ve previously found daunting as we gear down and find emotional regulation on an entirely new level. It’s like finding an old foothold exactly where we know it would be… somewhere that we’ve never been. When you find it, climb.

Thursday morning the Moon wraps up in Capricorn then heads into Aquarius to trine Mars then square Venus and conjoin Saturn. Then the Sun completes its trine to Pluto. The terms may not be as you wished, but are they good as a stand-alone? It’s possible the new deal is better in the long run, but you’ve got to be able to flex with what’s on offer. What could be made of this in the future… with some effort? What could it afford you that you’ve not considered?

So you wanted 4. But you’ve got a chance to get 3 now. That sounds bad. What if it’s actually 3 now and 3 more later? Mars trine Saturn can make something with that.

Friday morning the Aquarius Moon sextiles Chiron. This comes on the heels of Venus’ exact square to Saturn in the night. The Moon then squares Uranus and trines Mercury. We can feel the sting and mourn what we didn’t get, or we can allow fresh thinking to fuel new enterprise. There’s zing there if you’re willing to clear your head and heart and use your resources in a new way.

Sometimes we feel bad when things go wrong or just don’t happen because that’s what we’re used to feeling in such a situation. Friday brings a chance to look forward instead. Get on to the next goodies more quickly that way.

Also in play is Mercury heading into trine to Jupiter and square to Pluto. Get out ahead of the next thing by getting your ducks in a row NOW. If you know you’ve got something coming, set up those plans NOW. We’re already in Mercury’s retrograde shadow. Mercury will be back to this degree in a few weeks. If it’s already planned before then, you’ll be ahead of the game and doing a “re”.


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